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Publication numberUS1814303 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1931
Filing dateJan 26, 1931
Priority dateJan 26, 1931
Publication numberUS 1814303 A, US 1814303A, US-A-1814303, US1814303 A, US1814303A
InventorsToll N M Finlay
Original AssigneeToll N M Finlay
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Article suspension device
US 1814303 A
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July 14, 1931. AY 1,814,303

ARTICLE SUSPENSION DEVICE Filed Jan. 26, 1951 Inventor fZZZ/V/Zffz'n Jay,

A llomey Patented July 14, 1931 UNITED ,STA


'I'OLL N. M. FINLAY, OF DETROIT, MICHIGAN I ARTICLE SUSPENSION DEVICE Application filed January 26, 1931. Serial No. 511,426.

pliance characterized by a multiple ply tab having an adhesive on at least one side able to permit. it to be applied to a surface of awall, or to a door, shelf or the like, and said tab being constructed to accommodate a swingable hook which in turn functions to provide a hanger for various kinds of household articles, such as fixtures, wall ornaments, calendars, apparel hangers and the like.

The gist of the invention is founded on a double-ply gummed wall attaching seal having a suspension loop forming a means for maintenance of an especially bent-wire hook which may be conveniently utilized in many different ways for suspending and supportmg endless types of articles for general display purposes, whether in the home, public store, or the like.

In the drawings Figure 1 is an elevational view of a device constructed in accordance with the invention. 7

Figure 2 is an edge elevation of the same.

Figure 3 is a. rear face view showing the adhesive.

The principal part of the accessory or device is denoted by the numeral 4; and this may be of a suitable texture of paper or Y light-weight fabric as desired. The blank from which this device is formed is so made as to provide a pair of disc-like complementary portions 5 and 6, these being sealed together to form a double ply tab.

The exterior face of the portion 5 is gummed or provided with adhesive 7 so that it may be applied to the surface of the wall, that is, direct to the wall paper or the plaster as the case may be. In fact, this adhesive is such in texture as to permit it to adhere to wood and metal and glass. 1

The intermediate portion of the blank is latively narrow when the companion sections thereof are folded together and they 7 form a reduced pendant tion 9 of the suspension 9 and 10 are length of its ends to a triangular attaching portion the part 8 which functions as the triangular por hook 10. The parts formed with a single loop to accommodate preferably provide a centralized hook 1'0 and The bight 11 of the portion is seated in of the loop-like pendant 8. To

strengthen the device, I prefer to provide a reinforcing strip 12 which is bent between its ends and secured in place and nested in a sort of e loop 8 to co-operate therewith in forming a saddle to accommodate the part 9.

This arrangement provides what is in efeet material of suitable strength includ-- ing a strip reinforced saddle or pendant 8 to gular frame 9 and commodate the fixture forming the trianits associated suspension hook 10.1 The result is the provision of a simple and economical dependable article which is applicable to all sorts of supporting surfaces permitting it to fulfill the required purpose of supporting various kindsca to ca it fa household articles.

Wire bent upon itself and between feet a gummed seal or tab of appropriate I The device may be used efficiently for supporting light-weight fixtures, wall orna- It can be supporting price tags, and whatnot. The device rms an unusual accessory for lightweight lendars and the mucilage 7 while serving provide the desired degree n be melted by application of water so that can be removed from the supporting surce without marring said surface. In fact, a device of this kind constitutes practical substitute for nails, hooks, and

other objectionable and wall destroying fixres. It is thought that the description, taken connection with the drawings will enable clear understanding of the invention to be a more lengthy description thought unnecessary.

While the preferred embodiment of' the vention has been shown and described, it

of adhesion, J

i is to be understood that minor changes coming within the field of invention claimed may be resorted to if desired.

I claim:

1. As a new article ofmanufacture a suspension accessory comprising a double-ply gummed tab including a depending loop-like saddle, a triangular frame hung in said saddle, a suspension hook carried by said frame and a reinforcing strip folded upon itself and located between the parts of the saddle and between portions of the double ply pad with I a part, of the triangular frame passing through the loop part of thereinforcing stri 2%. As a new article of manufacture, a suspension device of the class described, comprising sheet material including 'a pair of companion attached disc-like portions and an integral depending, relatively narrow suspension saddle, the exposed face of one of said disc-like portions being formed with adhesive material, and a hook including a frame supported in said saddle.

3. As a new article of manufacture, a suspension device of the class described, comprising sheet material including a pair of companion attached disc-like portions and an integral depending, relatively narrow suspension saddle, the exposed face of'one of said disc-like portions being formed with adhesive material, and a hook including a frame supported in said saddle, and this frame being formed from a single length of wire bent to provide a triangular frame, and a twisted lfilook disposed at the apex portion of said ame.

' In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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International ClassificationF16B47/00
Cooperative ClassificationF16B47/003, Y10S24/11, Y10S206/813
European ClassificationF16B47/00B