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Publication numberUS1808475 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1931
Filing dateFeb 14, 1929
Priority dateFeb 14, 1929
Publication numberUS 1808475 A, US 1808475A, US-A-1808475, US1808475 A, US1808475A
InventorsOyen Elmer A
Original AssigneeAddressograph Co
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Drawer for printing devices
US 1808475 A
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June 2, 1931. E. A. OYEN DRAWER FOR PRINTING DEVICES Filed Feb. 14, 1929 Patented June 2, 1931 UNITED mm PATENT. cor-Pica j ELMER A. OYEN, or CHICAGO, rumors, AssIGNoR o annnnssoenarn COMPANY, or

. CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, A CORPORATION or DELAWARE RA ER iron Immune DEVICES Application filed February 14, 1929. Serial No. 339,947,

, This invention relates to drawers or trays for holding printing devices and the like and its object is to provide the drawer with means which will assist in retaining the devices in proper position in the drawer and without interfering with the required movements of the devices in the drawer.

Printing devices for addressing machines 7 are stored 1n drawers 1n cabinets 111 accordprinting machine and to run the printing de-,

vices through the machine one at a time for taking impressions therefrom. The empty drawer is supported in the machine to receive the printing'devices as they are discharged from printing position and a packer operates to' pack the printing devices in proper position in the drawer. The printing devices are supported in the drawer by a follower and this follower and the printing devices in the drawer are gradually moved rearward in the drawer as the printing devices are received from printing positionione at a time in the front end of the drawer and pushed rearward by the packer. The Packer is positively operated in a fixed arc and some times the body of printing devices in the drawer is caused to move further when the packer operates than is necessary to accommodate the next printing device, with the result that the printing devices become disarranged and do not pack properly. These results are more apt to occur when the drawer is tilted for receiving the printing devices, as indicated in Fig. 1, and also as the number, and consequently the weight, of printing devices increases in the drawer. The excessive movement of the body of printing devices may be due to worn parts, to momentum set up in the body of printing devices or to the spring effect which accumulates in the body of printing devices as they are packed against the follower until, from time to time, it may impart more than the usual feed movement to the'follower and permit the printing devices to tilt and otherwise become disarranged in the drawer.

My invention seeks to overcome these difliposition in the drawer whilevthese devices culties by providing integral means of simv ple form in the bottomof the drawer. to act as a retarder against any tendency of the printing devices to slide forward at their bottom edges, but without interfering with the packing movement of, the printing devices from front to rear in the drawer.

Also, it becomes necessary from time to time to insert additional printing devices, and to remove some printing devices which may be discarded or replaced, in order to maintain a classification system up to date; and more or less frequently inspection of the printing devices is required depending upon different conditions. For this purpose it is sometimes necessary to release the follower and loosen the packed printing devices to facilitate insertion or removal of printing devices.

If the follower is pushed back too far, or if a number of printing. devices are removed without advancing the follower, the remain ing printing devices in the drawer may slip down into a fiat position in the drawer or otherwise become disarranged, requiring time and labor to restore them to proper position. I

Another object of the invention is to provide means of simple character to assist in maintaining the printing devices in proper are being handled for any purpose whatever.

In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated a selected embodiment of the invention and referring thereto. I i Fig. 1 is a perspective viewof a drawer embodying the, invention and showing the packer in dotted lines. i g

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view through the drawer on the line 2- 2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 isa longitudinal sectional view on the line3"3of.Fig. 1.. i

Referring tothedrawings iis the drawer oratray, 5*is the follower, 6 designates the printing plates and? is the;packer. The

follower is engagedv in a suitable manner I withthe drawer to maintain the printing devices in -upright or aboutuprightposition under normal .conditionsand to feed rearward when the packer operates. The inventhe drawer arranged in aprinting and addressing machine for receiving the printing devices from printing position. The packer is mounted in the machine so that the end which engages theprinting devic'esin the drawer will have a fixed travel in an arc, or otherwise, and push, the printing devices rearward in the drawer as they are discharged into the drawer from printing positionv I provide one or more' rows of protuberances 8 extendinglongitudinally onthe bottom 30f the drawer and struck up on the inside thereof. I prefer to employ at least two rows of protuherances,as shown in Figs. 1 andfl and the protuberances of one row are alined" with those in the other row. These protuherances are relatively large in area and they are of su-tlicient height to accomplish the desired results. "I make thenr largeinarea and of gradual inclination to avoid sharp corners or: shoulders which would tend to obstruct desired movement of the printing practice that protub'erances of thishind will not obstruct the packing o eration or other desiredbodilymovenrent e the priIrti-ngdevices in the drawer, but Will'assist in face; devices the drawer. It has been found in which it may be adapted Within the scope of V for supporting a plurality of printing devices on edge, said bottom having on the inside thereof a row of protuberancesspaeed apart and extendinglongitudinally of the drawer,

said rotuberances being struck up froin'said 'Ziottoin and roundedonthetop toform rei-ng devices on said tard'ers against aceidentalslippag'e ofrintand spaced apart and alternating with flat sections of the supporting surface to permit printing devices to he slid bodily thereover but to" prevent accidental/slippage of the printi-ng'de vices alongthesap-porting sur- ELMER A. OYEN,

taining theprinting devices inprope-r positlon under normal conditions. The 'p rotui berancesin a row may be spaced apart approximately the diameter of a-protu'bera nc'e,

but this construction may he varied as found desirable; I have found it satisfactory to strike up substantially circular protuberances rounded on the top from the sheet-metal bottom of the drawer because a protuber- 3. A drawer havinga bottom for sap poftance of this kind provides the same'retarding effect at the front and the back against forward or rearward accidental slippage of th'e printing devices while atthe same time permittiing free bodily movement of the printing devices forward or rearward during the packin operation or for other purposes.

lly invention provides. asimpl'e and: efficien't means'for'maintainingf printing devices in a drawer in proper position by vreta'rdii'fi rg anytendenc. of the devices. toasli p' on the bottom of t 1e drawer, without interfering with the feed of the devices inthe drawer underthe operation of the packer.

' As beforeindicated I do not restrict the invention to p the particular" embodiment shown in the drawings but I reserve the ri-ght to use the invention with any other parts for

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