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Publication numberUS1806435 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1931
Filing dateSep 26, 1929
Priority dateSep 26, 1929
Publication numberUS 1806435 A, US 1806435A, US-A-1806435, US1806435 A, US1806435A
InventorsWerner Oscar
Original AssigneeWestinghouse Electric & Mfg Co
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Lighting unit
US 1806435 A
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My invention relates to lighting units and has particular relation to lighting units suitable for use under water.

An object of my invention is to provide a lighting unit for use under water which will be Water-tight, which may readily be assembled and disassembled, which is peculiarly well adapted for use in connection with brick work, tiling and the like and which may readily be adjustable for directing the light therefrom at any desired angle.

' Another object of my invention is to produce a device which is simple, durable and inexpensive in construction and maintenance and which is well insulated electrically.

Other objects of my invention will become apparent in the following description of the structure and operation of my device:

In under-water lighting, such as swimming pool lighting, it has been found that the moisture-proof lighting units usually used for lighting large areas are unsuitable for use under water because water seeps into the unit, a relatively great amount of space is required and it is diflicult to maintain electrical insulation of the unit and the electrical conductors. For this and other reasons, I have found the devices of prior art unsuitable and have devised a unit particularly well-suited for the service.

In practicing my invention, I provide a housing substantially rectangular in crosssection open at one end and mount the lens and reflector in suitable cover members adapted to close the open end of the housing. The lighting unit is mounted on one of the inside Walls of the housing and electrical conductors are introduced through an opening in a recessed portion of the outside wall. The unit may be tilted by means of screws, which are threaded into the sides of the housing and may be locked into position when the unit is properly located.

Referring to the drawings in which like numerals indicate like parts,

Figure 1 is a view in cross-section of my device mounted within the recess of a wall, such as the wall of a swimming pool, or the like;

Fig. 2 is a View in front elevation of the lighting unit shown in Fig. 1; and

Fig. 3 is a view in elevation of a portion of the door or cover assembly taken from inside the unit.

Referring to the drawings, I prefer to utilize a housing 1, which is substantially cubical in shape, having one open side adapted to engage a cover or door 2 in which is placed a transparent lens 3.

A lamp socket 5, in which is placed lamp 6, is secured to suitable projections 7 on the rear wall of the housing by means of screws 8.

A reflector 9 is fastened in the open end of the housing by means of screws 12 which engage the reflector with suitable projections on the inner wall of the housing. The reflector is provided with an opening 11 at its center to permit the lamp to project through the reflector and into the socket. The major portion of the reflector is the shape generated by revolution of a parabola, while a rearwardly extending portion 13 is of the shape generated by the revolution of a portion of a circle having its center substantially at the light source. The most rearward portion of the reflector is a flange 14. This type of reflector is particularly welladapted for use in a housing of limited size and makes use of a considerable portion of the light from the light source.

The door 2 (Fig. 3) for closing the open end of the housing includes a cover frame or clamping ring 21 which is substantially squarein elevation, a lens 3 which preferably is concavo-convex to withstand the water pressure and a lens retaining ring 23 which is adapted to hold the lens in place in the cover frame. The cover frame has a circular opening therein to receive the lens 3 and a thick gasket 25of rubber or the like is disposed in a suitable recess between the cover frame and the outer flange of lens 3. The purpose of this thick gasket is merely to apply pressure against the rim of the lens to urge it inwardly against the lens retaining ring 23, and the coacting inner surface of the lens and the outer surface of the lens retaining rings are ground in order that they may be perfectly level and in order that a water-tight joint may be secured. A thin resilient gasket 27 is disposed between the lens and the lens retaini'ng ring;v The lens retaining ring is preferably held in place in the cover frame by means of coacting lugs 28 on the lens retaining ring 1 and clips29 which are secured to the cover frame by means of screws r thin resilient gasket '34 is disposed between the lens retaining ring and the housing.

, The door assembly isladaptedto be fastened. 'to the housing by means offour bolts 3Bdis- ,pfisediinr suitable depressed; openings: in the cover frame. 'Theboltsurgetlie cover frame:

against theltousing, thus clamping; the: lens and: lens: retaining. ring fast against the open@ end of. the housing to provide a Watertight;-

Electrical energy isintroduced into: the:

lighting; unit by'me ans-of conductors ll which.

pass-.jthroughi' a suitable opening 42' in the.

- Wall of the housing. and arecon nected to-the:

l tenminalsofvthedainp socket -5 Inord'erto secureza; water tighti-j oint, a threaded; cpeni'ngi hollow screw or nipple is adapted: to. be

threaded; into. the: recess; Packing; materiah Mirna y beplaced: about theconductoryso that. on sorewingfdown: the hollow screw, a1Wa-ter tight connection is made A. recess is pnovide diinfthe vvailli off-gthehousing to permit res oeiving; the slack in the: supply: current con.- ducicors; 'Whenthe-unit. is, placedadjacent a;- vval.

Three: adjusting: screws 46 areprovided. to. screw: into the-lower Wall-of the housinginor.--

I .dersthat thei projector-inlay be adjustedito-di teoai or the like asit takes the place of the brick or tile utilized in facing the Wall or floor; It is to be understood thatthe term cubical is to be interpreted broadly to include any figure having parallel sides which adapt it for theluseintended.

Although lhaive described? ai sp'ecific embodiment of my invention, I do not Wish to be limited thereto and changes may be made by-thos'eskilled int-heart Without" depart/* ingfrom the! spirit and seope of my invention as set forth in the appended claims.

" .I claim as my invention; V r

In an. un'denwater. projector adapted to ffit' intoa recessi'n the walh a housing, a lighting; unit. and. reflector tl1erein,. means ineluding a lens for closing the case! water-tight;

a plurality of adjustable; supporting screw-s. at the: bottom) of said. casing to adjustably mount'gthe: casing in said recess, and means: on the: upper i s-ide of the-{easing for rigidly maintaining; the casingiin: adjusted position;

2.. In an under-water; projector adapted to. fitinto :areeessin thewall, a1 housingga lighting; uniti and-reflector therein-, means; include ing a lens foriclosingthe. ease ateretight.

V and a plurality of adjustable: supporting isiprtovidedin the wallofjthe housingyandi ai screws; at the bottom; of; said casing. to. adjuste ablymount. the: housing. in; said recess -and;

means comp-rising a screw for loeking' the.

sametlierein-jir adjustedposition; a

I nz tGStdlIlODflflVhElfGOifijl-Y have hereunto subscribed my; name. this; teamwof SepteIn berieaa.

necti therli ghfi-raysrinlthedesired direction. 7

Asften'the proper adjustment of .theprojec-i tor'hasbeen: madejfth e unit may; beclockedi on wedged .in:-"p1a ce:in a.depressionofthe wall on floorinivvhichritf is set-by unscrewing; it screw which has; threaded-3 engagement 1 with: the p upper. wall; of the housing; -The: adjusting;

and locking screw-s may be utilized for fastening-thewunitto a:suitable framexyorkifitis V i notto, be locatediinsairecessz v The construction. describedv and illustrated particularlyyvel'lsuited fo-r5 use under 7 water as? it is: water-tight and the'lectriea lconductors are Well insulated, The-unitgmay i portions and,- therefore,"will not lIIjllI'Qz-fl';

erson: or object brushing b the: unitz reason of its-small: dimensions and its sub;-

1 stantiallyicubical shape; it.may* be. placediin a corner or along the Wall: of a. swimming pool and takes up-but: relatively. little; space;

Also;.;by reasoniofi its" reetangular section; it p is particularly Well adapt-ed foruse; in are GGSSTiIlEiiI'iGFWaJI- OI. floor: of:.a swimming: pool I ms

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