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Publication numberUS1805244 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1931
Filing dateSep 26, 1927
Priority dateSep 26, 1927
Publication numberUS 1805244 A, US 1805244A, US-A-1805244, US1805244 A, US1805244A
InventorsHawkins Ross
Original AssigneeHarold E Hawkins
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Indicating means
US 1805244 A
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a3 12 1931. v R. HAWKINS i 93059244 INDICTING MEANS Filed Sept. S26. 1927 Allateifated May 12, 1931 PATrE'i" TEQE ROSS HATKIe-S, OF CECAGO, ILLNOES, ASSGNOR T0 HAROLD E. HAWKINS, 0F CICAG-O, ILLNOS INDCATING MEANS Application filed September 26, 1927.

My invention relates to means adapted to be employed in connection with sheets containing certain data or records; said means providing a visible signal,-having a preselectable value,-whereby a condition or status of the data or items recorded on any given sheet of the record bool; is indicated to the user, without resort to a mass ot records or tiled data.

lilly invention, more speciiically stated, mvolves the provision of record-receding sheets, preferably of the loose-leal type, provided with a multiple of small pockets arranged along' one of the marginal edges of each sheet; said pockets being adapted t'o receive a preselected indicating symbol or signal whereby the condition ci the accounts or recorded data on said sheet is immediately conveyed or indicated to the user.

The invention has for its object the provision of a plurality of individual pockets along the marginal edges of the sheets of a loose-leaf boolr wherein the sheets are arranged in an overlapping relation so that a marginal edge of each sheet is uncovered and visible; the respective pockets being perforated or each provided with an opening through which the symbol or signal is visible and removal from the pocket of the symbol or signal media made unnecessary; the poclretiorming element being preferably of suitable transparent or translucent material whereby greater visibility of the signals is provided.

The invention also has for its object the provision of a plurality or" individual pockets formed to permit a change of any or all of the symbols or signals to be readily made without mutilation of the sheets, thus providing for greater Flexibility or scopeof the record; while at the saine time the marginal pocketforming means tends to reentorce the sheets and assists in maintaining proper alignment of the overlapping sheets in the loose-leaf binder or holder.

rThe above enumerated objects and advantages, as well as other advantages inherent in the invention, will all be more fully comprehended from the following description of Serial No. 221,872.

the embodiment of the invention as disclosed in the drawings, wherein Figure l is a plan view of a loose-leaf holder or binder wherein the record-containing sheets are arranged in overlapping relation and each provided with my improved means.

Figure 2 is a plan view of one of the sheets, on an enlarged scale, to more clearly disclose the invention.

Figure 3 is a similar View of a portion of a sheet, illustrating a modification of the invention.

ln the particular exemplilication or" the invention, l0 represents a holder or binder provided with rings ll which may be of any suit- 65 able well-known type and formed to permit the saine to pass through the perfor-ations l2 of the respective sheets. As the binder or holder is of a well-known construction, fur ther detailed description thereof need not be entered into.

record binders or holders oi this type are provided with a multiple of sheet-holding elements as shown in Figure l, for the pur pose of receiving short sheets or cards, indicated at i3 which may be ruled and provided with any desired forms to suit requirements.

In the particular exempliication, the sheets are arranged in overlapping relation at the bottom edges of the sheets; the sheets or cards adapted for use in this tvpe of binder being ixirovided with a ililuralitv ot perforations l2 preferably arranged along the inner ver ical edge of the sheet vto receive the holding elements 11.

rfhat is to say, the sheets are arranged so that the lower marginal edge of the succeeding sheets will be exposed beyond the lower edge of the preceding sheet or superposed card. It desired, of course, the arrangement may be reversed by having the topmost sheet at the bottom ot the stack and lapping the succeeding sheets so as to expose the upper longitudinal margin of the successive sheets, 1n which event my improved means is then applied to the upper longitudinal edge ot each sheet instead of to the lower longitudinal edge as shown in the drawing'.

My invention consists providing the er;-

posed longitudinal margins of the. respective sheets with a plurality ot symbol or signal receiving' pockets which may be Yformed by p ro viding each sheet with a longitudinal inara'inal portion adapted to be folded onto the ilinfward or recorddnaiping side of the sheet. These pockets, however, are preferably 'formed by employing` comparatively thin strips 14 ot transparent or t 'ansiueent inaterial, provided with any desired *number and shape o'l apertures as at 15in Figures l and 2, or as at 1t in Figure 3. rl`he strips '1L/l are then secured to the exposed longitudinal margin ot the respective sheets at mints intermediate ot the apertures 15 or 1G` as the case ma',7 be: the strips being' secured at the farious spaced points by means of a suitable adhesive subs ,e or glue. so as to leave the Yperil(irated portions unattachl-ic to the record sheen, except at the lower longitudinal edge of the strip which is also secured to the record sheet. While the upper longitudinal edge ot the strip, particularly in'nnediately above the perforations, is left uuattachedi thus providing; a plurality oil pockets coinciding with the. perfor-ations 15 or 16;

These pockets are adapted to receire small pieces of colored material. or card-board, prelerably cut from thin sheets ol' Celluloid; the various inserts, in order to constitute a signal which is quickly discernible, being' preferably oil di'liilerent preselected colors. For exan ple,y in Figure 2. 1T indicates a red insert; 18 indicates a blue. insert; 19 an orange-colored insert; 2O a bro\.'n ':olored insert: 21 a pjreeii; a black insert; and 2?) a yellow insert.

lt vill be understood that any ninuber of colors or combination ot colors may be us each color constituting; a visible signal d ia'lnlr a certain condition or status ot the record or data ou the sheet: the respective colors having' a value or constituting; i, in keeping with a predeteriu d code ir The various symbols or signal slips` in at 1T to Q3 in the particular etienn, are removably held in their ets. thus permitting; the same to he (prickly remored or replaced in keeping' with t changing` coin'litions ot the *.ei-recorded on the sheets or cards. Ywith my invention, the signals may constantly be altered in iteeping "with conditionsl ot any particular record sheet as long' as said sheet is in use and these changes can be made without in any Way mutilating the sheet.

The pocket-lormingl strip or portion 14 is als, shown provided with an elongljated or large aperture oropeninp; 2d in the end pocket which is adapted to receive a slip ront-ainingr the name oit the customer or data recori edion said sheet. It' desired, the end of the strip Where this enlarged pocket located, may n erely be fastened or glued at the immediate corners, namely at the points indii ile-5 cated at Q5, 26, thus leaving an opening or unattacheil portion intermediate. ot the points 2G, for the lengthwise. inra-iirtion of a largey slip contai:

the naine ol an individual or customer or name ot the subjectniatter recorded on the. :heet

As previously stated, the binders are made to contain a plurality of narrow or short sheets in order that the latter may be arranged in overlapping relation as shown in Figure 1, so as to expose a longitudinal margin ot each sheet; prete ably the lower longitudinal margin. By providing this lower longitudinal margin with a strip ot thin material, of Width substantially equal to the Width or". the exposed l u'er margins ot the sheets (except on the topmost sheet where the strip may be slightly wider), (he edge of each irnlividual sheet is not only reen forced, but an abutting,` shoulder or edge is a lso provided 'for the loiver edge olf the supeposed sheet, 'which assists in maintaining` prope alignment ot the sheets and therefore tends to prevent a sloping position ot the superposed sheets or pile.

lith the pocket-providing strip 14 made olf thin sheet material., such thin tr; nsparent paper or similar material, the flexibility ol" the record sheets is in no way alectcd; the il n transparent material increasing` visibill, oi" the signal; While the individual poel:- et for each symbol or signal provides a very Flexible signal method or control which permits the record to serve for various purposes or information.

Instead ol provi ding` the pockets with the circular apertures 15 as shown in Figures l and 2, the apertures may be. of dillereut coulifruration, as for example rectangular as shown in F igure 3.

Furthermore, the colored inserts or signal slips may be cut to any desired shape so as to present a different appearance or signal, thus increasing the scope of the visible signal or method. For example, at 27 in Figure 2 and at 2S in Figure 3, I show the signal slips or inserts of triangular slape and oit preselected color. Y

My improved indicating` means or 'visible signal control constitutes a time-saving method through the substitution ol sight, as it rere, for labor in searching numerous records. thereby providing data or a record a vailahle to an executive. whereby full knowledtjo or. the condition ot the business or ot any deperatinent thereof may be quickly ascertained. For example, the indi ating means may be employed with a sales record to indicate the salesmen Who call on the territory; which departments are showing' business, When the business drops oil' credits that are bad; accounts which are not selling' as they should; etc., thus enabling` a sales manager of a business divided into different departments to obtain information as to the eXact status of each department without resort to a search through voluminous records; in other words, the individual, by reason of the charting or the vital iacts by means of the visible signals, will obtain a birds eye- View of the main facts of the business or department.

The invention has been illustrated in what is believed to be simple adaptations and has been described in terms which have been employed merely as terms of description and not as terms ot' limitation, as modifications are possible and may be made without, however, departing from the spirit of my invention.

l/Vhat I claim is:

l. Indicating means of the character described comprising a record or data receiving sheet, one marginal edge whereof is provided with a plurality of pockets open at one side, each pocket being provided with a sightbpening, and signaling slips insertible in said pockets.

2. lndicating means comprising` a record sheet provided along a marginal edge with a transparent flexible strip secured at its bottom and ends to said sheet, said strip having holes at points spaced apart lengthwise ot the strip, the strip being secured to the sheet at points intermediate of said holes to provide a. plurality of pockets, and indicating slips conforming with the configuration of the pockets so as to be insertable in said pockets.

3. In combination with a loose leaf binder, a plurality of sheets arranged in the binder so as to expose the lower marginal edge ot' each subjacent sheet, a strip of thin flexible material disposed throughout the lower marginal edge of each sheet and o' width corresponding with the width of the exposed marginal edge of each sheet so as to maintain alignment of the superposed sheets, each of said strips being secured to the sheet at various points so as to provide a plurality ot uniform pockets open at one longitudinal edge of the strip, each pocket being formed to permit visibility ot its contents.

4t. In combination with a loose leaf binder, a plurality of sheets arranged in the binder in overlapping relation so as to expose a uniform marginal portion of the lower part of each succeeding subjacent sheet, a thin flexible strip of width substantially equal to the width of the lower exposed margin of each sheet secured lengthwise of the lower marginal edge of each sheet so as to permit the superposed sheets to nest with their lower edges resting against the top edge of the strip on the succeeding subjacent sheet, the strip being provided with apertures spaced apart. lengthwise oft the strip with the strips secured to the sheets at the bottom and ends of the strips and at points intermediate of adjacent apertures in the strips to provide a plurality of pockets along the marginal edge ROSS HAWKINS.

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