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Publication numberUS1804986 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1931
Filing dateMar 1, 1930
Priority dateMar 1, 1930
Publication numberUS 1804986 A, US 1804986A, US-A-1804986, US1804986 A, US1804986A
InventorsCharles L Holden, Philip P Quayle
Original AssigneePeters Cartridge Company
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Blank cartridge
US 1804986 A
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y 12, 1931- c. HOLDEN ET AL 1,



This invention relates to a blank cartridge for use in talking moving pictures. Before the inception of sound pictures blank cartridges had been used in moving pictures.

These blank cartridges were constructed solecomparatively long low pressure wave.

It Was discovered that blank cartridges previously used, developed a sound wave so intense that it ruptured the delicate filament of the apparatus used to record the sound picture. An urgent need was therefore 2 created for a blank cartridge that would not only provide the necessary smoke and flash for photographic purposes but would also produce a sound wave of the characteristic quality of a shot but at such a reduced amplitude that it would not damage the delicate recording apparatus.

It is the lower harmonics, for instance below 1000' cycles per second which determine the carrying power of the voice, while it is the frequencies above 1000 cycles which determine the articulation or quality. Thus, in producing a blank cartridge suitable for the talking moving pictures we desire to maintain the same band of frequencies at reduced amplitudes, otherwise the sound would be immediately perceived as false, or not possessing the characteristics associated with gun fire. We have invented such a blank cartridge and have attained the desired quality at only one-third the intensity of the former blank. Our new blank cartridges have the characteristic sharp rise in pressure but of lesser amplitude than the regular cartridge. They have thesame gen eral harmonics which determine quality but for various arms of different calibers.

1930. Serial 1%. 482,463.

they also are of smaller amplitude than formerly.

Other objects and certain advantages will be more fully apparent from the description of the accompanying drawings in which;

Figure l is a vertical longitudinal sectional giew of the cartridge when stood upon its ase. Figure 2is a view of the primer end of the cartridge. I

These new blank cartridges are adaptable It is this valuable characteristic which has led to the designation, 5-in-1'blank. In the moving pictures it is not necessary to use arms of good shooting qualities since blanks alone and not ball cartridges are used.

Therefore, various second-hand arms may be used by the moving picture actors. A cartridge which will operate equally well in sev- 'eral difl'erent arms is therefore of much greater value. 'Our improved blank cartridge is of such a construction that it will operate in .38-40, .4440 and .45 caliber revolvers and in both .38-40 and A l-40 rifles, and will' produce'in all these arms the required amountof flash and smoke and the required quality of report or sound. This characteristic is attained by making an outer shell or cartridge of very rigid construction and by reducing or forming the mouth of the shell to conform to the shape of a loaded ballcartridge, and by providing a space or chamber between the outer shell and an inner shell carrying the charge. More specifically, an outer shell or case 1 is formed or reduced to a shape simulating the bullet of a'loaded ball cartridge of any suitable caliber such as .38. An inner shell 2 consists of a case smaller in caliber than the outer case, rolled and crimped and containing a powder charge 3 and a confining wad 4 with a primer 5. Between the outer and inner case there is a space or chamber. The bases of the two cases or shells are flush so that the primer carried by the-inner'shell is proper- Instead for large caliber arms. From the point of View of sound effects, the outer case provides an explosion chamber larger than the charge.

Both outer and inner case may be made of any suitable material such as metal or nonmetal or a combination of metal or nonmetal. F or instance, the outer case may be made of brass while the inner case may be made partly of brass and partly of paper. of brass any other suitable metal may be used. The construction of the ner case of our blank cartridge provides a substantial reinforcing of the sound due to its configuration, wad and crimp which confine the explosion until pressure have'increased to a degree such that the pro er quality of sound will be produced. The space between the inner and outer case is so proportioned that a sound wave ha: ng the desired characteristics as to quality and intensity is obtained The .blank cartridges of this invention have the following advantages, features and characteristics V r 1. The visual photographic 'ei'fez't is correct.

2. The size of the cartr'. e adapts i to it into the small arms conventionally used.

3. The frequency ofvibration and the harmonics are suitable to create tne illusion of a normal shot when recorded by apparatus adjusted to record the human voice.

4. The amplitudeor pressure of the vibrations is sufficiently low topermit the recording without injury to the apparatus.

By using these blank cartridgesthe sound of gun fire may be reproduced in a natural manner and yet be recorded without damage to the sound receiving apparatus.

Having described our invention, we claim:

.1. A blank cartridge for use in-talking moving pictures, comprising, an outercase adapted to fit in the arms to be used, an inner shell disposed in and spaced from the outer case, a primer carried by said inner shell'and appropriatel located for use in said arms, a charge in said inner shell, and means for constricting said charge in said inner shell to produce sounc waves of similar frequencies but lesser amplitude than the sound waves produced by normal gun fire.

2. A. blank cartridge for usein talking moving pictures, said blank cartridge, com prising, a relatively strong outer case adapt ed to be inserted in the desired arms, a more fragile shell mounted in but spaced from said case, a charge and primer carried by said second shell, and means for constricting said charge to the degrees necessary to produce sound vibrations of frequencies approximating those produced by normal gun fire.

3. A blank cartridge for use in talking moving pictures, said blank cartridge, comprising, a shell carrying a primer, a charge and awad, an outer casesurrounding said characteristics similar to those produced by normal gun fire.

lpii blank cartridge for use intalking moving pictures, comprising, an inner shell carrying a charge and a wad, a crimp about the mouth of the'shell adapted-touconstrict the wad, and an outercase having itsrear end flush with the rearend oftheshellv but of greater diameter than the shell thereby adapting" the shell to be used in arms of caliber larger than it and providing a chamber about the shell suitable for development of appropriate acoustic properties.

5. A blank cartridge" for usein talking ng pictures, comprising, an outer ease the shape of a loaded ball cartridge, shell of smaller size carrying a 1. ad and 1 timer, the base of the inner ll mounted flush with the base of the outer case.

in witness whereof, we hereunto subscribe our names.


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U.S. Classification102/530
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