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Publication numberUS1812156 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1931
Filing dateMar 23, 1929
Priority dateMar 23, 1929
Publication numberUS 1812156 A, US 1812156A, US-A-1812156, US1812156 A, US1812156A
InventorsLeaf Earnest R
Original AssigneeLeaf Earnest R
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Artificial foot
US 1812156 A
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E. R. LEAF 1,812,156

June 30, 1931.

ARTIFICIAL FooT4 Filed March 23. 1929 C' h1 X.

,Patented June-30, 19315v d 1,812,156A vv EABNEsr-RQLEAEVOF roar-LAND,

p matrimoni;[FoefigY.v` yapplicati@"mea March 23, 1,?29: seriaiigm349,354.j- 1 .d Myvinvention relates to artificial feet, the` 'y k'It' has-beenfounddiffi'cultinthe arttopreobject being to provide improved means for ventthe yieldable .sole-'from breaking down A securing the yieldable sole `tothe body of' 'at the forwardvend of the foot body, 'and to the foot; afurther object being to'providemovercome. that I have yprovided a member 6. against the. breaking down of the yieldable composed of felt 8 disposed upon the leather 55 x f sole at the point whereat it naturallyv bends strip 6 and contacting with the footbody f l" over the yforward endv of the body when in some distance'rearward of the'toe of the footy] use. I accomplish theseobjects'byy means of i and upon al plane downwardly and rearthe construction ,illustrated .inA the acc,om, wardly inclinedas shown at 9v in F 1'.

710 panying drawings, which is a part fof this The `entire"foot :is then covered with, a 60K applicationffor Letters *Y Patent, like charf covering loof leathercemented in place.

. v acters of reference indicating like parts The .result of this construction is two fold. i .f

throughout the several'views thereof, and in irst it providesa satisfactory means of Vsewhich: 'f f curing-the yieldable sole upon the foot body;

Fig. lis a longitudinalsectional elevation second it providesav rounded corner at the 65', f 1 i of an artificialfoot embodying my invention. Vfront portion of the foot about which the Fig. 2 is a `sectional elevation upon they vyieldable sole'may'bend, Aprotected at said I line 2-2 of Fig. l; point alsoby thel leatheristrip 6.

1 The body of the foot 8 may be constructed My invention may. be made 0f any ma-' y f 2 of any suitable material, preferably1wood,'terials deemedconve'znientv andsu'itable for ya and is shaped in simulation of ahumanjfoot. device of this character', and made of my .l The yieldable sole is composed of alternate sizefdesired and .while I have illustratedand y layers ofyieldable material such assponge described a formy of construction foundde` rubber or the like 4, withvwoven fabric 5 sirable in materializingA my invention I wisho between eachlayer of the said yieldablel ma? toy include in this. applicationall mechanical terial. y The fabric may be either moulded equivalents and substitutes that may fairly f into the yieldable material to form an intebe consideredto come' Within thescope and gral Whole for the sole, or it may preferably y purview of my tinvention as d defined in the i ,f becemented to the yieldable material;v p appendedclaims. f K f p, p39 It has beenfound difficult in the art to Having 'disclosed my invention so l.that

" 5 the other side thereof.4

,f securely cement, or secure the yieldable sole others may be enabled toV construct and to use upon the body'portion 3 ofthe footyI have the same, what I claimj-asvnew,l and desire to f discovered that a yieldable solecomposed of secure vbyjLetters Patent is: rubber can `be more` securely cemented to y 1. `In an artificial foot: a yieldable sole; y leather than it can be towood, and also that a body` above vsaid sole; a vfibrous cushion 85 leather can be-satisfactorily secured to wood. memberjabove saidfs'ole at :thetoe of saidx `'lllierefore' I provide a strip of sole-leatherl 6""foot;v -a leather strip yintermediate"said. sole disposed intermediate the yieldable sole and and saidl parts thereabove, said leather strip the body of the foot, and cementedto each. 1 `being cemented to said parts adj acent thereto 40 To providetliat the leather joint between uponl eachside thereof; and a raw hide' cov? the yieldable sole and the body of the foot 'ering `for said body and ,said jcushion, said y may be watertight I providea thin raw'. hide covering extending over the ledgel of said 'y ff covering 7 for the lower portion of the foot-leather strip to protect .the cemented joints body, which raw-hide covering is extended vthereof 'with the ,parts immediately adjacentV f downwardjust overtheedgeofthe sole-leather; thereto upon'either side. g 9

strip', as shown in Fig.'- 2. krIhis covering ,2.1111 an artificial foot: abody portion; a; Y iscementedin place, and thus sealsthe joint' fibrous cushion vmember at the y toe of said between the leather strip andthe bodyupon foot; a leather strip uponthebottomof said one side'thereof and the yieldable sole upon' body *portionV and extending therefromV be- ,neath said Vcushion member, andcemented vto f r each; and a covering for said body portion and said cushion member, said covering eX- tending over the edge of said leather strip to protect the cemented joints between said strip and the portions immediately adjacent thereto.

3. In an artificial foot: a yieldabie sole; a rigid body above said sole; a cushion above said sole forward ofjsaid body; a strip of fiexible material intermediate said soie and the said portions thereabove; and a moisture impervious covering for the edges of said strip of ieXible material.

In Witness whereof I claim the foregoing as my own I hereunto aHiX my signature at Portland, county of Multnomah, State of Oregon, this 18th day of March, 1929.


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