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Publication numberUS1805417 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1931
Filing dateMar 12, 1929
Priority dateMar 12, 1929
Publication numberUS 1805417 A, US 1805417A, US-A-1805417, US1805417 A, US1805417A
InventorsRitzel Willis Joseph
Original AssigneeRitzel Willis Joseph
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Elongated tablet package and wrapping
US 1805417 A
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May 12,' 1931. w. J. RlTzEl.

ELONGATED TABLET PACKAGE AND WRAPPING Filed March l2, 1929 5 Sheets-Sheet May l2, 1931. w. J. RlTzEl.

' LQNGATED TABLET PACKAGE AND WIRAPPI'NG Filed Marh 12, 1929' ssneets-sneet 2 May 12, 1931. w. 1. RlTzEL EIONGATED TABLET PACKAGE AND WRAPPING Filed March l2, 1929 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 atm? d ylate'ntecl l i' 1.2', 931'.

' the annoyance otf'li may) be introduced' directlyintoftli y 'WILLIS{JQSEPH` RmzE-Lfoa Mmmm; (mummia 'ELQNGATED' TABLnrPAcxnGE ANDWRAPING i 'a hppnatioii meditar@ 12,1192@ j*svar'iparfNo.Y :$46,363.

This f` invention relates Vto fr'paclagesf or special Wrapping means for ehewjvng guinandy i "My invention is PTCUlrly 'intended lfr "l0 boats,- rkairpla'n'es "or otherwise; engagedfin 1 "some 'activity'reqniringjthe'nse''fat least eratingy for ,t n steering r@some t yone hand` in 50p mechanis'in l i t A, i Due to thefact' that chewinggnm especial- 15 'misvery@arefu11ygwmppedmsenitheinai;

4vidual units `to protect them againstnormal atmospherid s conditions Yuntil :sfchf tilnefffas 29 pings l'and place the in Ahis AIn,onthg-svrvithn *out using both handsgiso'jinuch'so that,`where there is no one-to doit r them, .most motor kin strippingt gum'. The' prim he mappings if@ Va,sifdsirsa ary'objects of I nyinyention are:

f '30130 provide-a special "Wrappingmeansorfbe n 'vpackage .A vwhereby, Vthe Wrapping's z: strippedffmni the indiyidnal nits of fiandtheilatter;partially fa age ksuch that the contained [cheWin lsume'rs mouthwithout any, need.flafrgoVr* V:tsk Y of, the aci-,ualy gm,'a'sfgdistingnished "fromfits covering, being` touched, by the" lco'nsumes Y hands, 4orvri cloth-ing,v or? any joreifgn Object whereby.said4 gum k,is completely:protectedff" l*against zcontfamination" withy ,for 'expos111351.` n* germsr serving 'asV afgerrn carrier; t pro- TrVide.' such jas-wrapping vor individie fniilt `ipacklage, ywherein feachnnit Vwill be sealed fof iyvliich apliiralityimayi-be held together single largeconnne'rcialfpackage,.or/Which maybesol'd independently, as maybe desired;

f to provide a packagecomprising anali-'paper Wrapping-,gvgr'to Vprovide la Wrapping partiell: l

l larly lending itself to manufact-nre and appli#J f jcationftothe goods byfrautomatic cutting, G0

Wrappingandglning ne'achinenyv of the type l'fs'hape'l articles-Wherefdesrech@1li 4, K Y

Inthis application 'llslioW and describe tion'qfis capable .fot annmber. of .-diferentiem ,.-fbodiinentsadditionalto those illustrated and;

"grae-re' represents -v Cent a. A of said' unitson Aa. greatly eny y againstactiofn bytheatmosphere untilnsed;,v bojpovlde 'a specialV individual v unit package s y snch'afsisnowiin extensivense-forwrapping l, aclzag'in'gfgoods of, this general-'char` :ists reitherdo Withontf'tlie Vsatisfacenf of onlysse,Veralfembodinientsotinyfinvention, A their desire yfor a chetxglofagnm'Whilefdixing @for Velse bring their' caifsrtdlajstop s0 thstfahgy 'can safelyhayethe-'frgee nseof'bothhands' deplrting' `from@myA Said( invention. .Y ,"'fthedrawing siy and description ,n 'fbe ,considered asy merelyillusp ective ,yiewfof y 'ff min rcial package yofzfa number oligunitsi '20: FigureS, a

. rgrippedbythe lips or teeth of the user, the

pulltabv having irst been released, when a pull 'on the hold tab Will suffice to finish y'Stripping the stick of gumuhich may thus be introduced into the user s mouth Withoutbei ing directly touched by-hisfhands or clothing mor any foreign object;

' lFigure 5 representsa crosssectional view T on the line 5--5 of Fig. 2;

` f Figure 6, an exploded viewof the preferred forni of myv invention, illustrating u;V the manner offapplication of the Wrappingy toa stick of gum;

. Figure 7, af v1ew sn'nilant'o Fig. 1 of a modified form `wherein the hoid tab is 1 omitted;

,View similar to Fig. l2 of such .mbded form; -r' Figure), a vieivsimilar to Fig. 3 of' such .modified form; l.

Figure `10, avieivsimilar to 4 of such 25. modified dorm;

f Figure Il ,aivieiv similar' toy F ig. 5 of such modifiedform; s `Figure r12, avieW modified form;

Figure 1 3, -a view similanto Fig. .7 of a further modification; Figure 14, aivieW similar to Fig. v8 of such further modilied form;

Figure16,a fragmentary perspective erf plodedview of the rWrapping' of such furtherA modliied form;

Figure 18, a View similar to Fig. l5 of the last above modified form. .-[Refe'rring nowV in detail to the vdrawings andv particularly `to the preferred VVform of my invention as .illustrated inFigs. llto, the commercial` package as .sold overthe f counter .comprises a plurality of individual units, five being illustrated inFig. g1 ,jh`eld' together bya .common outer wrapper orf,


. j tions overlapping and pasted together after,

binder l vhaving its longitudinal jedgeporsaid Wrapper-Ilias been'drawn tightly about thefsuperposed `plurality vof individual units. f

Each indiyidilal lunit consists offastick of gum 2, an Iindividual outenfu'rapper 3 Ahaving a llgldtabj 4 entending from, and

preferably yintegral with, vthe 'medial 'part of one of its end portionsg'anindiyidual inner ofits" outerfface scopied to the opposing poryvrapper 3 by a suitable adhesiva-,as indi- -r cated b, dtedl 6, .andhaving info ldlng en portions and .8 extending. Well besimilar to Fig of such sealing Wrapper5 having Vth-e'medial portion outer wrapper 3; and lan ejecting pull strip or tongue 9, one end of which is secured by a suitable adhesive to the inner face of the upper portion of said inner sealing Wrapper 5 distant from hold tab 4 and adjacent the infolding end portion7 of said inner sealing Wrapperr 5.

Witlithe outer individualfwrapper 3 and inner individual sealing Wrapper v5 secured "together by adhesive, as at 6, andthe ejecting flat state, and on topof the ejecting tongue.

orstrip 9,which i'sfthen folded back over folded lengthwise into overlapping z relation,

as indicated in Fig. 6 and clearly shown in .the upper face of the stick of gum 2, see Figs.

2, 3, 4 and 5. The ytwo longitudinal edge portions Aof the inner Sealingvwrapper 5 are/.then y8:5 i

`inner sealing Wrapper 2 is folded overfiat,

.as illustrated in Figs. 2, 3 and 4. Thereafter the upper end portion 7 .of the inner sealing Wrapper 5, together'withthe portion B eX- tending therethrough of the ejecting tongue 'orstrip 9, is folded over flat onthesame side of the unit as, and ,extending toward, end portion 8. .Next the portion A of said ejecting tongue or pull strip 9 which extends beyond theextremeend ofsaid end portion 7 Figure 15,'a View similar to Fig. 9 of such 35 further modiiedform;

.tion soasrto lie latagainst `said folded end portion 7 and .project jvellabovetheextreme uppen portionof the ,upper end portion??` as of the. outer Wrapper ,f3k are drawn tightly .about the inner. sealing wrapper 5 so that their longitudinaledge portions are in overy'ejecting tongue or strip9. wi.ll extend in a thuslarranged; and, finally, the sidefportions C Figure l17 a View similar toFig. 12 of a '40 still. further modified forni; and

loop fr omnearthe upper end .ofthestickf ofy gum underfthe--lower end thereof and 1upf f rlong:thestickof` gum Withits free end ip orf tion- A, constitutingy a pull tab, protruding from ftheupperf end of the unit soms to be J easily gripped'by the usersteeth or lips,

i verse direction vfrom xthe lowery end of the unit so as to'be. easily grasped between the -Willtear off the ommo Gute W f1 tion ofthe inner faceV 0f individual louter C n r rapper and put`the looseunitsinhisfpocket. Therek after, if 4he desires a chew of .gum while' andteethy to drawsai'd gum intohis mouth;


l'the saidejectingtongue orstri'p lso O .onthe latter being pulled'rthej lenten on "alonga said fperfo'rated Alin'esfl'O yand solejje'et Tthe gum.' "Also, inithis-orrmthe end portion" 48 's oni'tted;theftondue or striv 9*?! "artiall' t 4 l o 'l l m p P y tend'in'ga'orossfa portlonfjo the reverse fold f thel individual 2 V'teetecll against moisture klov .d `13 to 16,l except'that ini placeV of the;outer .jin-v i er-wrapper 3 su'oh as usedgintheforrn illus-2y 6o tion are the same' except thatl the hold "tap 21; is 'ornittedlfrorn thefouter individual {Wra lor may not, according,t

the whole packagey fbeing grasped njthe users free hand.

'45 serving its function, and Vthe :end1 portion??l 'Wrapping s,' sothatagcornio "onterffsealinir and 18 the constrnetionfand perati'onare 18, inclusive, theVA common outer `sealing' Y Wrapper 12*y of theeommeroialpackage con-` `be stripped off prior to use 4andthe plurality;j

"fpnll ,'tabs' and-ej eotin'gtonguesfor strips will in Vopposite directionswith said?hguicl*and4 hisflips or-teeth. as illustrated infFigsB and plierieresisting qualities?y and other charac- 4, untilthejstiekof'gumhas'beenpartally iteristiosfas areysuitableftotheir functions .allejected, asgillnstrated YinfIig';i145,vso/'aste pros-j fas' now'wellknowniand understood by thosev v Y jslrilledintheartf, f- "1 @Q51 f rI-lfayingthus 'describedniy invention, Whal jclaini as new4 and 'l desire to jseeur'e'y by liet*y rter's Patent'is;y V 'y '11; A;package consistingfoatabletotlong,

lips or teeth, whenhejwillfrele'ase the -rpull tabAandfgraspfthe stick Q between his lips or Vteethfandjimll onholcl' talo?V 4" to complete the stripping 'ofthe Aivrappings from the guin; thereafter, fof course,'disoa'rd-y Y ing' said Wrappings andrnaniplatin'g his lips o p'rrand aftabletvengaglng and' eject-ing.strip4 havinga 'portion gfastto fsaid inner 1 Wrapper andfextendingl downzaoout theloottom of sai-d f In'theiiiodilioation illustratedjinFigs. '7lV ,Q o y ita'blet andthen up along the side VKface thereof f to l2, inelujsive,the Constrn@tionfandoperaf pera, andtheeorninon,onteewrapperlnia o R 'avbprfqmjed, eaoh Vother intof longitndinallf overlapping'- f .1, relationflandfhaving,itslower end portion 'and itsnpper end 'portionfwithfsvaid strip eirtendsay ing`therethroughlOlded towardeach fother Y f fiat' agains'tthe saine rside' "of the unit, and the -portionoi said'lstripextending?beyond the extreme end ofl theupperend 'portionjotsaid-YV I fhave Y illustrated the g Lise offFt ginifentionf with the Common outer`Wrappe1j'lretained,

In the' modification ililstfrte in Fgjsl to 16 vthe ,constructionand operation are 'the saine as in thezforni illustratedfin Figs-71o 'IGVQISS dlIGClOD ltagmst the outer face ios'ai'cl npperendf'portionof said inner Wrapf` iperand vexte nding',yappreeiably above the eX- i thereof inthelf inner 4Wrapper 5? will ."tealr" 4oi?andbetween'the eXtreme-end portionsof 'f thei'atniosphere, thel said outer wrapper er;-v

1s a mere end fia`p,so thatthef'end ornersef are; not pr heir indiyidua In the-modifient thein'srsfifeehand i` f f A o @package eoinprising; a 'tablet of long, narro' nr-,Hthin` contour, an inner' eealingwrap--- the saine as in theforrn illustrated.'.inFigs" ditidual Wrapper 8a I nsethe indiVidual'onthaying {f portion "fastff to' said inner Wrapper-1 f I Ide'nga'gi :thebottornof said tablet and y h 'encfeztendin'gnp along'the `side face there-,- tand protrnding out ofthe upper-end ofsaid trated in Figs. l to 6,l Withthe'ffhold tab 4 In both VJforms illustrated in Figss- 13 t sistingiof a number of individual units` will pei-"havingiitg Side@ portions 'folge-toward y'andprlotruding' ont oitftheupper end of said Tj-f y' :er hating Lits ,side portionsifolded toward innerwapper heingfthereafter folded, in thef5`g5 A"feonstitiitingan-- endlessband extendingein., ,f

saidinnerfwrapper andthe foldedends there- 'l .said inner- Wrapper'to sealthe same againstggj A saithouter :Wrapper :heingfprovided with' a P15115 `init infalignnienttherewith, s aidinner Wrapeach'otherinto-1ongggitndinallyoyerlappingrei ylation and, having its upper end.y portion i, folded over saidv tablet, said ejectingstrip extending appreciably above the extreme upper portion-,of the restoftheunit so as to be easily grasped between the users lips or teeth,

fin combinationv with an individual' louter wrapper permanently relatively immovably Y secured t0 said inner-wrapper and operatively y constituting an endless band yextending in tightcontact at substantially all points about said inner wrapper.

' narrow, thin contour, an inner sealingwrap- 3. VA package comprising a table of long,

j per, anday tablet engaging and ejecting strip :Ego

'i i yeachy other into longitudinally overlapping having a portion fast to said inner wrapper and extending down about the bottom of said vtablet and then up along the side face thereof and protruding out of the upper end of said y, unit in alignment therewith, saidinner wrapper having its side portions folded ytoward relation and having its lower end portion and c its upper end portion with said strip extending therethrough folded toward each other i il ` strip having a portion'y fast to said inner flat against the same sideof the unit, and the portionof said strip extending beyondthe extreme end of the upper end portion-of said inner wrapper being thereafter folded in the reverse direction fiat against the outer face of said upper end portion of said inner wrapper and extending appreciably above the extreme yupper portion of the rest of the unit, in cornbination with an'individual outer wrapper permanently relatively immovably secured to said: inner wrapper and operatively couystituting anfendless band extending trans-y versely in tightcontact at substantial-ly all points about said inner wrapper and across theffolded ends thereof to seal the same against the atmosphere while leaving the exf treme end portions of said inner wrapper exposed, the said y' outer wrapper yextending across a portion of the reverse fold of the` ejector stripto maintain the projecting end portionthereof in proper position extending wrapper and engagingthe bottomof lsaid.

' tablet and thence extending up along the side 1 f Vvface thereof and folded inthe folded upper out of the upper end of said package and in 1 end of said inner wrapper 'and protruding alignment vwithv saidk package,in combination with anouter wrapperfoperatively ,constituting an'openend endless band extending transversely in tight contact at substantially 'Y y c all points about said inner wrapper andacross said upper foldedfe'nd thereof while leaving f the extreme end portions of said inner wrap- Pes per exposed, whereby said package may be grasped Yfin one hand Tand the protruding Vand of said ejector' strip gripped and` pulled on bythe teeth ory lips to-unfold the upperend of. said inner wrapper andeject the gumtoward'thefconsumers mouth so that it may be easily gripped by his teeth' or lips rand thereby introduced intohis mouth directly from the package without other contact with `his person or anyforeign object.

[5. A package comprising a tablet of long, narrow, thincontour, aninner wrapper dis-l posed about said tablet and having its upper end portion folded back parallel to the side `of said tablet and extending lengthwise thereof toward the bottom thereof, and a tablet engaging and ejecting strip having ya portion fast to said innerwrapper andengagingthe lbottom of said tablet and fthence extending up along the side face thereof and protrudingl out' ofthe upper yend of said packagefin alignment therewith, in combinationy with an individualv outer wrapper extendingtransversely about the portion of said innerwrapperbetweenthe end portions thereof'g'and in tight contact therewith and across saidl folded rback narrow, thin contour, an innersealing wrapper disposed about said tabletand having its end portions foldedback parallelto the side "1 v of said tablet and extending lengthwise thereof, and atablet ejectingV striphaving a portion fast to said inner wrapper and engagingy the bottom Vofsaid tablet, thence extending jup alon'g'gthe side face thereof and folded" with the Yupper end portion of said sealing ,wrappery and between the sides thereof to'- ward-the bottom of said tablet and being folded in the reverse directionand 'extendingv appreciably above the extreme upper end of l therest of the' package, in combination with -upper 'endfportion to seal the same. j 6.y A package comprising atablet of long,

an individual outer wrapper extending trans-1 f yversely about' the portion of said inner wrap-- per between the yextreme end portions therei of and'in tight contact therewith and with the folded back end portions to seal thesame and across saidvreversely folded portionof lthe ejectingstripto hold'it'up inthe proper l isolated :position yabove all otherparts` of the package. Y y, i v n In testimony `whereof,Ifhave "signed my nametov this specification at Pasadena, California, this 7th day of March 1929. i


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