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Publication numberUS1809689 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1931
Filing dateFeb 21, 1930
Priority dateFeb 21, 1930
Publication numberUS 1809689 A, US 1809689A, US-A-1809689, US1809689 A, US1809689A
InventorsGraves Andrew H
Original AssigneeGraves Andrew H
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US 1809689 A
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June 9, 1931. A. H. GRAVES 1,809,689

GLOTHESPIN -Filed Feb. 21, 1930 30 F igure 6 is a diagrammatic view to betthe clothes at separate and distinct points 80 I 40 provide'the handle of the clothes pin. The portion andparallel arms extending rightso Patented June 9, 1931,

o STATES PATENT OFFICE ANDREW n. GRAVES, or ARKANSAS cI'rY, xensns GLOTI-IESPIN Application filed February 21, 1930.;Seria1 No. 430,331.

The object of this invention is to provide wardly to provide one of the arms of the ina clothes pin from a single strand of rusttermediate jaw The second arm of this proof resilient wire constructed of metal to jaw is shapedsimilar tothe first mentioned provide a handle portion, with end jaws and arm thereof andhas its end rounded around 5 an intermediate jaw, the said jaws having the strand. 3. The rounded or coil portion. their body portions rounded toward each is extended downwardly or in the direction other but their ends bent outwardly to afford of the jaw 5 to provide the inner arm of the a flared clothes line receiving passage theresecond outer jaw 7. The jaw 6 comprises two between, and wherein the construction is such strands and is substantially V-shaped in plan 10 that the pin may be readily arranged over which is true with respect to all of the jaws. 60 the line and clothes to firmly hold the clothes The jaw 7 is shaped similar to the jaw 5 and on the line and as the jaws only contact with the outer strand thereof has its end rounded the clothes at spaced intervals and thus not over, the end of the longitudinal strand 8, as materially exclude air therefrom the said clearly disclosed by'the drawings.

clothes will quickly dry, and further where- The jaws 5 and 6 are designed to exert a 5 in the pin may be easily and quickly removed tension toward each other, although the from the clothes and line when desired. flared outer and reduced ends of the said To the attainment of the foregoing the injaws are never in contact, and these ends pro vention consists in the improvement hereinvide. a flared entrance passage between the after described and definitely claimed. jaws whereby the pin may be readily inserted 70 p In the drawings: over a clothes line 8 to grippingly engage Figure 1 is a front elevation of the imthe clothes which are hung on the line. provement. V The pin maybe readily and easily arranged Figure 2 is a side elevation thereof. in clothes gripping position and may be as Figure 3 is a perspective view thereof. readily removed and the clothes from the 75 Figure 4 is a top plan view thereof. clothes line by a simple pressure on the under Figure 5 is a side elevation similar to Figface of the handle 1. The pin willsogrip the ure 2 but illustrating the line and clothes clothes to hold the sameon the line, regardclip between the jaws. less of weather conditions. The pin gripping ter illustrate the manner in which the device permits of a free passage of air through the is constructed. clothes so that the clothes will quickly dry, As disclosed by the drawings the clothes and the construction and advantages will, it

pin is formed from a single strand of cross is thought, be readily apparent- .to those sectionally roundrust proof wire which emskilled in the art without further detailed 35 bodies a natural resiliency. The wire is bent description.

to provide a substantially U-shaped portion 1 Having described the invention, I claim:

whose ends are bent to provide rightangular A clothes pin shaped from a single strand parallel extensions 2. The elements 1 and 25 0f wire which is bent to provide a U-shaped ends ofthe strands 2 are bent and extended a-ngularly from the ends of the U-shaped porin opposite longitudinal directions, as indition, and which arms and U-shaped portion cated by the numerals 3 and 4. The strand 4 provide a handle,-the arms having their ends is bent and extended downwardly and outbent to provide oppositely directed longitudiwardly and from thence rearwardly to pro-, nally extending strands, the end of one of vide the outer arm of one of the substantially such strands beingbent downwardly and out- V-shaped end jaws 5. The inner arm of the wardly to provide the outer arm of a jaw, jaw 5 is coiled over the longitudinal strand the second arm of the said jaw being similarly 4 and from thence is extended downwardly, bent and coiled around the said longitudinal rounded inwardly and has its end bent outstrand and from thence rounded downwardly 10o and outwardly to provide one arm of a central jaw, the second arm of the central jaw being bent similar to the first named arm of the said central jaw and being coiled around the second longitudinal extension of the handle, the end coil being bent downwardly and outwardly to provide the inner arm of the second end-jaw, the outer arm of the said jaw being bent similar to the first mentioned arm thereof and having its end coiled around the said longitudinal strand, all of the jaws being substantially V-shaped in plan and the end jaws having their outer ends extended in opposite angles from that of the intermediate jaw to provide a flared passage between the jaws.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification24/549
International ClassificationD06F55/00
Cooperative ClassificationD06F55/00
European ClassificationD06F55/00