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Publication numberUS1809558 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1931
Filing dateSep 6, 1928
Priority dateSep 6, 1928
Publication numberUS 1809558 A, US 1809558A, US-A-1809558, US1809558 A, US1809558A
InventorsLoeble Gottlob E
Original AssigneeLoeble Gottlob E
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Surgical appliance
US 1809558 A
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SURGICAL APPLIANCE Application filed September The invention relates to a surgical appliance, and has for its main object the provision of a simple and efficient appliance to be worn without inconvenience and discomfort by the patient for the purpose of treating and relieve disorders of the rectum such as haemorrhoids.

Another object is to provide an appliance which is constructed and arranged when worn to subject the disordered region to a continuous treatment.

Further and more specific objects, features and advantages will more clearly appear from the detailed description given below taken in connection with the accompanying drawings which form part of the specification, which illustrate one embodiment of the invention, and in which,

Fig. 1 is a partial appliance in the position it assumes when applied,

Fig. 2 is an elevation of the medicament applicator showing its support in section,

Fig. 3 is a vertical section through the applicator, and,

Fig. 4: is a plan view of of the appliance looking down on plicator. I

The preferred form of the invention shown in the drawings comprises a strip of material 10 which may be of one or more folds of heavy silk, linen, or the like. The strip 10 is provided with buttons 11 at its rear .corners to which are fastened by means of buttonholes 12, the lower ends of straps 13 and 14 acting like suspenders and passing over the shoulders of the patient. The front ends of straps 13" and 14 are provided with buttonholes 15 and 16 with which engage buttons 17 and 18 on the upper ends of straps 19 and 20 connected to the forward end of the strip or band of material 10. This forward end of the strip 10 is also provided with the usual suspensory sack 21.

The central portion of the strip 10 is provided along its medial line with a fold 22 so that it will fit the contour of the body in the crotch to avoid chafing of the parts, and cause the inner surface of the strip to lie closely adjacent the rectal opening. Along the central portion the apperspective view of the 6, 1928. Serial No. 30 L194.

this fold 22 is the middle of the strip 10 the material is sewed together along the lines marked 28 so as to reinforce this area. In the center of this sewed area is provided a buttonhole 2 1 the edges of which are strongly. bound as at 25.

Mounted on the central upper surface of the strip 10 is a medicament applicator in the form of an elongated tubular member 26 having perforations 27 at its upper end which projects into the rectum, this end havinga smooth rounded contour to permit easy entrance. This member 26 is preferably made of hard rubber. The lower end of the member 26 is-closed by a threaded plug 28 having a bore 29 and a circular flange 30a at its lower end. The bore 29 can be closed by means of a small threaded plug 31. The flange acts as a button to engage the button hole 24 as shown in Figs. 1, 2, and t to hold 70 the applicator member 26 in the upright position shown. Medicament is held within the member 26 and is preferably of a paste-like form that will slowly ooze out through the perforations 27. Z

In using the appliance, the member 26 is filled with medicament through the bore 29 and the plug 31 then inserted in place. The member 26 is then engaged with the strip or band 10 by inserting the flange 30 into the buttonhole 24 and thus is held firmly in place. The band is then placed between the legs and drawn snugly up in the crotch with the member 26 projecting into the rectum. The straps 13 and 14 are then adjusted to just the right length so that the suspensory sack and the member 26 will be retained in proper position without discomfort to the wearer. While the appliance is thus held in position the heat of the patients body and the movement thereof will slowly melt the medicament and it will run out slowly through the perforations 27 directly into the region to be treated, in this case the rectal passage. The strip 10 and its immediately connected parts are easily cleaned after removing the applicator 26.

While I have described my improvement in detail and with respect to a preferred form thereof, I do not desire to be limited to such we details or form since many changes and modifications may be made and the invention e111 bodied in other forms Without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention in its broader aspects. Hence I desire to cover all modifications and forms coming Within the language or scope of any one or more of the appended claims.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. A surgical appliance comprising a hol low tubular member, one end of said member being curved and provided with perforations, the other end of said member being open, a bored plug fitting into the open end of said member, said plug having a flange on its outer end, and a removable filling plug fitting into the bore in the flanged plug.

2. A surgical appliance comprising a hollow tubular membenone end of said member being curved and provided With perforations, the other end of said member being open, a bored plug fitting into the open end of said member, said plug having a flange on its outer end, and a removable filling plug fitting into the bore in the flanged plug, a support for said appliance of flexible mate rial and having a buttonhole pocket to re ceive the flange on the bored plug to hold the appliance in position on the support.

In testimony that I claim the invention above set forth, I afiix my signature hereto.

eoTTLo'B E. LoEBLn

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