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Publication numberUS1804770 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1931
Filing dateJan 16, 1930
Priority dateJan 16, 1930
Publication numberUS 1804770 A, US 1804770A, US-A-1804770, US1804770 A, US1804770A
InventorsAbe Hershfield
Original AssigneeStandard Oil Co
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Structure for signs
US 1804770 A
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' CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, A CORPORATION OF INDTANA STRUCTURE FOR SIGNS Application led J'anuary 16, 1930. Serial No. 421,106. Y

This invention relates to structures for signs and it pertains more particularly to road signsused for advertising.

The object of my invention is to provide a structure including a tubular frame provided with internal fittings so that no joints will be visible and the frames will have a` unitaryv means for removably mounting a reinforcing frame in a tubular frame.

Other objects will be apparent from the i detailed description of the preferred embodi]- ment which is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is an elevation of my improved sign structure, f

, Figure 2 is an enlarged detail showing in perspective the internal ttings,

` Figure 3 is a horizontal section taken substantially along the lines 3-3 of Fi ure 1,v

Figure 4 is a vertical section ta en along the lines 4-.4 of Fig. 3, and

Fig. 5 is a perspective of a'preferred form of my slidable bracket.

The sign is preferably mounted on a standard such as pipe 10 which is suitably anchored in aconcrete base and which is preferably surrounded at its base by a pedestal 11. An opening 12 may be provided for electric light wires as will hereinafter be Vdescribed. At the top of support 10, I provide an ornamental cap 13, through which a pipe 14 is slidably and rotatably mounted. Pipe', 14 is held in place by a set screw 15 which preferably engages apertures (not shown)l in said pipe. A

A flange 16 on the top of pi e 14 is secured to a corresponding flange 1 on pipe 18 by suitable bolts 19, washers 20 being used to properly space the flanges and to obtain an exactj horizontal mounting of the tubular frame.

Pipe 18 is welded or otherwise secured to horizontal tubular pipe 21 which. is intervisible.

nally threaded at each end and which is provided at each end with a threaded nipple Internal threaded elbows 23 are screwed on the projecting ends of nipples 22 so that the edges of pipe 21 abut the edges of elbows 23, making the joint practically inln the same way upright pipes 24 and upper horizontal pipe 25 are secured to form rectangular frame by means of elbows 23 and internal fittings 22.

rlhe sign 26 `is-secuned to a reinforcing` frame 27 which is provided with slotsv 28 adapted to align with apertures in the sign,

which is secured vto the reinforcing frame by rivets 29. Reinforcing frame 27 surrounds the periphery of the sign and is preferably of nlshaped section, the web of the T being riveted to the sign and the top bar 30 of the T serving as a peripheral reinforcing means.

A slidable bracket 31 is-bent around the top bar of the T as shown in F igure3. rIhis bracket engages the head 32 of bolt 33 which extends through the tubular members 24 and v is secured thereto by nutv 34.

The slidable bracket 31 has a front side 35 provided with a notch 36 adapted to slide over bolt 33. The sides 37 of the bracket areP sli htly wider than the combined thickness of bot head 32 and T bar 31. The rebent flanges 38 of the slidable bracket extend almost to the web of the T, leaving a slot 39,

the parts being designed so that the bracket may slide freely around the periphery of the reinforcing frame.

The operation and construction of the device will be apparent from the above description. The standard 10 is suitably mounted in e a rigid base, pipe 14 is secured in place by set screw 15, washers'20 are added or removed to adjust the position of the tubular frame, the sign 26 is kriveted to the reinforclng frame 27, slidable brackets 31 yon frame 27 are slid into engagements with heads on bolts 33 and these bolts are .nally tightened by l means of nuts 34 to securely and permanently mount the sign inthe tubular frame.

Since road signs of this type should be visible at night, I prefer to use illuminating means with 'the' above described structure. Goose neck pipes may be screwed into pipe 25 in threaded apertures 40 and suitable sockets, lights and reflectors may be mounted 1 5- on said goose neck ttings. These elements per se form nb part of my invention and are not shown in the drawings. My particular I structure, however, is well adapted for the provision of illumination means because. wires V may be easily threaded through the hollow tubes. I prefer to provide a removable plate llll above each threaded aperture 40 so that in the construction, inspection or repairing of the electric lixtures the excess wire may be inserted in or removed from tubular pipe 25.

While I have described a preferred embodiment of my invention, it is understood that I am not limiting myself to the details set` forth except as .defined by the following 9,0 claims: y

I claim:

1. In a sign structure, a sign member, a reinforcing frame secured to said member, slidable brackets on ,said reinforcing frame,

a tubular frame, and means associated with` said tubular frame for engaging said slidable brackets and thereby holding said reinforcing frame in said tubular frame.

"2. In a sign structure a sign member, a

so reinforcing frame secured to said member, a tubular frame, boltsv extending through said tubular frame, brackets mounted on said reinfor'cing frame, means for engaging said bolts with said brackets and means for tightnening and loosening said bolts with respect to said reinforcing frame whereby said engaging means may be secured or separated for holding or removing said sign respectively. v 40 ABE HERSHFIELD.

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International ClassificationG09F7/00
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European ClassificationG09F7/00