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Publication numberUS1813915 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1931
Filing dateJul 9, 1928
Priority dateJul 9, 1928
Publication numberUS 1813915 A, US 1813915A, US-A-1813915, US1813915 A, US1813915A
InventorsCover Harvey S
Original AssigneeCover Harvey S
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US 1813915 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

H. 8. COVER RESPIRATOR July 14, 1931.

Filed July 9, 1928 2 sheetsi-sheet 1 In venior Harvey S 00 var.

.Hls Attorney.

Patented July 14, 1931 :1 i e UNITED, STATES. PATENT", OFFICE HARVEY s. COVER, or SOUTH BEND, INDIANA nnsrma'roa Application filed my 9, 1928. Serial no. 291,189.

My invention ingeneral relates to respira-fort. The head box has a top 11, sidewalls tors and more particularly to that class of 12, front and back walls I l-15 respectively, respirators wherein thefilter material is not and partition 16, which latter provides an carriedby the face piece. 1 upper compartment -17 for the reception of The principal object of the invention is to the filter material 18 and a lower compart- 55 provide an improved device of the kind d'elnent 19 which fits over the head of the scribed of a novel construction and combina wearer, as shown in Figures land 2. tion of parts with a view'to obtaining the Communicating with 'theinterior of the maximum of convenience, comfort and efliupper compartment 17, and secured-t0 the ciency. I partition 16. are flexible tubes 2021 which Another object of the invention is to proare passed through the side walls of the head vide a respirator with means whereby a combox and thence fastened over short bent porparatively large quantity of filter material tionsof metal tubes '22whi'ch are secured to may be incorporated therein with a view'to the lnner'wall of the face piece B by flanges 15 securing higher efiiciency infiltering the air 23, in this manner air communication be and absorbing impurities therein; tween the upper compartment andthe in- A further object of the invention is to protenor of the face piece being established. 'vide a respirator of a design and construc- The face piece B is formed or molded from tion particularly adapted to yield a clear a sheet flexible material to provide a cir- 20 space for the eyes, with aview to the wearing cumferential wall 24' formed integrally with of goggles or spectacles when desired; a front disc like portion 25, having a re- A still further object is to provide a resinforced projection 26 with a shoulder 27' pirator in the form of a novel combination adapted to be resiliently engaged by a cap of helmet and face piece. 28 having a diaphragm 29 which is fitted These and other objects and advantages of over an opening 30 leading to the interior of the method of construction employed will the face piece. As best shown in Figure 4, appear more fully in the hereinafter specifithe top 31 of the cap has a number of incation when taken in connection with the'acwardly projecting bosses 32 which serveto companying drawingsin which, confineand prevent excessive movement of 30 Figure 1 is a perspective view showing my the diaphragm.

' invention as itappears in actual use. The face piece is in part supported by the Figure 2 is a similar View of the device as flexible tubes 20 and 21 but is retained lightly viewed from the front. 7 i yet securely against the face of the wearer by 35 Figure 3 is a rear elevation of the device the flexible straps 39 which are crimped or itself.

Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on line one end and at the other end are perforated 44 of Figure 3. j i to admit the bent sections of'the air tubes 22. Figure 5 is a sectional view taken on line As shown in Figures2 and 3, I have provided 55 of Figure 4. the face piece with a cut out portion 40 to 40 Figure 6 is a fragmentary sectional detail accommodate the nostrils of the wearer in a showing a modified form of an exhalation manner to obtain an air tight adjustment of valve used in my invention. the facepiece to the face with a high degree With more particular reference to the of comfort. I i v I drawings, wherein similar characters of In the modified form of respirator valve reference indicate corresponding parts in shown in Figure 6, the diaphragm 33 has a the several views of the preferred form of central perforation 34 to accommodate the my invention, A designates the head box or shaft of-a bolt 35 about which'a coil spring helmet which may be of any desired material 36 isencircled. By referring to Figure 6 but preferably of fabricated material'of suiliit will be seen that the coil spring, which cient flexibility to be worn without discom is confined between the top wall 37 of the riveted to the side walls of the head box at i cap and a projecting portion 38 on the diaphragm, serves to lightly maintain the latter against a recessed seat 33 formed in the projecting part of the face piece, this form of exhalation valve constituting a variation of the one illustrated in Figures 1 to 5.

The function'and mode of operation of my invention has been in part suggested from the foregoingv description, but will be made more fully apparent by the following brief explanation r y In many devices heretofore usedthe filter material was placed immediately within the "face piece, the quantity being not only inthe head in a most convenient and comfortable manner. The head box may, in fact, be

worn for many hours without discomfort. In such cases where the wearer may be exposed to danger from smoke or poisonous gases, the filtering material, which in the present case is merely shredded jute, may be impregnated with a suitable neutralizing solution.

By inspection of Figures 1 and 2 it will be seen that quite a clear space is provided for the eyes of the wearer, who may make use of goggles of the open or gas tight variety.

It will, of course, be understood that during inspiration the air will pass through the filter material in the upper compartment to the tubes and thence to the face piece, the diaphragm within the cap serving as a check valve (luring inspiration but permitting exhaled air to pass through the perforated cap.

When exhaling, the diaphragm will move forwardly from its seat, permitting the breath to pass through the vent holes 28 of the perforated cap.

Among the various mechanical features adding to the convenience and comfort of the wearer, it will be noted that the face piece is sustained largely by the breathing tubes supported from the head box and connected in air tight manner to the top compartment, the

face of the wearer in this way being relieved of pressure or weight. The elastic bands which stretch diagonally from the head box to the short tubes on which they are secured, serve to draw the face piece lightly against the face of the wearer, maintaining an air Eight contact with the least possible discomort.

This device not only embodies all the advantages of a highly efiicient respirator, but also serves as a hat or head covering for protection against the rays of the sun, dust, etc. In addition, since the cubical contents capacity of the filter space in the upper compartment of the head box is many times in excess of that available in the ordinary face piece respirator, a high degree of efliciency in filtration is obtained while a comparatively heavy weight of filter material moistened or unmoistened, may be carried comfortably in the upper compartment, the bottom ortion preferably resting on top of the bee of the wearer.

It will be understood that the device described and illustrated is susceptible to wide modification and change. For example, the head box or helmet is of a configuration merely typical of that which would, for the purpose of illustration, best set forth the mechanical advanta es of the device. In actual practice this he met may be configured to any pleasing shape.

I wish it to be distinctly understood, therefore, changes in the specific details of construction can be resorted to within the scope of the appended claim without departing from the spirit or sacrificing any of the advantages of the invention.

What I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A respirator comprising a head box, a partition dividing said head box into an upper compartment and a lower compartment, said upper compartment being adapted to contain filtering material and being provided with an opening of large area for air intake directly from the atmosphere, said lower compartment arranged to fit upon the head of the user, a face piece, a pair of tube members connected to said face piece and extending in a substantially vertical direction to connect with the front portion of said upper compartment, whereby said tube members serve to maintain said face piece in pro er spaced relation with respect to said head 1: for supporting said face piece in osition, an exhalation valve mounted in said face piece and constructed and arranged to open upon exhalation and to close upon inhalation, and elastic members connected to said face piece and the sides of said head box and adapted to aid in maintaining said face piece in contact with the face of the user to permit readily disengaging said face piece from the face of the user without disconnecting the same from said head box.

In testimony whereofI have signed my name to this specification.


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