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Publication numberUS1810650 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1931
Filing dateJul 5, 1929
Priority dateJul 5, 1929
Publication numberUS 1810650 A, US 1810650A, US-A-1810650, US1810650 A, US1810650A
InventorsCarl J Fay
Original AssigneeWestinghouse Electric & Mfg Co
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Electric vaporizer
US 1810650 A
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.lune 16, 1931. c. J. FAY

ELECTRIC vAPoRIzEn Filed .July 5. 1929 Y Patented June 16, 1931 uNl'n-:n STATES PATENT ofi-Fica om .1. ray, or Klinsmann, omo, nssIGNon 'ro wEsrmGHoUsE ELECTRIC c FAC'IUBING COMPANY,

A CORPORATION F PENNSYLVANIA ELECTRIC VAPOBIZEIB Application led- July 5, 1929. Serial No. 375,988.

My invention relates to electrically heated devices and particularly to electrically heated vaporizers.

An object of my invention is to provide a relatively simple, compact, and easily manufacturedl and assembled electrically heated vaporizer.

Another object of my invention is to pro-v vide a relatively light and small electrically heated vaporizer that shall embody a hollow refractory body member having a lifting means integral therewith, to permit of easily and quickly handling the device by an operator.

In practicing my invention, I provide a hollow refractory body member of frustoconical shape having a lifting means on the outside thereof, in combination with 'an upper dished metal plate resting on the upper e ge of the refractory body, a shallow member of cup shape located immediately below the upper metal plate, a coiled heating element located in said member of cupshape, and a lower dished metal plate located in an -inverted position in a bell-mouthed lower part of the refractory body, together with a single bolt and nuts thereon to hold the dished metal plates aLnd the member of cup shape in proper operatlve positions. f

In-.the single sheet of drawings, Fig. 1 is a view, in side elevation, showing a device embodying my invention,

Fig. 2 is a view, in vertical secton, of the device shown in Fig. 1 and,

Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view, taken on the line III-III of Fig. 2.

4An electrically heated vaporizer, designated by the numeral 11, comprises a hollow body member 12 of refractory material'and of truste-conical shape having a bell-mouthed lower portion designated by the numeral 13. A plurality of downwardly projecting relatively narrow lugs 14 are, provided at the bottom of the bell-mouthed portion of the member 12 in order to raise the body slightly above a supporting table or surface, as well as to reduce the 'amount of heat which may How downwardly through the` annular wall of the refractory body and into the support.

The outer surface of the' body 12 ma be ornamented or fired in any desired co or.

A lifting means 16 is provided in the shape of an annular lug through which anoperator may extend his fingerto carry the assembled device.

An upper dished metal vided at the top of the body 12, the bottom portion of which may be provided with val1 annular shouldered portion 18, the' shoulder interfitting` with the upper rim of the refractory body 12 in order to prevent lateral displacement of the dished late 17 relatively to the member 12. A mem er 19, made of relatively thin metal and of shallow cup shape, is located immediately below the bottom of the plate 17. A heating means 21, in the form of a' resistor wire 22, suitably insulated, as by va covering of high-temperature-resisting material, such as asbestos, is spirally coiled within the member 19 and isfrmly clamped between the member 19 and the bottom of the upper plate 17 by means to be hereinafter described.

A lower dished metal plate 23 is located in an inverted position within the bottom portion of the member 12, and, more particularly, within the bell-mouthed ortion of that member. As shown more particularly in Fig. 2 of the drawings, the outer eripheral edge portion of the member 23 oni)y is in engagement with the inner surface of the refractor member 12. The plate 23 serves as a refie'ctor for reducing the amount of heat flowing downwardly and also as a bottom closure means for the refractory member.'

Each of the members 17, 19 and 23 is pro vided with a central opening located aiglally of the respective members and a bolt 24',.hav`- ing a flat head,l extends through all of these members, in substantially the position shown in Fig. 2'of the drawings. A nut 26 is located immediately belo'w the bottom of the member 19, and a similarhut 27 is located belowtke member 23, these nuts being pro erly tight*- ened against the members v19 and) 23, respecplate 17 is pro` tively, in order to'hold them yieldin ly Ain as wel aste r 17 `against the top of thel The ends of the resistor wire 22 are electrically connected to the two leads of a twin supply-circuit conductor 28 which extends through an opening 29 in the wall of the member 12 just above the bell-mouth portion. Suitable electric insulating material 31 is wound around the junction of the resistor wire 22 and the leads of the supply circuit conductor 28, all in a nia-nner well known in the art.

A third dished metal plate 32 is provided and is of substantially the same shape and dimensions as is the member 23 and is adapted to be located in and supported by the metal plate 17. Any fluid which is to be vaporized by, and in, the device may be poured into the dished metal plate 32, and the heating ele- `ment 19 energized by connecting the' other end of the supply circuit conductor to a source of supply of electric energy.

The device embodying my invention thus provides an electrically heated vaporizer that is built up of a minimum number of parts, each of which is relatively light and is particularlyadapted for the particular use to which it is put. An operator can easily carry the device and move it from place to place', and the removable Huid-receiving upper dished plate may be easily and quickly removed and cleaned when this becomes neces- Various modifications may be made in the device embodying my invention without departing from the spirit and scope thereof, and I desire, therefore, that only such limitations shall be placed thereon as are imposed by the prior art or are set forth in the appended claims.

I claim as my invention:

1. In an electric vapOriZer, in combination, a hollow refractory body member of substantially frusto-conical shape, a metal plate located at the top of the body member, a metal plate located within the body member, a smgle means extending throughboth plates to clamp them in proper operative positions relatively to the refractory body member and aA heating element located belowand closely adjacent to the upper metal plate.

2. In an electric vaporizer, in combination, a hollow refractory body member of substantially frusto-conical shape and having an integral carrying means thereon, a downwardly dished metal plate fitting against the upper open end of the refractory bod member, a metal member of shallow" cup s ape located immediately below the dished metal plate, a coiled resistor element within the member of cup shape, and a second dished metal plate located in inverted position within the refractory body member, a single bolt extending through said dished metal Aplates and the member of shallow-cup shape, and nuts on Y Vaflid bolt. for cooperating therewith'to clamp the resistor element between the upper dished metal plate and the member of cup shape and to hold the second plate within the refractory body member.

3. In an electric vaporizer, in combination, a hollow refractory body member of frustoconical shape having a bell mouth at its lower end and three spaced relatively narrow projections constituting feet for the base, a dished metal plate having an annular shoulder at its bottom portion, said shoulder interfitting with the top edge of the refractory body, a shallow cup member within the refractory `body below the dished metal plate, a heating element located within said cup member, a combined bottom closure member for the body and heat reiector, of dished plate-shape, having its outer peripheral portion located in the shoulder of the bell mouth, and a single means including a bolt and a pair of nuts thereon for resiliently lclamping the dished metal plate, the shallow cup member and the bottom closure member in spaced operative positions relatively to the refractory body member.

4. In an electric vaporizer, the combination with a dished metal fluid-receiving plate, of ahollow refractor body of substantially frusto-conical shape aving a lifting means integral therewith, a second dished metal plate for receiving and supporting said fluid- -receiving plate and engaging the upper rim only of the hollow refractory body, a metal member of shallow-cup shape located within the hollow body immediately below the second dished plate, a heating element comprising a resistor wire coiled in ispiral shape located in the member of cup shape, a third dished metal plate located in inverted osition in the lower part of the hollow bo y, a bolt extending axially of the hollow base throug-lri the second and third metal plates and t ough the member of cup shape, and nuts on said bolt tightened against the member of cup'shape and against the third plate to hold these members and the second dished plate in proper operative positions relatively to each other.

5. In an electric vaporizer, in combination, a hollow body member,`ofrefractory material andof frusto-conical shape, having a lifting means integral therewith, a metal plate located against the top edge of the body, a metal plate Within the hollow body constltuting a bottom closure member therefor, a heating element within the hollow body, a member of cup-shape below the heating element'and means including a bolt extending through the metal plates and the member of cup-shape and nuts thereon for holding all of these members in proper operative positions relatively to the hollow bod member.

In testimony w ereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name this 19th da of June 1929.

- v CA lJ. FAY.

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