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Publication numberUS1815070 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1931
Filing dateMar 21, 1930
Priority dateMar 21, 1930
Publication numberUS 1815070 A, US 1815070A, US-A-1815070, US1815070 A, US1815070A
InventorsLouise Prahar
Original AssigneeLouise Prahar
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Toy animal
US 1815070 A
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| PRAHAR TOY ANIMAL 1 July 21, 1931.

Filed March 21. 1950 2, Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOR .bOlllA Prafiar B Q -7- If 4,7 m ATTORNEYS M July 21, 1931. PRAHAR 1,815,070

TOY 'ANIMAL Filed March 21, 1930 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 NVENTOR jaazb'e praar x WWW- m ATTORNEYS Patented July 21, 1931 UNITED STATES LOUISE PRAHAR, or BALDWINVNEW YORK TOY ANIMAL Application filed March 21, 1930. Serial ill'o. 431673.

This invention is an improvement in that type of toy animals which are formed or sheet material cut and bent to form the several parts. 7

' Oneobject of my invention isto provide a toy animal having a tubular body portion of sheet material integral with the legs and which will service as a receptacle for candy or y simiIar edib'les, and in which its utility as a W toy is in no way impaired by the removal of the edibles, sin'ce the candy does not form any portion of the toy animal. This is a particnlar advantage, for the reason tha't'the toy I retains its original a pearance after the edibles' have been rem'oyed'. I

In the accompanying drawings which illustrate the invention in a preferred form;

Fig. I is a prospective view;

2 is a rear end View t Fig. 3 is a plan view of a blank from which the body and legs are formed; y

Fig. 4 is a plan'view of a blank from which theneck is formed,rand l i Fig; 5 is a plan'view oia blank from which the head is" formed.

'In'its present embodiment, the invention;- is

illustrated as a grotesque similat'ion of a horseeforined of three blanks out from sheet material, including a body 10 and legs 11 formed from one blank, andaneck-1 2', and head r3; formed from two other blanksi The blanks may be of suitable fairly stifli a er,

cardboard,- or other flexible material.

The main body blank (Fig; 2) comprisesa central portion20, of generally rectangular shape having projiectingirom opposite sides thereof extensions 21 and 22, which form the front and rear legs respectively of the toy. Projecting from theends or the several leg sections there may be tabs 24. V

Atthe point of juncture of the leg extensions 21 and 22 with the central or body portion QOQthere are notches or slits. The open I M ends ofthe notchesof the legs on one side are oppositely disposed to those at the other side,

that is, one pair open for'wardly df the toy, and the other pair" op'en rearwar'dly. By this arrangement and construction of notche's 2 f, the front and rear leg extensions on one side or the blank may be crossed and interlocked as at 45 with the corresponding front and rear leg extensions upon the opposite side of the blank to form the body portion 1 0 of the animal tubular shape, and'to' maintain it in such shape. Y v p e The forward end of the bodyb'lank 20, may be formed with projecting ortions slibf'stafiti al'ly a's indicated at26, to provide means for the attachment oftheneck section 12 to the body section or the toy. 4

If desired, the body blank '20 may be printedorotherwise; decorated a'sat 27 to imitate a blanket, saddle or similar device.

. Theblank from which the neck section is formed (Fig. comprises a main body portion 30, having a conca-ve'e'dge 31, and an opaos'ite'e'djge prese'nting'a pair of projections 32, which may' ver-he or over-lap the projections 9601i the body blank when the neck and body are assembled. This blank maybe bent to substantially tubular form to provide til-check, and retaii'ie c'l in its tubular form by. interlocl'ring' "engageiiient er a tongue 33,- formed on one end of the blank with a skit or eye 34 formed upon the op'pes'ite end of the b ank I I The projecting portions 26 of the body and the projections 32bit themek blank are proyided with perforations 35 and 36" respectively, which when the blanks are 80 asse nbled, ;will' register with one another to receive suitable rivets or other connecting members tdforni a pivot" and permit relative movement of the neck and body.

} The head blank (Fig. 4) comprises two 8' half sections 40, cut from a single piece of material, and leftjoined orattached together at the nose 41 and the lower javv42. Each hea'd sjection is" provided with a prfO- V jecting neck section 43 and an car 44. These two sections 40, are so formed or shaped that when they are folded together to form the head, they will substantially register, except for the ears A l which may stand at different angles.

The tubular body 10, being open at the rear end may receive wholly therewithin a wrapped stick of candy 14. The wrapping of the stick of candy may, if desired, be twisted and extended as at 15 to simulate a tail for the animal.

In forming the toy from the blanks heretofore described, the main body portion 20 of the body blank are bent into a substantially hollow or receptacle like member. The front and rear legs are crossed, and interlocked with each other, to retain them against accidental displacement, and consequent collapse of the toy. The tabs 24 on the leg on one side may be over-lapped with those of the corresponding leg upon the op posite side and secured to each other in overlapped relation by a suitable adhesive or fastening member, thus lending rigidity and stability to the legs.

The neck section 12 is formed by engaging the tongue 33 with the eye 34 after which it is slipped over the forward end of the body blank, and suitable pivotal means inserted in the registering openings 35 and 36 to pivotally mount the neck section on the body section as illustrated in Fig. 1.

The head section has the registered neck extensions 53 curved to approximately tubular form, telescopically inserted within the neck. The curving of the neck extensions causes the two sections of the head to stand apart to make the head hollow, and enhance the appearance of the toy.

The rear end of the toy thus formed is open which permits the insertion and re moval of candy or other edible, but it will be apparent that the candy does not form any element of the toy, except that when desired, the wrapper of the candy may form the tail. 7

If desired edibles such as candy or the like may be wrapped in simulation of saddle bags 50 which may be hung across the back of the toy animal, .and secured in place if desired.

Since the toy constructed in accordance with the'present invention does not employ the candy as a portion thereof, and the candy does not constitute one of the elements of the animal of which the toy is an imitation, the removal of the candy in no way detracts from the general appearance of the toy, and therefore its practical utility as a toy is greatly enhanced. I

I-Iaving thus described my invention, what I claim is: i 1. A toy animal, including a flexible sheet cut and bent to form a tubular body portion,

" leg members extending downwardly from each side of the body portion and laterally to points beneath the opposite side of said body portion, and means for interlocking said leg members in crossed and interlocked relation to retain the body portion in tubular form.

2. A toy animal, including a flexible sheet cut and bent to form a tubular body portion, leg members extending downwardly from each side of the body portion and laterally to points beneath the opposite side of said body portion, and means for interlocking said leg members in crossed and interlocked relation to retain the body portion in tubular form, a neck section pivotally mounted on said body portion, and a head section removably carried by said neck section.

V 3. A toy animal, including a tubular body portion having an open end, inter-engaging supporting legs for the body portion, a neck portion pivotally mounted'on said body portion, and a head portion having an extension adapted to telescope with the neck portion.

e. A toy animal, including a piece of flexible sheet material formed with a body portion, front and rear pairs of legs projecting from said body portion, the sheet at the juncture of the legs and body having slits whereby the legs of said pairs are interlocked to maintain the body portion in tubular form, and said legs diverge laterally and downwardly from the center line of the underside of the body. 5 5. toy animal adapted to serve as a receptacle for candy or the like, including a tubular body portion open at the end and adapted to encircle the candy, supporting legs, said body and legs being formed from a single blank of material, the legs on each side of the body portion extending laterally across the legs from the other side, and means for locking the legs in crossed relationship.

6. A toy animal, including a body portion, legs for supporting said body portion, said legs and said body portion being formed from a single piece of material with the legs projecting therefrom with open ended slots 'at that point where the legs project from the body portion whereby the pairs of legs cross and have interlocking engagement to support the body portion. 7

7. A toy animal having a tubular neck section and a head section formed of a blank cut and. bent to form a tubular extension adapted to be telescopically received within the neck section. V

8. A toy animal, including a tubular neck section, and a head section comprising a sheet of flexible material cut to form two substantially similar members attached together sions (Jo-acting to form a tubular portion telescoping with said neck section.

9. A toy animal, including a substantially tubular neck section, and a head section comprising two substantially similar members folded one upon the other, and co-acting to form a tubular portion adapted to be received within said tubular neck section, and to shape the head in substantially hollow form.

Signed at Baldwin in the county of Nassau and State of New York this 19th day of March, A. D. 1930. 5 LOUISE PRAHAR. 1

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