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Publication numberUS1804715 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1931
Filing dateMar 31, 1928
Priority dateMar 31, 1928
Publication numberUS 1804715 A, US 1804715A, US-A-1804715, US1804715 A, US1804715A
InventorsTafel Jr Theodore
Original AssigneeStandard Sanitary Mfg Co
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Combination sink and convertible dishwasher
US 1804715 A
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May 12, 1931. T, TAFEL9 JR 1,804,715


May 12, 1931.



Patented ay I2, i933.


'll`his invention relates to certain improve@ ments in kitchen ixtures'and more particularly to a novel form of sink having a com' bined dishwasher and wash tub formed as an integral part thereof.

Combined sinks and diswashrs have here#V tofore been provided, but' it is Ynotrthought that a combined sink and convertible d1sh` -washer has vever heretofore been sug ested and there is Aa great demand for w at 1s known as a combi'riedsink and washing tub for small apartments and it is one ob]ect 'of' this invention toyprovide a combined sink and dishwasher, wherein thebasket and spray i5 -nozzle within the dishwasher are removable and the mechanism for operating theedlshwasher is positioned on the outside, so that when the basket and spray nozzleare re# moved from the diswasher receptacle, the same may be employed as a laundry tub.

All of the diswashers heretofore provided, that are known to me, employ the' action of a stream of water, either on the dishes or on especially arranged blades on the basket for rotating 'the basket, or a manual means for rotating thel basket. Such means does not rotate' the basket `at a"predeterminedI and constar'itfspeed.Y In the cases where the baskets are rotated by the action of the stream of water on the dishes or against especially 'arranged blades, much trouble `has been. eX- perienced, due .to over loading'the "basket which prevents it from rotating, or the basket spins entirely too rapidly for the safety of the` i dishes when lightly'loadedand it is another object-of this invention to provide a dish- .washer AYha'virig a mechanical means for posi-l tivlyfrotatig'fthebasket at a predeterminedv and `constantspeedunder ordinary conditions 140i and meansassociated with the basket and the rotating means that shallf'permit. the basket to remain stationary in case anything should interfere with tHe'rOtatOn- Of the basket.

A further bjiect of this invention iste provide a'combinedssink and convertible dishwasher having an. improved spray nozzle, a novel arrangement of the dishwasher rece tacle, basketanddrain, that shall permit t e egress of the waterspray from the nozzle to sin 60. all partsof the dishes irnthebaskeaaccessto enlarged detail view of the operating mechaand a spray nozzle 19; means 21 for supportieee.- serial Nb. acaieo.

,waterjfor rinsing the dishes after they have beenwashed, the said source beingemployed o0' for-supplying the .initial wash water to the receptacle' for washing thel dishes.'

Qtherobjects which will be made apparent througoutrthe furtherdescription ofl the invention such as the novell-and compact ar rangement of the motorreduction gears, basket, drive shafts, pump andetc., I attain by means of the apparatus hereinafter described and illustrated in the accompanying drawings-wherein, -v 70? 1g. 1 is a perspective view of a kitchen iixture embodying the invention havin aportion of the dishwasher receptacle bro en' away and the basket lremoved; Fig. 2 is an nism having a portion of the housing broken .away-;'Fig.-3 is a top plan view ofthe dishwasher with the combination cover and drain board and one-half of the top tray of the basket removed; Fi 4 is a front elevational view of Fig. 3 havlng the front of theyre-- ceptaclebroken away; Figs. 5 and 6 are front and side elevational views, respectively, of the spray nozzle embodying the invention; ig. 7 is an enlarged sectional view'taken 85 along the line VII-#VII of Fig.'3 and Fig. 8 is an enlarged detail sectional view takenV throughthe cone clutch connecting the bas-y ket drive shaft with the basket.

In the drawings, 11 is a sink having drain board 12, the usual cold and hot water valves 13 and 14 and a washing compartment 15 having 'a drain 16, a source of water 17 and adapted to receive a removable basket 18 9o ing and rotating' the basket 18 and an operating mechanism 22 for rotating the means 21 and actuating the pump 23 for forcing' water through the spray'nozzle 19.l

motor 24 connected to a shaft 25 by means of a suitable coupling 26; the shaft 25 is connected to the pump 23 for driving the same and is provided with a worm ear 27 positioned to engage a gear 28 disposed on a tates the basket 18 at any predetermined constant speed for which it is desi ned, the pump 23 being actuated by the shait 25.

The bottom of the basket 18 is provided with an inverted cup shaped member 35 at the center thereof having an annular tapered portion 36 for engaging and cooperating with the annular tapered yportieri 37 on the means 21. The means 21 with its tapered portion 37 forms the frustrum of a cone, the top of which is substantially .Hush with the bottom of the compartment. The tapered portions 36 of the member 35 resting upon the tapered portion 37 of the' means 21 constitute a cone clutch connection between the means 21 and the basket 18 and are designed to permit relative movement between the respective tapered portions 36 and 37 in case dishes or the like possitioned in the basket interfere in any way with the rotation of the basket and thereby prevents the breaking of the basket or dishes.

It canlbe seen that, under normal conditions, th basket 18 will turn with the means 21. The means 21 is provided with an opening 38 for receiving a pin 39 projected downwardly from the bottom of the basket 18 for centeringthe basket on the means 21 and within the dishwasher receptacle.

Fig. 7 shows an enlarged sectional view of the drain 16 which is provided with a passage 41 for connecting it to the ump 23 and a passage 42 for connecting 1t to the sewer .lead 43. An overflow valve 44 is provided for closing the passage 42 to the sewer 43 and limiting the height of the water in the receptacle' in the conventional manner. The by-pass valve 44 is provided with a suitable operating handle 45 conveniently positioned on the sink for actuating it.

The drain 16 is provided with a pickout cup shaped strainei` 46 and a cylindrical strainer 47 therebelow. The cup shaped strainer 46 is designed to remove such particles as tomato skins, etc., from the wash water as it circulates therethrough and this strainer may be picked out and cleaned as often as necessary without removing either the basket or the dishes as can be seen in Fig. 3. The

cylindrical strainer 47 is designed to remove smaller particles from the wash water passing through the passage 41 through the pump 23, connection 48 and out the nozzle 19. This arrangement permits the washing of as many sets o dishesas may be desired without the necessity of removing the basket from the receptacle in order to remove tomato skins and the like from the drain strainers. The cylindrical strainer 47 is practically selfc eaning and strains from the water passing to the pump, undesirable particles and causes them to fall below the strainer 47 into the passage 42, so that when the valve 44 is open to flush the receptacle, such particles are carried direct to the sewer. u

The receptacle' is provided with a water inlet opening 49, registering with the connection 48 for receivingthe lower end of the nozzle 19. A slot is provided in the opening 49 for receiving the rojection 51 disposed on the lower end of t e nozzle 19 for maintaining the nozzle in a definite position.

The nozzle 19 comprises a lower portion 52 provided with a plurality of inclined slots 53 positioned to direct the egress of water in a predetermined direction. A per endieular slot 54 is also provided at the top o the lower portion 52 for directing the water upward and into cups, glasses and the like placed in the tray 55, whlch is disposed on top of the basket 18 andan upper portion 56 having a plurality of horizontal and inclined slots 57 for directing water onto and over the top of the tray 55. The inclined slots 53 are so positioned as to direct water substantially on a tangent to the circumference ofthe basket 18 and inwardly to substantially the center of the basket. This assures all portions of the dishes 58 disposed in the basket, direct contact with the water spray regardless of in what position the dishes are placed in the basket and since the egress of water is directed from the tangent of the basket inwardly, the dishes are always subjected to the pressure of the water in one directionand this eliminates any movement of the dishes by the spraying of water thereon. The basket is rotated, as above stated, at a predetermined rate of speed and such rotation, which is considerably slower than the speed of the incoming water spray subjects all of the dishes to the same water spray force.

The receptacle of. the dishwasher 15 is square in shape, that is, the bottom is square and any horizontal section therethrough is square. The corners however are rounded for the purpose of rendering them Ieasy to clean and the inner\side walls thereof are slightly ta ered. The basket 18 is cylindrical in shape aving its outer surfaces tapered substantially the same as the inner walls or the receptacle. Since the cylindrical basket is disposed in a square receptacle, spaces 61 are provided between the corners of the receptacle and the adjacent portions of the basket, (see Fig. 3). Atthe bottom of the receptacle, within spaces 61, are disposed the nozzle 19 and drain 16. This permits either the nozzle or the strainers 46 and .47% in the drain 16 to be removed without removing the basket or dishes.

Another important feature of the present invention is the combination cover and drain board 62. The rim or top of the receptacle is tree from depression and thereby permits the use of the simple combination cover and drain board 62. The cover 62 is provided with a downwardly projecting L/ shaped flange 63 which eiectively retains the water Within the receptacle. The cover or draln board 62 is also provided with a uni ue drain 64 positioned so as to be directly a ove the drain 16 when the cover is in closed position. rlhis prevents drain water from the drain board 62 from coming in contact with the dishes being washed therebelow and the drain water from the drain 64 falls,directly into the drain 16. ften it is desired to leave dishes within the receptacle until they are dry, during which time the drain board 62 may be employed without subjecting the dishes within the receptacle to any contami nated water from the drain board.

The tray is provided with a plurality of upright projections 65 for receiving cups, glasses and the like and preventing them rom moving about during the rotation of the tray. Within the center of the' basket 18 is positioned a silver container 67 having sulhcient openings therein for permitting the necessary entrance of water from the sides and of course is open at the top through which water has sutlicient access to thoroughly wash the silver.

ln practicing the invention, the basket 184 is posltioned within the receptacle engaging the centering pin 39 with the opening 38 in the means 21 and causing the tapered portions 36 and 37 of the member 35 and the means 21, respectively, to cooperate, one with the other, in the manner above described.

. The dishes 58 are positioned within the basket 18 and the silver in the silver container 67, after which time the tray 55 is disposed on top of the basket 18 for receiving glasses, cups and other like implements to be washed, then a predetermined amount of water is let into the receptacle through the independent water source 17 by way of the rinsing nozzle 68 `at which time the cover 62 is. moved to its closed osition and the motor 24 energized by a sultable switch, not shown.

The motor revolves the means 21, as above described, which in turn rotates the basket at a predetermined constant rate of speed and a-ctuates the pump 23, simultaneously. 0f course sufficient soap or the like is disposed in the water being employed for washing. This water passes through the drain 16, passage way 41, pump 23, connection 48 and is forced out the-various slots in the nozzle 19.

The machine is lett in operation a sulhcient length ot time to completely wash the dishes and then the valve 44 is opened by means of the handle 45 permitting the wash water to `How directly to the sewer carrying all foreign particles gathered in the passage 42 during the washing of the dishes. Then the independent water source 17 is opened by means of the valve 69 and fresh water egresses through the spray nozzlel 68 and into contact with the dishes as they pass in the rotating tray and basket.

During the rinsing the valve 44 is left in open position so that the rinsing water is carried directly from the dishes to the sewer and does not come in contact with the dishes the second time. In this way the dishes are more thoroughly rinsed, as absolutely clean water is used and the rotating basket causes all of the dishes to receive the same thorough and complete rinsing. When thedishes are suiiiciently rinsed, the motor is defenergized and the dishes may be permitted to remain within the dishwater or removed and dried as desired.

The present fixture is also provided with a rotatable brush 71 for the well known purpose. lThis brush 71 is actuated by the motor 24, through suitable gearing within the motor housing.

Another important feature of the present ixture is the provision of'a drain pipe 72 connected to the bottomof the pum 23 and the passage 42 so that when the va ve 44 is open, the pump is drained and thereby protecting the pump from freezing as Well as removing from the mechanism, the objectionable noise caused by water remainingin the ump after draining the receptacle.

T e present fixture illustrated is a preferred embodiment of the invention and comprises a combined sink, drain board, and a convertible dish washerhaving a combination cover and drain board, novel and compact means for operating the dish washer, an independent water source for rinsing, a nevel spray nozzle for directing water in such`'directions as to come in contact with all of the dishes disposed within the machine, regardless of their position and all of the mechanisms being positioned without the dishh washer receptacle except the removable basket and nozzle and thereby rendering the dihwasher receptacle for use as a laundry tu While l have illustrated and described but one structure comprising the invention, it will be apparent to those skilled in the art that certain changes, modiications, substitutions, additions and omissions may be made inthe invention without departing from the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is v 1. A kitchen fixture having in combination a washing compartment, a drain located in the bottom of said compartment, a water inlet located adjacent one wall of said compartment, a frusto conical shapedmember on the bottom of said compartment and having an aperture in the'top thereof, an article holding basket rictionally supported on said frusto conical shaped member, and a projection on said basket extending into the a erture in said Vfrusto conical shaped mem er, the top of said frustoconical shaped member p being substantially iush with the bottom of said compartmentto permit the use of said compartment for washing clothes, a removable nozzle connected to said water inlet for directing water into said basket and means located outside of said compartment for roytating said frusto conical shaped member and said basket.

2. A dishwasher comprising a washing compartment having a frusto conical shaped member on the bottom thereof, a removable article holding basket having an inverted cup shaped member on the bottom cooperating with and receiving the said frusto conical shaped memberfor frictionally supporting said basket thereon, means outside said compartment for rotating said rusto conical shaped member and superimposed basket,

and means in said compartment for spraying t Y Water on the articles in said rotating basket, the top of said frusto conical shaped member being substantially flush with the bottom of said compartment to permit the use thereof as a laundry tub when said basket is removed.

3. A dishwasher comprising a *Washing y compartment having in the center a frusto conical shaped member substantially flush with the bottom thereof, said member having an aperture in the top thereof, a removable article holding basket for said compartment having an inverted cup shaped member on the bottom thereof superimposed over said frusto conical shaped member for supporting said basket on said member, means within. I

said inverted cup shaped member engaging the aperture in the top of said rusto conical shaped member for centering said basket over said rusto conical shaped member, and means outside said .compartment for rotating said frusto conical shaped member and` basket, the inner edge of said cup shaped member being tapered to form, when superimposedover said frusto conical member, a frictional drive clutch. Y

4. A dishwasher comprising a washing compartment provided with a rusto conical shaped member having an apertured top substantially liush with the bottom of said compartment, a removable article holding basket in said compartment having an inverted cup shaped member superimposed over said frusto conical shaped member for supporting said basket on said member, a downwardly extending projection in said inverted cup shaped member received within .and'said superimposed basket, the engaging faces of said frusto conical shaped member and said cup shaped member forming a frictional drive clutch which permits said basket to be sto ped without stopping the rotating of said rusto conical shaped member.

l5. A kitchen fixture having in combination a washing compartment, a frusto-conical shaped member on the bottom of said compartment and having anaperture in the top thereof, an article holdin basket frictionally supported on said rusto-conical shaped member, a projection on said basket extending into said a erture of said frustoconical shaped mem er the top of said frusto-conical shaped member being substantially flush with the bottom of said compartment to permit said compartment to be used'- for washing clothes, and means for rotating said truste-conical shaped member and said basket.

, In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name this 5th day ovMarch, 1928. THEODORE TAFEL, JR.

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