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Publication numberUS1808829 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1931
Filing dateNov 25, 1929
Priority dateNov 25, 1929
Publication numberUS 1808829 A, US 1808829A, US-A-1808829, US1808829 A, US1808829A
InventorsBarnes Cecil E
Original AssigneeBarnes Cecil E
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US 1808829 A
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June 9, 1931. c, EB 1,808,829

I BUILDING 4 Filed NOV. 25, 1929 2 37 v 36 1,1 ,2 ,2 31 63 I v INVENTOR.


Patented June 9, 1931 y a UNITED STATES V PATENT oEFlfCE j i I cEciL BARNES, LOS enemas, CAL1F0RNIAUV V i i mama; I

Application filed nov mber 25, 1929. Serial 110. 40.9358.

This invention relates to buildings and has includesa floor 10, asub-floor 11, sloping for its objectfto provide, in a manneras wall frames 12 which have their lower ends hereinafter set forth,abuilding having means connected with the sub-floor 11, slopingtop arranged exteriorly thereof, connected thereframes 13 which are connected to the upper 5 with and controlled from the interior thereends of the wall frames 12 and said top of for cooling the interior. I i frames 13 have their upper ends connected i A further object of the invention is to together and spaced from each other to proi provide, in a manner as hereinafter set forth, vide an opening 14, a vertically disposed, a building including sloping walls and a foraminous ventilator 15 corresponding in a 10 top sloping from its center towards the walls contour to the shape of the opening. 14 and and with the top and two or more walls of disposed centrally of the roof of the buildthe building provided with means arranged ing, andian oppositely inclined frame 16 se exteriorly of the building and controlled from cured upon the top of the ventilator and prothe interior of the latter for cooling such injecting laterally from the latter. 15 terior. The building further includes wall form- Further objectsof the invention are to proing means 17 and inthis connection there is vide, in a manner as hereinafter set forth, a secured to the outer. face of two 'or more building including cooling means arranged wall frames 12 and extending from the lfloor exteriorly thereof and acting to cool the in- 10 to two or'morejtop frames 13 are wall terior of the building and with the latter forming means 17 preferably constructed being simple in its construction and arrangefrom sheetv metal of the desired gauge and ment, strong, durable,jcom'pact, readily as having an outwardly directed, angle-shaped sembled, having a thoroughly eflicient coolportion 18 at the lower end] thereof toproQ ing means for the interior thereof and comvide a trough 19. The purpose of the trough 25 paratively inexpensive to'set up. I 19 will bepresently referred to. I

With'the foregoing and other objects in The building further includes closure view the invention consists of the novel conmeans 20 for the top frames 13 and in this struction, combination and arrangement of connection there is connected to two or more parts as hereinafter more specifically detop frames 13 two or more closure means 20, 1

a 30 scribed, and illustrated inthe accompanypreferably constructed of sheet metal ofthe ing drawings, wherein is shown an embodidesired gauge and which extends from the ment of the invention, but it is to be underventilator'15 to the wall forming means 17. stood that changes, variations and modifica- Preferably the means 17 and 20 are contions can be resorted to which fall within the structed of the same material and the latter scope of the claimhereuntoappended. forms a continuation of the former. The

i 115 Figure 3 is a fragmentary View invertical erably'eachof the wall frames 12 has secured In the drawings wherein like referseveral wall forming means 17 are secured ence characters denote corresponding parts together in any suitable manner. The sevthroughout the several views: eral closure means 20 are secured together in Figurel is a vertical sectional view of a any suitable manner, The wall forming building constructed in accordance with this means17 are secured to the closure means 20. invention. a Each wallforming' means 17 is co-extensive Figure 2 is a fragmentary view in vertical with a wall frame to which it is secured. section of a modified form of building con Each closure means 20 is coextensive with structed in accordance with thisinventionr 7 the top frame 13to whic-hit is secured. Prefsection of still another modified form of to the outer face thereof a wall-forming building constructed in accordance with this means 17 and preferably each top frame 13 p I 1 invention. I y r a has secured to the outenface thereof a clo- Referring to Figure 1 of the drawings, a sure means 20.

building in accordance with this invention Secured upon the upper face of the fram 16 and coextensive therewith is a closure means 21 provided of metallic material. The wall forming means 17, closure-means 20 and closure means 21 are formed from impervious material.

Secured upon the outer face of each'closure means 20 and co-extensive therewith is a facing 22. formed from absorbent material such as burlap, canvas or other material possessing an absorbent characteristic. extends from the ventilator 1'5 toja similar facing 23 secured to the outer faceof the wall forming means 17. The facing 23 is co-extensive with the means 17 from apoint in proximity to the bottomofthe'trough 19, to

the top of the means 17.1 The facings 22 merge into the facings 23. The .facings 22 and 23 are provided for conducting water for other coolingqmedium exteriorl-yof the V 24, aswell as disposed centrally with respect thereto is a perforated water spray pipe'2'5,

building from a point in proximity to the ventilator 15 to the lower edges of the fa-c-- ings 23 and the Water discharging from the bottom edges of the facings'23 fallslint-o' the trough 19 which providesa watercollecto'r.

The travel of the waterthrough'the facings 22 and 23 provides for the cooling of the in: terior of the buildingv Secured upon the closure means 21 and cm extensive therewith is a facing 24 constructed 1 of the same materialas the facings 22and 23 and upon the facing 24 1s idischargeda. cooling medium, such as water, and' r-from's'aid facing 24 the water isdischargedupon .the

'facings 22 in proximity tothe ventilator 15. Arranged over and spaced from .the'facing to which leads a supply pipe 26, the latter having its or portion positioned within the building and provided with a controlling valve 26 for regulating the supply of water discharged from the pipe 25 or for closing thesupply when desired.

The interior of the building can be finished in any suitablemanner and the front wall twill be provided with 'openingsand a: door fagainst the outerraces of-the wallframes'27 as indicated at 26, 27 respectively. The t otherwalls of the-building can also be fprovided with doorsor windows andwhich are notshown, or in other-words, the other walls can be constructed in anyfmannerdesired other than that asstated. I

The form shown in Figure 2 is of constructionas that shown in Figure 1, with this exception that the top of the building is constructed differently from, the top of the building as shown in Figure 1. The form of building shown in Figure 2 includes wall frames 27 wall formin means 28 secured in a manner as referred toi'n connccti'on with the formjof building shown in Figure 1. The

building shown in Figure 2 includes opposite- 1y disposed top frames29 which are connected The facing '22 the same at'their inner ends and'at their outer ends to the upper ends of the wall frames 27 A closure means 31 is secured upon the top frames 29 and isco-extensive therewith and forms a continuation of the closure means 28.

a 'Disposed centrally with respect to thetop of the buildingand in closeproximity to the facing 33 is a perforatedwater spray pipe 34 whichjis extended from a supply or feed line Secured to the body a the, building, Fig;

ure 2, are uprights 36 arranged in spaced re- 'lation and supporting afpairof oppositely 'inclined protecting members 37, 38 arranged in spaced relation with respect to the facing 33'. Otherwise than that as stated-the form,

shown by Figure 2 is constructed in thesame manner as the form shown in Figure 1. 1

Theform shown in Figure 3 is the same as the form shown in Figurel, with this exception that the ventilator 15 is not employed and in lieu thereof a water tank 39 isused and is positioned'centrally of the roof offthe building. The tank 39 has openings-40f'for the discharge of water uponthetop facings 41 andthese latter merge into the side facings 42. A- water supply pipe 43 opens into the tank 39. In the formshown in Figure 3 the top frames are indicated at 44, the side'frames at 45, the wall forming means attached to the side frames 45 at 46, and the closure means 7 attached to the top frames44 is indicated at '47.; Otherwise than thatvas stated the form shown in Figure 3 isiconstructed similar to theform shown in Figure 1.- r

Theftravel of the water through the facings p'rovidesfor the cooling of the interior of the building and, the impervious wall-forming means which are secured to the side frames andthe impervious closure means which are securedto the top frames prevent the entrance of water into the building. The water as'it drips from the side facings is collected in the trough 19' and from therefit' can be discharged to any desiredpoint.

It is thought the many advantages of a" building, constructed in accordance. with-this invention can be readily understood, and

although the preferred embodiment V of the i'nv'entionis as illustrated and described, yet 'it is to be understood that changes'in the'de tails of construction can be'hagd which will fall within the scope of the invention as claimed. 7

What I claim is: A building comprising a floor, oppositely sloping roof frames, an impervious sloping closure coextensive with and secured upon the upper face of each frame, a water conducting element possessing an absorbent characteristic coextensive with and secured upon the outer face of said closure, oppositely sloping outer wall frames connected at their upper ends to the outer ends of said roof frames and extending to said floor, an impervious, sloping outer Wall forming member secured against the outer face of each wall frame and extending from the top of the latter to a point 7 15 opposing said flooring, each of said members having an outwardly directed angle-shaped portion at its lower end to provide a water collecting trough, a water conducting element possessing an absorbent characterstic 29 secured to the outer face of each ofsaid members and extending from the top of the latter to within said trough, a water supply pipe arranged within the building adjacent a wall and a roof frame, extending up through the latter and positioned to discharge water upon said conducting elements on the said closures upon the roof frames, and said pipe including means positioned in the building for controlling the water discharge.

In testimony whereof, I affix my signature hereto.


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