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Publication numberUS1805415 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1931
Filing dateDec 13, 1928
Priority dateDec 13, 1928
Publication numberUS 1805415 A, US 1805415A, US-A-1805415, US1805415 A, US1805415A
InventorsPendarvis George Richard, Pendarvis Elizabeth Lydia
Original AssigneePendarvis George Richard, Pendarvis Elizabeth Lydia
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Insect protector
US 1805415 A
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May'-12, 1931.

PENDARVIS ET AL INSECT PROTECTOR Filed Dec. 13, 1928 is izdaz'l/is A*urtherfobjectofthis invention` is to :prof

Videiaretiring comprising portionswhich*uVA I ymay-be utilized as 'an elknergency'-bed,y includl vlaritented-'Mayu 12,v 1931;? Y A, c 'i en oiaeii.` gnrcnenn rnnnanvrs -iZYnrAf rEinAnvIs, or HMPron This invention relates tov'ir'nproyementsfin retiring kits; particularlyjfa type offdevice s having screen prctectinginembers,suitably connected and arranged With foldablefrml elements, and curtain, flap or cove-r, portions allformed into a unit structurein such al'inanner that the device maybe folded-,inten vcoin-y pact ,kit :for convenient tr-ansportatio'n;'v 1 f' All obieetioffths invention is terrevde. a; screen Vretiringkitadaptedl to beioldedfinto 1 a light and Compact/unit adaptedltO-'b esily carried by hand, the foldable 2 sections olf Qtheg manner thatluggage ofsuitable Vtype maybe..


`ingfscreen members for protecting-'the head of' e Person from insie'tsfand egap `fm,Gelber1,1@0111 fL Which the bodymayrecline; agscreencurftain 'member being arranged:tohccoverzthe' inner j openend of ,the deyice whilei the;outer;y open end of `the vdeviceisclosed by means ,offanv extension of :the yiap', therebyprovidinga windbreak .protection forA the head, the inner rscreen curtainbeing adapted to extendasuit-k ablej distance over the v,body'and held inY pon sition by neans of Weights or otherwise, n

' Other 'obj ect-s `of ythis inVentionVWill appear kfrom theJ :following detailed description,k and v as disclosed in the'jsingle rsheet ofdrayvingg, t x which is herewithniadea part of thisappli-Q,

' Inthe drawings-- y v F igurel` l illustrates-a perspie'c,tiye,yiewofs1f` I i Y the screen retiring kit, disclosing`-the various s ship, theiap r`the `screen retiring vkitv showingiritsv members geo,

Figure f2 represents apersr'iectiveyieyvfoi the retiring kit to anenla'rgedscale, disclosing the screen', portions injunfolded'relation member beingshown: in fold position. E Y

Figure 3 represents japerspective yView o in folded andtransportablerelationship.

Figure '4 illustrates a sectionall yiewlljof Figure 3, taken along lined-74:. j Figure 5 yrepresents a section, of Figure 2 disclosing ta-iirefeired L 'i fornirci, lastenkilng-thefscreenelements and .@curtainfineinbersinithegfraniesections#KW A j ,Asone*modification of the portable screen f kria'ljsu'ch faswireinesh; 'andadapted'to be se- ,jcurelyfastene'd in frame portions consisting 'n l members lrandZQar'e.fastenedalongtwo side-.

themanner;disclosedginFigure 55 Y'Wherein A numeralr 11,; designates a clamping; strip -i for Y holdingthe screen l-inlfirnrpcsition-Within l,

j eans cifrafasteningveleinent j of Sections, 5",6,e7,8,9,and l0.'y .The screen andl4,jadaprtedkto be securelyfastened to the,

screen l retiring poses uc "'When thescreen 3111?@ open Ven.

iii-held iSiPGfs-ledfhat pumeralsl and I2 designate screent Inembers,r inade of any' suitable `inateheuppergedesftlescreenmembisklf Y 211%116 attachedfirmlyto'ftheframefelee ments l-andby means oiclampingpstripsl g' figures land, 2;; inbecomes .e bersmust bewpre-V fs-theiscreens: and his pnrposefit is preferred-that a curiy x A 'ftingfofieXble screen clothor e" se be securely "fastened aongjV two Y Y e-'sfectionsfSUan/dl inV aman d i Figure 5; Wherinfthe eurtainfV` y jin position ybyfrneans of ai* tceerleefstrlrf 20, and feseligleresnt 2.1'- if krau vThe curtain 19k is preferred to have an eX- tension 22 adapted for covering a portion of the body, the free edges of the extension 22 being heldin position by Weights 23 or other-y wise. c

The outer end of the screenretiring kitis' y provided with an extension 24 of the oil cloth flap or pad member 26, which is adapted to be unrolled intothe position of an emergency bed, as clearly y'disclosed in Figure 1.' The extension 24 of the flap member 26 is adapted y tobe suitably formed for detachable fastening to the frame members 7 and 8, by means of fastening elements 25, thereby, functioning to provide a Windbreal: for the head in they form ofthe extension 24, made from the same materiales the flap member 26. For vconvenience incarrying the kit Whenthe mem,- bers arein folded position, it is preferred that .a'handle 27 be fastened to theedge ofV frame member 5.l A suitably formed latch 28 is `provided for holding thefoldalble por,-

tions of thekit in yclosed and ixed'relation- `ship to each other. The latch 28 ymay be ymade of a flexible strap materialiixed at one endf29'to the frame section 6,` the other-end of the latch'or strap element y28 being 'free and' arranged.. yfor detachable interlocking with a cooperatingelement 30, ysecurely-fas. `tened tothe frame member 5. l i 1 As clearly disclosed vin Figure 4,y a cover 'member 31, made of Waterproofing or other-A 'wise, may be arranged to fit 'art-mnd the retiring kity when in folded position-f for protection from the Weather and other elements.

The `screen retiring kit, according to this invention, may beutiliz'ed conveniently andy :efficiently byy campers, boy scouts, and; other classes-of people who may 'ind it necessary to sleeplin'thev open in a sectionfof'the 'country infested'by mosquitoes and other insects Thedevice is extremely convenient for carrying,-being constructed of lightweight maof the follownlg' f from thespiritt terial and adapted'at thesametime toin-V clude ay certainamount of luggage;` thereof the screened frame members when in un'- folded position and at the same time protect,-

ing thehead of the reclining person from the nforce of the vWinds,the means being extended inthe form of a flap or pad for receiving the reclining Aform of the person. y y

2. Are-tiring kit comprising frame members secured at an angle to each other and covered Withrprotective,material to kform a head cover, said frame members having back rand front sides, a ground iiap secured to the ,back-side of said members, and a top covering secured to the front side.

v 3. Afretiringfkit comprising frame members'lnngedly vsecured at an angle to each '1 other "and covered with protective material to forma `head cover, said frame members 4having back and front-sides, a ground flap securedto the -back sidefofsaid members and a top cover secured to'thefront side.

LA retiring kit comprising frame members secured at kanangle ytoeach other and coverediwth protectivematerial'fto form a head cover, said frame members having back' andfront sides, a 'ground fiap Vsecured to the* backside of 'said members.

-over the back sides of "saidmembers landex- ,c tending therefrom' in the form 'of a Vground lflap, a top coveringsecured to the front sidesy and'extendi'n'g therefrom to formI a protecy tive apron-for the user. y' V- GEORGE RICHARD PENDARVIS; y vELIZABETH LYDIA PENDARVIS.

fore, the device may be'considered as about equivalent to an ordinaryhandbag.

It will be understood that many changes and modificationsmay be made in the form of embodiment ofthe invention within the'scope l claims-withouty departing l v ereof. l 'What wecla-imis:

n 1.1 A retiring kit comprising bers'arranged adjustable -to eachother and yin foldable relationship, side' screen portions attached tothe frame members for protecting f they head jof a reclining, personfrominsects,

" f vthescreen' portions when in 'folded'p'osition c belngfspaced apart for receiving luggage "therebetween, a flexible' protector attachedto f f thefront fra-me members, andy adapted toiex# f tend downward andA over a portion of the 'body7 meanssecured to the rearframe members `and adapted to close off' the rear portion 1

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