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Publication numberUS1808375 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1931
Filing dateAug 26, 1929
Priority dateAug 26, 1929
Publication numberUS 1808375 A, US 1808375A, US-A-1808375, US1808375 A, US1808375A
InventorsPlooster Neal W
Original AssigneePlooster Neal W
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Shopping bag
US 1808375 A
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June "2 193 1. NI w. PLOOSTER 1,808,375

SHOPPING BAG Filed 'Aug. 26, 1929 Paten ted June 2, 1931 l UNITED STATES NEAL w. PLOOSTER, or s'r. PAUL, Mmnnsom SIEIOIPIEIL'I'G- .ZBAG.

Application filed August 26, 1929. ser aino'. 388,451.,-

My invention relates to an improvement in shopping bags, wherein it is desired to provide a shopping bag which will be attractive to the eye, easily handled, of sturdy .5 structure, and convenient for use.

It is my object to provide a bag which will enable the shopper to have both hands free while at the same time carrying articles. My bag is adapted to be carried over the forearm .1 by means of an integral strap handle. Such a handle permits comparatively heavy articles to be carried in my bag with ease and comfort, and lightens the task of shopping.

It is my purpose to provide a bag constructed along very graceful lines which will be an attractive as well as useful means for carrying articles. My bag is deslgned to be made of leather, imitationleather, or other suitable material which will present a neat and finished appearance.

My object is to provide a bag which may be folded flat into a compact state, so that it may be easily packed one upon another to form bundles for shipment or transportation. My bag may also be folded up and carried in the handor slipped into a pocket until needed.

My purpose is to provide a shoppingbag which is simple and inexpenslve, and yet which may be used to carry a number of articles of various sizes and shapes. Furthermore, the design is such that my bag, with reasonable care, should not be easily torn or ruptured, and should not wear out quickly, but should last indefinitely. The integral carrying handle provides a structure which will support considerably more weight than may usually be placed in an ordinarytype of shopping bag without danger of havmg the bag rip or tear apart. 7 7

Further objects and novel features of my invention will become apparent during the course of the following specification and claim.

'In the drawings forming a part of this specification Figure 1 is a front elevation of my shopping bag in folded or flat position. Figure 2 is a perspective view of my shopping'bagfiin position to be carried'ofv er the 7;? arm; v

Figure 3 is a diagrammatic view; of my pattern of the material-forming the body'portions and handle portion of my bag. My shoppin bag Ais formed of but two main parts, a v ody portion 10 and a bottom portion. This providesa very simple construction which may be inexpensively manufactured and sold, and also causes the to to be stronger than wouldbethe oaseif the bag were formed of a; number of smaller pieces and secured together.

The body portionlO is formed of a portion 12 adapted to act as a side wall of the bag, and {i5 whiohmer'ges into the end portions 13. The one piece body portion is formed asillustrated in Figure?) of the drawings. The' side wall portion 12 tapersinto a' comparatively narrow strap portion 14;, which in turn? tapers outwardly again-to form" a second side wall portion '12 of the same size and shape asthe rst side wallportion 12'. 1 Thus Ihave a pair of identical'side wall' portions 12 connected by a strapportionl l. Theedges 15 of the end portions 13 are sewed to forrii'a seam 1'6, or'areotherwise securedto'gether to form a firm connection'between the two ends of the body portion 10. r

A bottom piece 17 in the form of an elongated oval or ellipse is secured to the lower edges 18 of the body portion 10 which are preferably rounded somewhat as is illustrated in the drawings. This bottom member 17 is preferably creased along its longitudinal center 19. Thus when nothing .is contained within the bag, it may be stretched flat, the side walls 12 on opposite sides to the. bag A being adjacent one another, and the end portions 13 forming a part of the side walls. When in the folded position, the bottom 17 is folded inwardly, as is shown by the dotted lines in Figure 1. The bag may also be made without the bottom piece No. 17 by securing the side members together along the bottom and side edges. Beginning at the seam 16 on either side of my bag A, the ends 13, and sides 12 are gradually tapered in a graceful curve to form the integral strap 14. The edges 20 along this top tapered portion and the strap 14 may be hemmed to provide a neat edge, and to form a strong reinforced opening.

It is apparent that When my bag is not being used to carry or contain articles, it may be flattened as illustrated in Figure 1 and easily folded or rolled into a small compact state so that it may be easily carried by the hand or slipped'into a pocket until used. It may also be readily seen that in the flat state my bag may be readily packed, one upon another, for shipment or transportation, Without the loss of space. These advantages over shop ping bags designed heretofore are apparent.

In actual use, my bag is-preferably carried With the handle portion '14 looped over the forearm of the carrier leaving both hands free. The handle of my bag may'also be carried in the hand if it is so desired. 3 In accordance With 7 the Patent Offic statutes, IhaVe described the principles of operationof my'handle shopping bag, and

have enumerated the principal features of this bag, and while I have endeavored to illustrate. the best embodiment there0f,I desire to have it understood that the same is only illustrative of a means of'carrying out my nventlon, and that obvious changes may be made Within the 'scopeof the following claim Without departing from the spirit of themvention. i I

.I claim:

A collapsible shopping bag including a pair of side members secured together along their vertical edges, an integral strap handle member, Qand' an elliptical. bottommember V securedto said side members, creased along its longitudinal center to allow the bottom member to fold together and-theentire bag to lie 5 substantially fiat, 1 a i ,W. PLOOSTER. V,

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U.S. Classification383/8, 383/121
International ClassificationA45C3/00, A45C3/04, B65D33/06
Cooperative ClassificationB65D33/065, A45C3/04
European ClassificationA45C3/04, B65D33/06B