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Publication numberUS1816101 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1931
Filing dateAug 27, 1928
Priority dateJun 18, 1928
Publication numberUS 1816101 A, US 1816101A, US-A-1816101, US1816101 A, US1816101A
InventorsVerger Georges A
Original AssigneeSchwob Freres & Cie Sa
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Opening case for watches or like articles
US 1816101 A
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July 28, 1931 G, A, VERGER 1,816,101



My invention relates to a case of the type used for carrying watches which is also suitable for containing cigarettes and generally for containing any article or object. The particular feature of my case resides in the fact their closing position automatically under 'the action of springs when the pressure on the push pieces ceases.

In the case Where a watch or dial plate is contained therein the mounting is preferably brought about in suoli a way that the said watch may be raised and held iii an inclined position between the shutters after the inanner of a travellers clock.

rlhe following description tali-en in connection with the accompanying drawin will allow the invention to be readily understood by those skilled in the art.

.lf i gure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of my case of the double shutter type taken along the line 1 1 of Figure 2.

Figure 2 is a transverse section taken along the line 2 2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a sectional detail analogous to Figure 1, the shutters in raised position.

Figure l is a section along the line l-- of Figure 2. n

Figure 5 is a perspective view showing the shutters in raised position.

Figure G shows a perspective view of the case serving as a travellers clock.

Referring to the drawing, my .improved case comprises a. flattened tube l, in the e1;- tremities of which are mounted two pushpieces 2 forming movable ends adapted be pushed outwardly by means of springs On the inner face of each of said ends or push-pieces is secured or soldered a block l into which are screwed lugs 5 whose inner extremity 5a is loosely mounted in a toothed sector plate G pivoted on a fixed shaft 7 can 302,340, and in Switzerland June 18, 1928.

ried by an inner frame or carriage 8. The said sectors 6 mesh as shown in Figure 1 with other smaller sectors 9 fixed to the extremities of the hinges of a pair of complementary shutters 10.

From the foregoing it will be obvious that upon seizing the case between the lingers as shown in Figure 5 and pushing the ends or push-pieces 2 toward each other against the action of the springs 3, sectors 6 and 9 will accordingly be swung on their pivots, and the shutters 10 thus opened which uncovers the yobject or article contained in the case and as soo-n as the pressure ceases on the push pieces 2-the shutters return to their initial closing position under the action of springs 3.

Then the said article is a watch, the case t-hereof is preferably connected by means of hinges l2 to the carriage or frame 8 (Fig. 4), so that when the watch is raised to an inclined position 6), it is maintained in such position by the pressure of the shutters 10 thereon, the whole constituting` a device known in the art as a travellers clock.

Obviously my invention is not limited to the embodiment disclosed as many niodilieations might be resorted to without departing from the spirit of my invention as comprelieiided within the scope of the appended claims.

In particular I may modify the connection between the shutters and the push-pieces or bottoms 2, or provide the case with a single push-piece connected to one or more shutters, pivotally or slidably mounted.

A novel feature of my invention is the combination, with any form of casing having oppositely opening and spring closed doors, of a hinged mounting` in the case for a watch movement or other contained article, the axis of which hinge extends at right angles to the parallel axes of the cover hinges so that when said covers have been swung outwardly, the watch movement may be swung upwardly between them and thereafter upon release of the pressure of the operators hand, said watch movement is yieldingly grasped by the spring pressed covers so as to be held in this raised position in order that when the apparatus is deposited on the surface of a desk or other horizontally extending support, the watch may be used as a travelers clock.

Vhat I claim is: l. A case of the type described comprising` f an open ended body, also having an openingl in the side thereof, a slidably mounted end in each extremity of said body, resilient means causing said ends to project outwardly from said body, hinged covering means for the side opening` and means interconnecting said ends and said covering means for cansn ing said covering means to swing open when pressure is exerted on said ends against the action of said resilient means, and a watch hinged on the interior of said body adapted to be held in an inclined position by the pressure of said covering means thereon when said covering means are in an open position.

2. A case oi the type described comprising a ilat tube having an opening in the side thereof, a push piece mounted to slide in each endv of said tube, a spring for each of said push pieces each acting outwardly on said push pieces, a pair of hingedly mounted shutters 'for the side opening and means intercon necting said push pieces and said shutters adapted to cause said shutters to swing open when pressure is exerted on said ends against the action of said springs, and a watch hinged on the interior of said body adapted to be held in an inclined position by the pressure oi" said shutters thereon when said shutters are in anopen position.

t). an open ended body also having an opening in the side thereof, a slidably mounted end. in said body, resilient-meanscausing said end to project outwardly from said body.,hingedV ior the side opening and` covering means means. interconnecting' said end and sai d cov- @ring means for cansing'sai d covering means to swing open when pressure is exerted on said end against the action oisaid resilient means, and an article hinged on the interior ot said body adapted to be concealed therein when said cover is in closed position and held in an inclined position by the pressureosaid covering means thereon when said covering means arein an openposition.

il. ln a case fora= watch, or other substantially flat article to be alternately displayed ory concealed therein, having an opening in one `face. oppositely disposed plates'moimtedy onhinges having parallel axes and adapted to cover or lrepose said opening, manually-oper able means for simultaneously swinging said cover plates.outwardly, and yielding pressure means 'normally tending-to swing said cover platestoward one another, the combination,

with saidabove described case, of means for hinging-san art-iclesuch as a watchtherein, the ams of' said hinge extending at righty angles to the axesoi2 said plate hinges ,where-v by, when said cover-plates have been Vswung outward such watch movement may be swung ik case ofthe type described comprising up and thereafter held in raised position by the oppositely acting pressures of said cover plates when the latter are released from inanual control.

In testimony whereof I have signed this specification.


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