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Publication numberUS1812771 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1931
Filing dateOct 24, 1929
Priority dateOct 24, 1929
Publication numberUS 1812771 A, US 1812771A, US-A-1812771, US1812771 A, US1812771A
InventorsBlood Charles R, Humbert Hubert J
Original AssigneeBlood Charles R, Humbert Hubert J
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Machine for planing the surfaces of pavements
US 1812771 A
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June 30, 1931. c. R. BLOOD ET AL MACHINE FOR PLANING THE SURFACES OF PAVEMENTS 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed 001:. 24,- 1929 woento Charis; Z3. fiio od di J/ubericfflumbeii June 30, 1931. c. R; BLOOD ET AL MACHINE FOR PLANING THE SURFACES OF PAVEMENTS 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Oct. 24, 1929 Dis C /mriea 1 .32006 62 Jfiaberz fii'zmberzf June 30, 1931.

c. R. BLOOD ET AL 1,812,771


This invention relates to machines for planing the surfaces of pavements, and has for its OlOJGCt the provision of a planer for the purpose intended, comprising a rotary cutting 5 or planing head mounted at the lower end of a vertical shaft driven by power from a suitable motor, and carried by a traveling frame, mounted on traction wheels, such planing head or cutter being arranged and adapted to be moved transversely of its supporting frame, to and fro, while the frame is traveling 011 its wheels, or remaining stationary, and being also arranged and adapted to be raised or lowered as required, as well as adjusted to operate on horizontal or inclined surfaces.

The invention is embodied in a machine to be hereinafter specifically described, and consists in the novel construction and combination of elements constituting such machine, and as set forth in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings which illustrate a preferred embodiment of the in: vention,

Figure 1 is a front elevation of the machine;

Figure 2 is a plan View;

Figure 3 is an end elevation; and

Figure 4 is a Vertical sectional View of the cutting or planing head.

The frame of the machine is designated generally by the numeral 4 and comprises a pair of horizontal flanged beams mounted on traction wheels 5, having shafts or axles 22. The latter have their bearings in vertically adjustable blocks 26, which are carried by the frame and are vertically adjustable by means of the screws 25 and hand wheels 24.

One pair of the wheels 5 is positively driven from a suitable motor 6 mounted on the frame, through the sprocket wheels 20, 18, 14: and sprocket chains 16 and 21, and may be thrown into and out of engagement with the driving mechanism by clutch mechanism 23. v

The sprocket wheel 14 is carried by the motor shaft, upon the inner end of which is mounted a sprocket wheel 1a, which is coupled to a sprocket wheel 9 on a horizontal shaft 7, mounted on the frame 4. The shaft carries also a sprocket wheel 10,- which is thrown intorand out of engagement with the shaft by means of suitable manually operable clutch mechanism 13. A gear wheel 9 on shaft? engages" with a pinion 9 and through the same rotates atransverse screw shaft 11, to which the pinion 9 iskeyed. This shaft has its bearings in. the frame beams 4, and passes through one side of a block ll arranged and adapted to move across the frame between the flanges of the I-beams 17 formingpart of the frame of the machine. g 1

Through the opposite side of the block 11, a shaft 18 extends. and is parallel to the shaft 11. The shaft 18 has splined thereon a worm 18 collared onboth ends and located in a recess in block 11 sliding in key ways on shaft 18. This worm meshes with a worm wheel 18 mounted on the vertical shaft 18" upon the lower end of which is fitted the planer head 17. When the shaft 7 is in clutch engagement with the gears 9 and 9 the latter drives the shaft 11, and through the screw thread on the: latter moves the block ll and with it the planer head 17 in one direction. V

lVhen howeverthe clutch 12 is disconnect ed from the gear 9, and the clutch 13 brought into engagement with the sprocket 10, the shaft 11 will be rotated in an opposite direction and the travel of the block 11 and planer. head 17 reversed, from. which it will be seen that the planer head is movablein two directions over the surface of the pavement or plane to be operated on.

I The planer head 17 consists of a cylindrical block having cutting or planing blades 17" fastened in place inra dial kerfs in the periphery of the head.

As will be seen, the shaft 18 is driven from the motor bymeans of the sprocket chain 16 and the'sprocke-twheels 14 and 15, and the planing head rotated on its axis at any position through the engagement of the worm 18 and worm wheel 18*.

I claim 1. A machine of the character described comprising a main frame mounted on traction wheels, a driving motor carried by said frame, driving connections between the motor and traction wheels, a planing head carried by said frame and mounted for horizontal rotation on a vertical shaft, a member in which said shaft rotates, and which is arranged and adapted to be moved crosswise of the frame in opposite directions, and connections between the motor; the said shaft and its supporting member, for rotating said planing head and propelling it crosswise of said frame, said connections including a, vertical shaft on which the planing head is mounted and to which is keyed a worm wheel; a pair of parallel shafts, one of which is a screw shaft engaging with and moving said supporting member, a worm splined on the other shaft and arrangedand adapted to operate said vertical shaft, and tomove CI'OSS. wise of the frame in constant engagement. with said worm wheel.

2. A machine as claimed in claim 1, and comprising means for vertically adjusting the frame.

3. A machine as claimed in claim 1, and provided with means for controlling the movement of the planing head and its supports transversely in opposite directions.

4. A machine as claimed in claim 1, provided with manually operable clutch mechanism whereby the traction wheels may be thrown into and out of driving engagement with the motor.

5. A machine as claimed in claim 1, PTO". vided with manually controllable means for engaging and disengaging the motor with and from the member by which the planing head is carried.

6. A machine of the character described, comprising a supporting frame, traction wheels on which said frame is supported, a

horizontally rotating planing head, a vertical shaft on which the latter is mounted, a member in which said shaft is journaled, a worm wheel keyed to said vertical shaft, a.

horizontal shaft, a worm slidably mounted on and splined to said shaft, a horizontal worm shaft in engagement with the member in which the vertical shaft is journaled and arranged and adapted to move said member to a direct line crosswise of the frame, guide beams on which said member travels, a motor mom fed on said frame, and driving connection between the said motor and the said. horizontal shafts.

In testimony whereof we aflix our signatures.


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