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Publication numberUS1812149 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1931
Filing dateOct 11, 1929
Priority dateJul 12, 1929
Publication numberUS 1812149 A, US 1812149A, US-A-1812149, US1812149 A, US1812149A
InventorsHoggson William J
Original AssigneeHoggson William J
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Combined ankle-brace and arch-support
US 1812149 A
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1 June 30, 1931. v w. J. HOGGSON 7 1,812,149

COMBINED ANKLE BRACE AND ARCH SUPPORT Filed 001:. 11. 1929 Patented June 30, 193 1 1 v 1-1,812;149; I I

wrLiJrAM :r. HoGGso v, EW'Y KQN N vconua min ANKLE-133L615 AND. AI;crr surroivir i Application filed October '11, 1929, Serial No This invention relates to .an' improvement in combined ankle-braces and arch-supports. The object of this invention is to'provide a device which may be made so light as to be readily Worn 'lnsidefa 'stocklng or worn outside of astocking and, which will not fonly sup-port theankle butalsosupport the arch,

so as to provide adjustment whereby the foot and ankle are supported, giving relief to 1o pedestrians generally and especially in caseswhere there is a tendency of the arch to sag, and the lnventlon consists 1n the construction as hereinafter described and particularly;

, recited in the claim. a In the accompanying drawings Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my combined ankle-brace and arch-supportindicatedV as applied to a foot; Fig. 2 is a rear View of the sameyand i Fig. 3 is a front View of the device, de-


-'I11 carrying outtmy 1nvention, I employ anankle-piece 5 formed on opposite sides with openings 6 and 7 located sogas to clear the ankle-bones8, The forward lower ends 9are connected by abandlO extending under thesoleiof the foot. Connected with this band 10 is a strap 11, and preferably the a flat pad 12. One end ofthe-strapis provided witha loop 13. The lower end ofthe strap, carrying 'the loop 13, is brought up over the foot and through'the opening :6.

The other end of the strap is brought up over theifoot through the opening- 7, thence through the loop .13 and downward, to'be engaged by a buckle 14,01 other suitable 398,889, and. in GreatBritain il'u1y l2 1929.

p t l not only tends to avoid displace-j 71 v ment' but will act to replace fallen arches, if a 4 such have occurred, but'even with the bones in their natural'position, the device willfgive great comfort to athletes, golfers, mountain It is obvious without I further illustration that the straps 1 01 and '11 might be made inte f gral andalso obvious that one strap mightbe attached to one of the 'ends 9 andanother' strap attached to the other end, thesestraps passing beneath the'foot andover the instep into engagement with the openings in the; ankle-piece.

Icl'aim: I V A combined ankle-brace and arch-support 9 comprising an ankle-pieceiextending above andbelow the ankle atithe rear, andv formed with clearance-openings for the ankle-bones,

a band connecting'the lower forward ends of the ankle-piece, a strap connected with said ban'dfone endof the strap being provided with a loop, and a fasteningdevice looped-end of the strap passed through one strap and band are connected side byside by P v o i through the loop and into engagement with '80 I i assed through the otherankle-opening and the said fastening device;

' "Intestimony whereof, I have signed. this I specification;

WILLIAM: noccsoivi means, for adjustably' connecting'this end" i of the strap.

loop andbuckle, are all formed from leather or other suitable material, and it will be noted that the ankle-piece 5' extends above and thereto, and the ankle-bones act as stops to piece. I

The straps beneath the foot supportthe The parts of the device, aside from the i i below the ankle-bone so as to give a support 1 prevent the vertical movement of theankle- 55 climbers, policemen, soldiers, ,nd

t0 Periods.- o r r If f securedto one side of the ankle-piece, the a

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U.S. Classification602/66, 602/65
International ClassificationA61F13/06
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/066
European ClassificationA61F13/06D4