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Publication numberUS1815069 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1931
Filing dateApr 28, 1930
Priority dateApr 28, 1930
Publication numberUS 1815069 A, US 1815069A, US-A-1815069, US1815069 A, US1815069A
InventorsPetro Joseph J
Original AssigneePetro Joseph J
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Pocket cigarette case and dispenser
US 1815069 A
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July 21, 1931. J. J. PETRO 1,8153%) POCKET CIGARETTE CASE AND DISPENSER Filed April 28, 1950 v IN TOR ATTORNEY Patented July 21, I931 ATENT OFFICE JOSEPH J. PETRO, F YORK, N. Y.


This invention relates to cases and'dispensers.

One object of the invention is to provide a device of the character described having a 5 case and improved cover means for con-- veniently opening thesame to receive a package of cigarettes and to permit withdrawal of a cigarette from the package. a

Another object of the invention is the provision of an improved device of the nature set forth having at one end a cover for the reception of a cigarettepackage that has a cutaway end portion, the device having a rigid end wall provided with a small sliding cover communicating with the cut away end portion for the removal of acigarette from the package, and the rigid wall re-enforcing the adjacent end of the package, and the device as a whole being preferably constructed to keep the cigarette package in the best possiblecondition as against crushing and influences of dampness.

Another-object of-the invention is to furnish an improved pocket cigarette case and dispenser which is easy and convenient to open 'and close, which consists of relatively few and simple parts, is inexpensive to manufacture, keeps the cigarette package safely and in good condition, and is reliable and efficient in use.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent as the specification proceeds.

With the aforesaid objects in view, the invention consists in the novel combinations and arrangements of arts hereinafter described in their pre erred embodiments, pointed out in the subjoined claims, and illustrated on the annexed drawings, wherein like parts are designated by the same refer; ence'characters throughout the several views.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a pocket cigarette case and dispenser embodying the invention.

. Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view thereof taken on line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary enlarged vertical sectional view taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 2, transversely of the device.

pocket cigarette 1930. Serial No. 447,850.

Generally described, thisinverition pro-- vides a cigarette case and dispenser. which is of rigid and preferably entirely closed construction to fully protect the cigarette pack-. age therein contained. It is particularly seen that protection is afl'ordedto that end of the cigarette package which is weakened by being cut or torn to form an opening for the'removal of the cigarettes. At the adjacent end of the case, the wall is rigid and permanently secured. That end of the case, which may be denominated the dispensing end of the case, has a dispensing cover. While the latter may be variously constructed -and mounted, it is preferably slidably positioned. This novel arrangement permits the dispensing cover to be very easily opened, and does not require any catch or spring, but a simple sliding action, and it may be frictionally retained in any position. At the opposite end of the case is a cover, which may be called the receiving cover, and permits insertion of a cigarette package into the case. When both covers are closed, the cigarette package is entirely shut 011' from influences of excess moisture or dampness, such as may result in hot weather.

The advantages of the invention as here outlined are best realized when all of its features and instrumentalities are combined in one and the same structure, but, useful devices may be produced embodying less than the whole.

It will be obvious to those skilled in the art to which this invention appertains, that the same may be incorporated in several different constructions. The accompanying drawings, therefore, are submitted merely as showing the preferred exemplification of the mvention.

Referring in detail to the drawings, 10 denotes a cigarette package and dispenser embodying the invention. The same may be made of any suit-able material preferably a sheet metal of sufiicient thinness to render the weight of the device negligible. The device may be plated, or otherwise treated, if desired, to obtain any required finish.

The case 10 is of substantially rectangular form, having a top 11, a bottom 12, sides 13 and edge walls 14. While the several walls are preferably plane, the corners 15 may be rounded to accurately conform to the shape of a conventional soft paper cigarette package. All of the walls are preferably solid,

and not skeletonized, since it has been found.

for purposes of illustration, it is noted that u the walls 13 and 14 consist of a single blank of material oined along a line 16 by beading or soldering. The top wall 11 has rigid and permanent connection with the walls 13, 14 as hereinafter described. The lower wall 12 may constitute a cover 17 which may be suitably mounted, for example, at a hinge 18 connected to a wall 13, and having an integral flange 19 engageable around the lower edges of the walls 13, 14. Opposite to the hinge is a fastening means 20 of any suitable type, and the same may include a tongue 21 having a recess 22 for releasably receiving a projection 23 pressed outward in the adjacent wall 13. Thus the cover 17 may be easily opened for insertion of a cigarette package into the case, and then readily closed, with but little manipulation.

Before a cigarette package is inserted into the case, an end corner portion thereof is cut away or removed in the well known manner ractised with soft paper cigarette packages,

or withdrawal of individual cigarettes from the package. The top wall structure 11 has a slidable cover 24 to provide an opening 25 whereby the cigarettes can be taken'out of the cigarette package in the case. While the structure and mounting of the dispensing cover 24 can be variously embodied, one particular arrangement is shown to illustrate'the invention.

The'top wall structure 11 may include exterior and interior panels 26, 27 which are spaced from one another toYeceive therebetween the slidable cover 24. Both panels terminate at a line 28 transverse to the case to provide the opening 25. The exterior panel 26 may be secured in any suitable manner, for

instance, by narrow marginal flanges 29 received in the case and retained frictionally or by soldering. These flanges 29 include projecting re-enforcing guide portions 30 extending along the side edges of the opening 25 beyond the line 28 to a point in proximity to the adjacent wall 14. Formed centrally along the panel 26 is a slot 31 through which the dispensing cover may be opened or'closed.

The lower or inside panel 27 has marginal securing means or flanges 32 which may be suitably engaged or soldered to the case. The flanges 32 are narrow to provide ample space for the reception of the cigarette package. It is noted that while difl'erent kin s of guides may be constructed for a sliding cover, the

panel 27 tends to space the dispensing cover from the cigarette package to avoid interference as the cover is opened.

The dispensing cover 24 consists of a plane sheet of metal or other material which is mounted between the anels 26, 27. The said cover is suflicient in ength to afford ample guiding co-operation and to fully close the opening 25. To properly conform to the shape of said opening, the corners 33 of the said cover are rounded. For convenient grasping and manipulation of the cover, the same has an upwardly extending or pressed fingerpiece 34 extending through the slot 31, whereby the said cover is opened or closed in an easy and convenient manner, without requiring actuation or release of any catch or the like. Further when the cover is open, there is no extending part to interfere with the operation or use of the case.

When the dispensing cover is closed, the extending flange portions 30 constitute side guides for the same to prevent side movement of the said cover and to assure a uniform travel thereof in a straight line.

Inasmuch as the upper portion of a cigarette package, having the opening therein is weakened, the top wall 11 of the case affords a strang rigid structure to protect the same.

It will be appreciated that various changes and modifications can be made in the construction shown or suggested herein, the drawings being submitted for illustrative purposes only, and the S00 e of the invention being defined in the ollowing claims.

I claim:

1. In a cigarette package case having a substantially rectangular container and a removable cover at one end thereof for receiving the package, said container including a closure means for the opposite end of the container, said closure means including a plurality of spaced panels and a slidable closure member therebetween, said panels being spaced from a narrow wall of the container to afford an opening, said closure member being movable to close said opening, said panels including an outer panel and an in ner panel both rigidly connected to the container, the outer panel having a marginal flange extending into the space between the panels, said flange including an inte ral projecting flange portion extending aIong the edge of said 0 ening and secured thereto for re-enforcing t e same.

2. In a cigarette package case, a container having side and edge walls, said container being open at an end thereof, closure means for said open end of the container, said closure means including a plurality of paral lel panels rigidly connected to the container, said panels terminating in spaced relation on one edge wall of the container to provide an opening for the container, said panels being spaced from each other, and a slidable closure member between the panels for closing said opening, said panels including an outer panel having a marginal re-enforcing flange in the space between the panels, said" flange including integral portions alined therewith and extending beyond the end of said panel and along the edge of the container opening, said projecting portions being secured to the side walls of the container for re-enforcing the same, said projecting portions having terminal ends spaced from the adjacent edge wall of the container for afiording smoothness in the container opening at said edge wall.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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