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Publication numberUS1812158 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1931
Filing dateNov 12, 1930
Priority dateNov 12, 1930
Publication numberUS 1812158 A, US 1812158A, US-A-1812158, US1812158 A, US1812158A
InventorsHerbert Lewis Edwin
Original AssigneeHerbert Lewis Edwin
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Ash tray
US 1812158 A
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June 30, 1931. E. H. LEWIS ASH TRAY Filed Nov. '12, 1950 v 1/6725; Eda/e72 flenerz 2670613 Pat nted June 30,1931


EDWIN HERBERT 'LEWIS', or OAK PARK, ILLINOIS ASH T AY] Application file dfN oveinber 12, .1930. Serial No 495,1565

This invention relates to an improved method andfapparatus for quenching-cigarrettes and the like. w

The main objects of my inventioni'are to l '5 provide apparatus .whichflwillseparate the burning portion of acigarette from the 1m burned portion; to provide anash receiver having cutting edges 'abovethe ash holder; to prov1de means for pulhng thefire' from a Y burning cigarette top-rovide a receiver for the burning portion and aseparate comparte ment for the unburned portion;- to provide in a singlerpiece construction afcompartment' for the burned portion, acompartment for the stub and a saw-tooth construction above I said compartment for the burned portion;

An illustrative embodiment of my inveng tion is shown in the acco-mpanylng drawings, 7

in which bodying my invention} Fig. 2 is a side view of the'same.


made inone piece of fireproof material and com arises a heavy base '2 with a flange edge eated on the base 2 is a right cylinder having substantially the samediameter asthe base and-forming a receptacle 5 with" adepth of about two-thirds of itsIdiameter. C011 centrally mounted on the same base 2 is a sec 0nd right cylinder 6"hIa-ving a diameter equal to one-half the diameter of the base i and; forminga receptacle 7 having a depth equal to thejdiameter of the base. The outside cylinder 4 has a turned upper edge 8 and theinsiolecylinder 6 has an outwardly cu'rled'top 9 with dependent saw-tooth tends into a cigarette."

, 1y cuts loose or tears loose thelburning portion which drops into the outer receptacle,

or unburned portion of the cigarette.

Figure 1 is atop'p'lanoii anash tray'em-.

Fig.3 is a section on the line 38 of Figv r compartment and having saw-teeth for sepa- In the form shown, the ash receiver 1 1s cutting edges 10. ,Thesaw-teethpare spaced away from the cylinder 6 a distance substan tially equal to the distance that the fire eX- r In operation, the apparatus here disclosed I works opposite to the common practice of portion out 'awayor pulled away from the unburned portion by insertion of the burning end between the sharp teeth which serve as a V-shaped cutter. An upward. pull efifectual provided for the reception of the ashes.

y Owing to the loose texture of cigarettes, and, the like, and. the factthat the receiver is comparatively heavy, the pull required to remove the fire will not tilt or move the re ceiv er. The central receptacle forms a convenient receiver for the reception of the stub fAlthough but one specific embodiment of this invention is herein shown and described,

details thereof may bemodified without de-- parting fromthe claims.

I claim:

V 1. An ash receiver comprising an ash com 9 I 1 partment forlthe burned portion of the cigarette, a stub compartment for the unburned 5 portion, andmeans mounted above the ash rating the burned portion from theunburned portion.

,2. An ash receiver, concentric cylinders mounted'on a common baseand forming sepa- I I rate concentric compartments, means on one a,

of said cylinders and overhanging one. of said compartments for removing the burningpor- I tion of a cigarette, said meanslcomprising converging cutting edges. 2 1 a Signed a't Palo Alto, California, this 8th day of November, 19.30.


quenching afcigarette by pressure, or that'of pushing or stamping the burning portion into j such close" relation asto shut off the oxygen supply.

In my improved apparatuathe burning 7

U.S. Classification131/235.1
International ClassificationA24F19/00
Cooperative ClassificationA24F19/0014
European ClassificationA24F19/00B