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Publication numberUS1810258 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1931
Filing dateJul 23, 1930
Priority dateMay 24, 1930
Publication numberUS 1810258 A, US 1810258A, US-A-1810258, US1810258 A, US1810258A
InventorsBernhard Sperber
Original AssigneeBernhard Sperber
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Egg-boiling frame
US 1810258 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

June 16, 1931. B. SPERBER EGG BOILING FRAME Filed July 25, 1930 Patented June 16, 1931 PATENT OFFICE" 5211231212., or 3mm, GERMANY EGG-BOILING- rm Application filed July 23,1930, Serial No. 470,148, and in. Germany Icy 24, 1980.

The present invention relates to egg-boiling apparatus, and more particularly to a frame or stand which enables the eggs to be introduced into-and removed from'the saucepan or other vessel employed in extremely ready fashion, is very cheap to produce, and in the dismantled condition may be despatched through'the post, etc., without occupying any considerable amount'of space. pg, This is accomplished by the fact that the platforms or holding plates for the eggs aremounted on a central column or post, which is furnished with fixed supports for the single platforms, so that each platform is held.

85 Fig. 2 a plan view, also in part section, and

. Fig. 3 a modifiedcform of the connection between the platform and the post.

Referring now to Figs. 1 and 2, a is the central column or post which, in the particular embodiment villustrated in" the drawings, is shown as being of square cross-section. The same is furnished on each of the four sides, at the centre, with a groove, the two oppositelydisposed pairs of grooves being carried to different extent towards the foot end of the column. The two grooves b serve for guiding the lower platform c ,-while the two coves b are for guiding the upper platorm Each platform according'to'the drawings is furnished with four openings d. In place of the four openings it is natural-- 1y also possible to provide any other convenient number, which do not essentially require to be merely distributed about a circular path as in the specific embodiment shown. 6 is the bottom of the stand, which maybe secured to the lower end of the column, for ex'-.

ample bymean-s of a screw f. The bottom e is perforated, and furnished with a suitable 4 number of feet gto avoid placing the bottom of the frame or stand'in immediatecontact with the bottom of the saucepan. The feet 'g' may be of any desired height, so that if necessary the bottom e may also be employed for supporting eggs in similar manner to the platforms 0: and c The column or post a is preferably made. of wood, and if desired, may be furnished at the upper end with a central boring k for reception of a sand-glass, such as indicated in the drawings by 'i. I

The detachable arrangement f the platforms on the column or post enzfiiles'the ap paratus to be packed within a small space.

The manipulation of the apparatus will be readily apparent from the drawings. It will be reco nized that if for example it is deired to boil a maximum number, of four eggs merely the lower platform 0 or the bottom e respectively, will be employed, while .thesecond or any additional platforms will only be taken into use if a greater number of eg are required. In other words-the eggs Wlll be situated in the holder commencing at the lowest point available in order'to avoid neces sity for an undue amount of water for boilin urposes.

e supports for the platforms are shown in Figs. 1 and2 as consisting of. abutments or shoulders on the column engaging with teeth or otherp'rojections' fitting into the grooves. These supports may naturally also be formed in other manner, for example in the case of any-cross-sectional form of the column which is not round by means of incisions in the thicker part of the column, as shown in Fig. 3, where the recess in the platform is shown as being somewhat twisted inrelation to the correspondingcross-section of the column, the possibility of this twist being provided b the incisions in the column.

It will be on erstood that no restriction is made to the specific form of embodiment shown, and that various modifications are quite possible -within the meaning of the above description and the annexed claims without departing from the spirit of the invention.

'Thus, for example, I do not restrict myself to theuse of two platforms, but may also .by sliding employ any other convenient number, and if desired merely one platform. Nor do I make any restriction to provision for four eggs in each platform, and obviously any other convenient number of openings may indentations provi ing supporting surfaces intermediate its ends, and a platform having apertures for holding eggs and a central 0 ening for receiving said column when the p atform is slid upon the same, portions of said platform adjacent said central opening resting upon the said diametrically 0 posed surfaces of said column to support sai platform above the bottom of said column.

3. An egg-boiling frame comprising a'central column of non-circular cross section a platform provided with apertures for holding eggs and havin a central opening adapted to be slid on sai column, said central column beinv provided with transverse incisions intermedlate its ends at diametrically o posed points, "whereby said platform may supported above the lower end of said column into position opposite said incisions and turning said platform about the axis of said column to introduce the same into said incisions.

. boiling frame, a central column, a

rting the said column, feet on the said' said platform over said column projections in recesses of the said platforms adapted to thrust ainst the said abutments and detachably hol the said platforms in position, and'a'sand glass mounted at the top of the said column.-

" 7. In a form of embodiment of an eggbottom suPPo bottom, lon tudinal grooves provided in staggered re ation to each other in the said column, abutments at the lower extremities of the said grooves, latforms furnished with holding apertures or the eggs, projections in recesses of the said latforms adapted to thrust against the sai .abutments and detachably hold the said platforms in position, and a sand glass mounted at the top of the said 'column.

In testimony whereof, I aflix my signature.


4. In a form of embodiment of an eggplatforms in position.

5'. In a form of embodiment of an eggboiling frame, a central column, aperforated bottom supporting the said column, feet on the said bottom, platforms furnished with holding apertures for the eggs, oppositely disposed grooves in the said column, abutments at the lower extremities of the said grooves, projections in recesses of the said platforms adapted to thrust against the said abutments and detachably hold the said platforms in position, and a sand glass mounted at the top of the said column.

the said column rooves in the said column, abutments V at the lower extremities of the said grooves,

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