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Publication numberUS181261 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1876
Filing dateJul 21, 1876
Publication numberUS 181261 A, US 181261A, US-A-181261, US181261 A, US181261A
InventorsHeney Haywaed
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Improvement in ladies chest-protectors
US 181261 A
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H. HAYWARD. LADIES cnzsm-pnowcwons.

No. 181,261,, Patented AugnZZ, 1876.




Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 181,261, dated August 22, 1876; application filed July 21, 1876.

hereinafter more fully described.

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the finished article, and Fig. 2 a vertical section of the same on the line at a; of Fig. 1.

The object of this invention is to provide an article that can be applied to the chest to protect the same from cold, blasts of wind,

sudden changes of temperature, 850., which, as is well known, are a prolific cause of colds, consumption, and various other ills.

To produce this article I first provide a press, such as is used for pressing hats, or similar articles, and fit therein a pair of dies,

of a configuration corresponding with the front surface of the bust of a female, these dies either being made hollow, so they may be filled'with hot water or steam, in order to keep them heated to the required degree; or, if preferred, they may be made solid, and be heated by gas-jets, or other suitable means, such as are well known to those skilled in this and similar branches of manufacture. Having thus prepared the machine, I then cut from sheets of felt, or similar material, a piece of suitable size and shape to cover the chest of a person, and, placing itbetween the dies, subject it to pressure. By the pressure and heat thus applied the piece is made to .assume the shape of the dies, which it will thereafter retain. and after having its edge bound with ribbon or tape, as represented in the drawings, it is It is then removed from the press, 7

ready for use, it being provided, if desired,

with strings, loops, button-holes, or other means for securing and holding it in place upon the body of the wearer, though these are not essential, as it may be kept in place by the outer clothing, or may be pinned fast to the other garments.

For making these articles I prefer to use the fabric patented July 21, 1868, N 0. 80,263, in which a foundation of horse-hair is used for the felt, as the hair assists to make the article retain its shape more perfectly when pressed, and also renders it less liable to become wrinkled or folded in use. I do not, however, wish to be understood as confining myself to the use of that particular fabric, as it is obvious that ordinary felt may be used. It is also possible to press it into shape by saturating the sheet-with hotwater at the time it is placed in the press, without other- Wise heating the dies, though better results can be obtained by using heated dies.

The article thus made forms an exceedingly useful and valuable addition to the wearing apparel of females, especially during the cold weather of winter, and the changeable seasons of spring and fall, as it servesto protect the chest and lungs from injury from the sunden changes to which they are ordinarily subjected, especially as it is made to cover the upper and more exposed part of the chest.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is-- A ladies chest-protector, consisting of a piece of felt, or similar material, pressed into a form to fit the body, substantially as shown and described, as a new article of manufacture.




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Cooperative ClassificationA41D1/04