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Publication numberUS1809317 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1931
Filing dateNov 8, 1927
Priority dateNov 8, 1927
Publication numberUS 1809317 A, US 1809317A, US-A-1809317, US1809317 A, US1809317A
InventorsSnyder Daniel O
Original AssigneeSnyder Daniel O
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Article support
US 1809317 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

June 9, 1931. D. O. SNYDER ARTICLE SUPPORT Filed Nov. 8, 1927 Inventor J 0. 527 04? Patented June 9, 1931 The presentinvention relates to' a structure which may be broad-1y referred to as an.

improved article supp'ortptlre same having "more"particulafireference to a structure of 5 this'class which'may'be' employed as a bag holder, or receptacle suspension means.

. This invention is an improvement upon'the foldable bracket construction'shown in the J. C. Stugard patent identified by 1,565,118

and bearing date of December 8, 1925.

My primary aim is to generally improve such prior patent by providing a structure which is characteristically different and one which embodies a quick separable coupling v V p p I p notchesf 1-0 are disposed in horizontal 'aline-" ment and constitute keeper seats which is more sturdy, easy to manipulate, and dependable in operation.

An outstanding structural feature and: im-

p p I v Dif erent typesgof article supports are em portant object is in the precise construction of an improvedhanger bracket embodying a novel arrangement of keeper seats, and an article suspension band with a keeper capable of ready engagement with the keeper seats.

A further improvement is the novel bag holder or'suspension device individualized by a somewhat ovate band andhingedly mounted retainers cooperable therewith to facilitate I attachment and detachment of the bag.

Other features and advantages will become more readily apparent fromthefollowingdescription and drawings. In the drawings away and shown in section, disclosing the bag suspension means and supports therefor. 1 Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the structure seen in Fig. 1. p

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary detail perspective view more clearly illustrating the improved hanger bracket and keeper means for association therewith. p

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary detail view of a portion of the bag suspension device.

Fig. 5 is a side elevational, view of a receptacle' support. f p

Fig. 6 is a perspective viewof the keeper.

Now referring to the drawings by reference characters, it will be observed that, the nu: meral 6 designates generally, theimproved hanger bracket. This comprises an attachingplate 7 properly. apertured to permit'it to 'fbexboltedorother "other support;

Figure 1 is a sideview with portions broken "hanger bra'cketi Obviously, these details provide"anovel 1 The attaching' plate 7 dis provided with'an 'jntegralfarm extending atright angles therefrom. The arm isdesign ated'by the reference chara'cter 8,and;saidarm atits upper formmvcygrnmvsvrvmvm ise fastened on the wall or V 'wardedge is'provided with aslot 9. Operling inwardly" and downwardly from the slot 9 is provideda substantially diagonallydis 3 posed pocket 11, the said slot 9 providing an entrance for-thepocket,,11f The arm 8 below the entrance 9 is provided-on oppos'ite'sides yer the-pocket l-liwith notches '10 opening at their opposed ends intolthe p0cket'j11l? The hereinafter made i more a parent.

kploy'ed in association withthe hanger brack- 'Wef see a bag holder and 5 we a pail or receptacle support.

I designated 'by the reference" character {'12, flv'hile the "pail holder is identified by' the referencem merarle. Mor over-the ba'g'is indicated at 1 1,'while the pail isrepresented at 15.

Considering the bag holder: more in fdei tail, it will be seen that thisjcompriss asubstantially ovat'emetal band 1'6, 'whose end F portions are directed atrightangles and into spaced 1 parallelism as indicated better in Fig.2 by the numeral's' lh An elongated ij block 18-of the configuration-shown inFi'g. 6, 1

is riveted or 'otherwise fastened between the spaced extensions, and constitutes .a' ke'eper I for 'r'eception'in the keeper seats 10. The association'ofthekeeper' block 18 an'dlthe eX- I tensions 17 is such thatthe -exte'nsions may "incidentally," the tag'mda r is g'e'nerally.

straddle the outstanding 8 "of thesepar'abl'e coupling betWeen -the hanger bra cket' and the farticle s'u'pport wheth'e'r' itbe p 3 a. .bagholder or; a zbucketi. holder.- 51 ltfis'evi- .r'ca n bei insertedidow'n 'ithrough the opening 9 1 00 I and slid down into the pocket 11. The pocket 11 provides suflicient clearanceso that now the outer end of the keeper block can be set up against and'into the forward keeper seat 10. Next, it is slipped back into the remaining" keeper seat 10, so that the block now bridges the mouth of the, pocket ll, as well as the entrance i), thus eife'cting a rigid supporting connection between the bag holding band and the hanger bracket.

It is to be noted that the bag holder is of special form, in that it is provided with a pair of symmetricaliclamping sections"1 9 abut each other at 2 1, whilethe, upper edges of the abuttingends arecut ofi as at 22,1;0 al- 7 s low themto swingupwardlyin the direction of the arrows. This facilitates placement of the mouth ofthe bag over the band 16 and underneath of the clamping; sections.

In connection -with-Fig. 5 11: is to be stated that the bucket supporting band 13 is of a shape to, embrace the bucket. The band is constructed withthe extension 17 and the keeper block 18 so that it can be substituted for the bag holder by usingthe same kind of a hanger bracket 6.- In other words, the

hanger bracket provided with an attaching plate, having an outstanding supporting arm provided with opposed notches facing each other and functioning as spaced keeper seats, said arm also having a notch in its upper edge above and located between said first named notches and forming an entrance in communic'ation with said keeper seats, the arm being further formed below said keeper seats with an inwardly and downwardly cut out portion providing a clearance pocket, and an article suspension device embodying means embracing said arm and equipped with a keeper block insert able through said entrance and receivable first in said pocket and secondlyin said keeperseats, whereby to provide a quick detachable connection between sa d de ice nd arm-I In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


hanger bracket mayaccommodate difierent 1 characters of article hangers and supports. Moreover, with the arrangement shown, it-is possible to drop the article support down to the dotted line positionshown in Fig. 1, so

that it will be suspended in an entirely outof-the-way position.

It is thought that the construction and ad- I vantages of the invention will be, quite clear after a careful consideration of the description in connection with the drawings, and

therefore a more lengthy description is believed unnecessary. i

Having thus descr bed my invention, what I claim as new 1s 1. In a-structure ofthe class described, in

combination, a hanger bracket embodying an attaching flange provided with an outstanding supporting arm, said aim being provided in its upperedge with a centralized entrance slot and being-further provided below and at opposite ends of. said slot with a pair of spaced notches opening in a'direction toward each other, said notches .communicoating with said slot and functioning as Y keeper seats, and an article suspension device embodying means embracing said arm and "equipped: with a keeper insert-able through saidentrance slot-and receivable in said'keeper seatsywhe'reby to cause said keeper to bridge said slot and to detacl ably connect saidzarti'cle suspension. devicewith 2. Ina structure of the class described, a

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