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Publication numberUS1804962 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1931
Filing dateJul 22, 1929
Priority dateJul 22, 1929
Publication numberUS 1804962 A, US 1804962A, US-A-1804962, US1804962 A, US1804962A
InventorsRay Thorpe Lester
Original AssigneeRay Thorpe Lester
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Finger board
US 1804962 A
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May 12, 1931. L. R. THORPE 1,804,962

FINGER BOARD 7 Filed July 22. 1929 INVENTOR ATTORNEYS Y/ Ill/l 4557752 KAY 77102;:

i so

Patented Ma 12,1931

, .LES'IER RAYmHoRPE, OFJEASTV BAKERSFIEL a aem a] FINGER BOARD Application filed. July 22,

My'invention relates to whatv is known in the art of well drilling and pumping as finger boards, or devices for supporting within a derrick pipe or tubing as-it is broken up and its sections stacked in vertical position in the derrick so as to hem convenient position for use n reconnecting them into a string to be let down into the hole.

It is-a purpose of my invention to provide w a finger board, which is characterized by its ability to support in vertical stacked position within a derrick as many sections of pipe or tubing as is necessary in the drillingor pumping of relatively deep wells and to hold the sections with such security as to prevent them falling fromstack ed position, and yet permitting single removal of the sections for use inthe hole.

I will describe only one form of finger board embodying my invention, and will then point out the novel features thereof in claims.

In the accompanying drawings: Fig. 1 is a view showing in horizontal plan section a conventional form of derrick haviv ing applied thereto one form of finger board embodying my invention with pipe sections in applied position thereon. I Fig. 2 is afver'tical sectional view taken on the line 22 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional view take on the line 3-3of Fig. 2. I

In carrying out my invention, I provide a supporting member 15 in the form of a channel beam which spans and is secured to the vertical corner posts 16 of a conventional form of derrick, the floor of the derrick being indicated at 17 As shown, the. beam 15 is secured in horizontal elevated position above the derrick floor, and with the parallel webs of the beam extended outwardly from the derrick, as best illustrated in Fig. 2. The vertical web of the beam ;-is provided at spaced intervals along itsv length wit-h hori-. Zontally disposed slots 18 in each of which a 145 finger board 19 in the form of a flat bar is slidably received so as to be supported horizontally and in spaced parallel relation to an adjacent finger board 19. g

Each fingerboard is provided at spaced 0 intervals along its length with vertical openpo'sition thereto.

1929. Serial 380.044.. 1

ings 20 in which pins 21 and22 are adapted to be received. The pin 21 is employed .to limit the sliding movement-of the finger boardin- V wardly through the beam 15, the pin-abutting theupper parallel web of the beam asillustrated in Fig. 2. Should'the pin be removed, displacement inwardly of the finger board from the beam is prevented by a terminal extension 23. The pin 22 is at all times dis,- posed within the innermost opening 20 in order to confine brackets against displacement from the finger board. ii

Each finger board is adapted to receive I and support a plurality of such brackets, each bracket being indicated generally at B,- and .1 as shown, comprisinga sleeve 24 slidable on the finger board,

when the bracket is. in applied This-arm 25 is curved to, conform to the contour of the drill pipe, or

finger board when it isdesired to supportsucker rods,the construction of thearm may be changed to accommodate them.' As illustrated, "the brackets on any one finger board are arrangedone in advance of the other between the inermost pin 22am the'beam 15, and so that allot the arms are disposed at one and the-same side of the finger board, so as to sup-,

port at that side of'the finger board a pluralif .tyof pipe or tubing sections. 7 Inpractice, as many brackets as there are tubing or 3 pipe sections to, be supported on bar so that the sections areinested within the arms 25 in the manner illustrated in Figs.

1 and 2.1 As shown in Fig. 2, the pipe or tub ingsections indicatedvat 26 are slightly inclined when in stacked position against the brackets and consequently they exert a force inwardly along the finger board which tends to-slide the board inwardlyuntil thepin 21 abutsrthe beam'15. Thuswithv the sections :stackedas described, the arms 25 are moved to abutting relation to an adj acent section so and an arm '25 fixed to the sleeve so as to extend from one edge ofthe anyone finger bar are vappliedto the finger s51 that the sections and arms occupy the posi-, V

tions as best illustrated. in- Fig. ljlVhere it is desired to support a minimumnumber of pipe. sectionsupon any one finger board and so as to hold thepipe sections-adjacent the I beam '15 in an out of the way position, the efiective length of the finger board may be shortened by readjustment of the pin 21 in the openings so as to limit the inward sliding movement of the finger board under the weight of the pipe section. For exampleflf only three brackets B are applied to a finger board for supporting three sections of pipe, the pin 21 will be extended through that opening 20 second from the opening in which it appears in Fig. 1, thus restricting the effective length of the finger board to accommodate the three brackets for holding the three pipe sections. 7 I

To remove pipe sections form the finger boards it is only necessary to remove the inner pins 22 when the pipe sections may be removed'together with the brackets. i

Although I have herein shown and described only one form of finger board embodying my invention, it is to be understood that various changes and modifications may be made herein withou'tdeparting from the spirit of the invention and the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

1. In combination, a derrick, a support thereon, a finger board slida'bly mounted thereommeans' for securing the finger board against'movement in one direction, brackets on the finger board extending laterally therefrom'for supporting pipes in inclined position, said brackets being slidable on the finger board, and means for securing the brackets against displacement from the finger board.

2. In a; derrick, a support, a plurality of finger boards slidable on thesupport, pipe engaging'brackets mounted on the finger boards for sliding movement and to receive pipes therein, means for limiting sliding movement of the finger-boards in the support under the action of the pipes when in the brackets, and

meansfor limiting sliding movement of the I brackets on the finger boards under'the action of the pipes.

3. In a derrick, a support havinga slot therein, a finger board slidable in the slot of the support, a pin in the finger board at one I side of the support for limiting sliding move ment of the finger board in one direction, a plurality of brackets-'slidable on the' finger board at the "oppositeside from that of the pin, said brackets having means forholding pipes in vertical position, and a second pin in the finger board for confining the brackets on the finger boards.

4. A device of the character described comprising a support, a finger board slidable on the support, means for limiting sliding movement of the finger board in one direction on the support, a plurality of pipe holding brackets slidable on the finger board, and

means for confining the brackets against displacement from the finger board. I

5. A device of the character described comprising a support, a finger board slidable in the support and provided at intervals With openings, a pin extendable through any one of the openings for limiting sliding movement of the finger board in the support in one direction, a plurality of pipe holding brackets slidable on the finger board, and a second pin engaging the outermost bracket for confining all of the brackets against displacement from the finger boards.

6. In a derrick, a support thereon provided at intervals with slots, finger boards slidable in the slots and having adjustable means for limiting sliding movement of the finger boards therein inonedirection, pipe supporting brackets on the finger boards, and means for confining the brackets against displacement from the finger boards.

7. In combination, a supportadapted for attachment to a derrick, and a finger board on the support having brackets thereon against each of which a pipe in inclined position is adapted to be placed and held, the brackets being mounted on the finger board to move in response to placing of pipes thereagainst to cause the brackets to occupy a stacked arrangement on the finger board and the pipes a corresponding arrangement.

8'. A combinationas embodied in claim 7 wherein the means is provided on the finger board for permitting the brackets to be removed and replaced toand from the finger board so as to leave on the latter brackets corresponding in number to the pipes to besupported by the finger board.


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