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Publication numberUS181014 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 15, 1876
Filing dateMay 1, 1876
Publication numberUS 181014 A, US 181014A, US-A-181014, US181014 A, US181014A
InventorsJohn H. Scott
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Improvement in square cans
US 181014 A
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'.T. H. SCOTT.


No.181,014. Patented Aug.15,1a7e.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. lS 1,014, dated August 15, 1876; application filed May 1, 1876. I

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, JOHN H. SCOTT, a resident of the city of' New Orleans, and State of Louisiana, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Square Oans,.al1d I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and correct description of the same, reference being had to the annexed drawing, making a part of this specification.

In order to fully comprehend the nature of my invention, it is deemed necessary herein to mention the fact th at almost invariably, in attempting to discharge the contents of a square can, that the corner to which the discharge- 'pipe is attached is held nearest the vessel into which the liquid is desired to be poured, for which reason it has been absolutely necessary that the corner diagonally opposite the discharge-pipe should be provided with a vent; otherwise it would be impossible to discharge the liquid in a steady stream. It is to obviate the necessity that has heretofore existed of supplying these vents, as well as to ai'ord a convenient, cheap, clean, and easy means for holding the can while pouring liquid therefrom, that my improvement has been devised.

The invention will now be readily understood by referring to the accompanying drawy ing, whereon- Figure 1 represents a perspective view of a square can in an upright position, and Fig. 2 shows the position in which my improvement enables it to be held while being emptied.

A is an ordinary square can, the top of which is provided, for convenience in transportation, with a handle, B. In one corner of the top is soldered or otherwise secured a pipe or nozzle, O, through which the can is lled or emptied, as required. D is the tiltinghandle, and must be secured on that half of the can which is defined by a vertical section of`the can drawn through the opposite corners of the same, as indicated by dotted lines d d, Fig. 1, and in which the nozzle O is situated. For convenience in shipping as well as holding, I prefer to attach it to the side of the can and near its lower surface, as shown in each of the iigures of the drawing; but it is obvious from the above description that the handle D can, if desired, be secured to the bottom of the can, or near the lower end of one oi' its corners, as shown in dotted lines at a b, either position accomplishing the same result which is to enable the can to be so held that air may enter at the same time, and through the same opening through which the contents are being discharged.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

The square can A, having a nozzle, O, and

. tilting-handle D, the, latter being attached to that half of the can which is determined by a vertical section, and in which the nozzle is situated, whereby the can may be held in such position that, while the contents are being poured oft', air may enter through the nozzle or discharge-opening, substantially as described.

This specification signed this 20th day of March, 1876.




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