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Publication numberUS1810221 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1931
Filing dateDec 14, 1926
Priority dateDec 14, 1926
Publication numberUS 1810221 A, US 1810221A, US-A-1810221, US1810221 A, US1810221A
InventorsHerbert O'connell
Original AssigneeH H Franklin Mfg Company
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Striping tool
US 1810221 A
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June 1931. QCQNNELL 1,810,221

S'I'RIPING TOOL Original Filed Dec. 14, 1926' I INVENTOR.

BY /WX Z A TTORNEYS '26 of this tool.

Figgre ,1','the surface to which the stripe is tor .25.. Figure 4 is an elevation of another form e v to cl Patented 1931 UNITED15mins"PATENT )QFFtth .l 7

,mnnnr o coiwmn, orsmousa, iv'nw-Yonk, assrenon are n. a. rnaivxtm Imuntc'ruame mm, or smcusn, Newman, 1 conronarron on NEW YORK ermine TOOL Applicationflled bcccinber 14, 1928,8eria1 No. 154,752. Renewed November 7, 1930.

This invention has for its object a'particularly simple and efficient stenciling' instrument'or tool by'which stripes can be applied J to finished surfaces by an unskilled workman,

.' particularly to finished surfacessuch as the exposed surfaces of automobile bodies and the like, and to the spokes of wheels or any other .finished surface to which stripes and analogous ornamentations have hereaofore been app'liedhy' a skilled-artistor artisanby and.

' The'nvention consists in the novel features and in the combinations and: constructions hereinafter set forth'and claimed.

In describing this invention, reference is like characters designate corresponding parts inall the views, e

Figure 1 is arear elevation of one form Figure 2 is a front elevation thereof. Figure 3 is a sectional view on line 3--3,'

applied being-also shown.

of my invention showing the same when adapted to stripe spokes of a wheel. Although this tool is-descr'ibed as a strip ing tool and is shown as'formed. with slots so to form stripes,- it is'obvious'that the slots -may,be.formed to apply. or stencil any-other ornamentation, 1 r a {This tool com-prises, generally; a. plate adapted to overlie and conform to t e surface 35. to be striped or otherwise ornamented, the

. plate'having an opening'or slot therethrough,

g-tihrough which the paint or other analogous T 'substanceis projected. to form a stripe on the surface and mechanical means for attaching or adhering the plate to the surface to be gtriped without marking or'marring' the sur-' 1 designates the plate here shown as having two parallel slots 2 therein, theplate being formed at intervals with suitable shields-5a which prevent the spray from the air brush from scattering and. marring the 1 surface striped.

late may beflat or of an contour y'lie upon the, surface 4 to striped.

and many plates'of different contours may belprovided or the plates made flexible."

The means for adhering or securingthe vacuum cups 5 which will adhere to afinished .plate'to the surface is suctionmeans or surface without marring it or leaving a mark when. removed. The suction means or vacuum cups 5 are movable at a right angle .to the plateandsprmg means are-provided to resist such movement and yieldingly press the plate against the surface. w

A here shown, these vacuum cups 5 are located in holesin the plateso as to movein";

advance .of the plate to engage the surface and when compressed to permit the plate to lie close to the surface to be striped. These extending rearwardly beyond the top of'the depression "or boss "and provided with a shoulder 9 at its rear end. A sprin 10 is inserted between said shoulder and t e-to'p of the boss, the spring yieldingly pressing the plateagainst the surface.

In Figure ithe plate is shownv asadapted to cover a plurality of spokes of a wheel with stenciling slots in line with. the spokes,

that is, the plate is annular or semi-annular and lies tangent to the spokes with slots along the lines'of tangency.

11 d 'gna'tes the plate and 12 the 810s through, which a stripe is applied to the. spoke. In order that the stripe may be 111- furcated the slot 12 gradually widens at 'one end and is provided witha plate 13 suppaint fromspattering; Thisplate 11'-is provided with suitable means for locating it on "the hub and the spokes-of the wheel, the slots :ported thereinbybrackets 14, the edges of being spaced apart in accordance with'the In t form of my device, the platell is held in-position by spacingmeansthereon spacin of'the spokes of-the wheel.

etween the By my invention, the striping of automobile bodies does not require a skilled workman and the work is uniform and done more quickly than by the artist or artisan as here- 5 tofore employed to stripe by hand.

What I claim is:

1. A stenciling tool comprising a plate havin a slot therein through which aint is pro ected to form a stripe, the plate ing formed with depressions providing openings 7 in the face of the plate, suction cups mounted in the depressions and having stems/extending therefrom to the rear of the plate, the stems having shoulders at their outer ends 5 and s rings interposed between the shoulders and t e tops of the depressions. 2. A stenciling tool comprising a plate conforming to-the surface to be stenciled, the plate having a stencil slot therein, and

a vacuum cup device for securing the plate to said surface, said'cup being arranged with its advance edge substantially flush with the undersurface of the plate, and means on. the outer side of the plate for supporting an operating the vacuum cup.

3. A stenciling tool comprising a late conforming to the surface to be stencile the i plate having a stencil slot therein, and a vacuum cup device for securing the plate to said surface, said cup being arranged with its advance edge substantially flush with the undersurface of the plate, means on the outer side of the plate for supportin and operating the vacuum cup, and yiel 'ng supportus ing means between the cup and the late,

4. In a stenciling tool, a plate for con orming to the surface to be stenciled, the plate being formed with a stencil slot and also formed with openings and means for sup- 40 porting the vacuum cups in the o enings with their advance edges substantial y flush with provided with means for yieldingly supporting the cups in the openings with their faces flush with the undersurface of the plate.

5. A stencilin tool comprising a plate for covering the sur ace to be stenciled, the plate having a stencil slot therein, and spaced apart means at one side of the slot for coacting with a surface of the body being stenciled and holding the plate against said surface being stenciled.

6. A stenciling tool com rising a late for overlying the surface to e stencil the plate having a stencil slot therein, and suction means spaced apart alon the slot andcoactin with a surface oftheiody adjacent the sur ce being stenciled.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto sifgned m name, at Syracuse, in the county 0 011011 a a, and State of New York, this 8thday of ovember 1926. v


the undersurface of the plate, the plate being V I

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U.S. Classification101/128.1, 101/114, 118/505
International ClassificationB44D3/22
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