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Publication numberUS1816470 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1931
Filing dateSep 17, 1928
Priority dateSep 17, 1928
Publication numberUS 1816470 A, US 1816470A, US-A-1816470, US1816470 A, US1816470A
InventorsCourtenay Jr William A
Original AssigneeSun Oil Co
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Vending machine
US 1816470 A
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July 28, 1931. w. A. COURTENAY. JR 1,816,470

' VENDING MACHINE Filed Sept. 1'7, 1928 2 Sheetsheet 2 Patented July 28, 1931 UNITED STATES- "PATENT OFFICE WILLIAM A. COURTENAY, JR., OF CHESTER, PENNSYLVANIA, ASSIGNOR TO SUN OIL- COMPANY, OFYPHILADELPI-IIA, PENNSYLVANIA, A CORPORATION OF NEW JERSEY VENDING MACHINE This invention relates to a vending machine and particularly to the type used for vending gasoline,kn0wn as a gasoline pump.

In vending gasoline it is desirable to give visual indication to the purchaser of the type of gasoline which he is buying and accordingly it has become customary to provide gasoline pumps with transparent chambers into which the gasoline is pumped and later withdrawn therefrom into the tank of an automobile.

It is an object of the present invention to provide a simple vending machine of this character having a visible chamber. It 1s a further object to provide a simple mode of illumination for this transparent chamber so as to render the contents thereof visible Fig. 4 is a bottom plan view of said head.

The vending machine comprises a casing 2 of thin metal Which may be of circular or more or less polygonal form and, as illustrated, consists of a substantially rectangular casing the edges of which are rounded. Secured to the top of the casing to form a cover for the same is a head 4 of a dome shape, the central portion 6 of which is in the form of a relatively heavy block from opposite sides of which project fiat portions 8. Head 4 is preferably a casting, the shape being produced by the use of suitable mould and cores. A circular groove 10 is formed in the upper surface of the heavy central portion 6 and is adapted to receive the lower edge of a cylindrical glass tube 12. Surrounding tube 12 is a top 14 which is held in contact with the glass through the medium of up standing threaded bolts 16 adapted to receive nuts 18 to bind head 14 down upon tube 12 and tube 12 down Within groove 10 whereby a liquid-tight transparent cham-' ber is produced.

I A plurality of upwardly converging passages 20 and 22 are formed inblock 6 forming conduits which provide an inlet and an exit for liquid in the transparent chamber. Pivoted adjacent the upper openings of these conduits is a pin-wheel 24, or a similar device, which, by rotation due to the current of gasoline or other liquid passing into and out of the transparent chamber, will give visual indication of flow. I

Thereis diagrammatically represented at 26 a pump which may be hand or motor operated to pump gasoline through piping 28 into the intake passage 20. Communicating with outlet passage 22 is a pipe 30, to the lower end of which is secured a T-connection" providing for a division of the flow through plpe 30 into pipes 32, each of which communicates with a suitable measuring meter 34. Extending outwardly from each meter 34 is an exit pipe 36 which, at 38 on the outside of the casing, may be connected to a flexible hose, or the like, through which the gasoline may be delivered into the tank of an automobile.

As most clearly shown in Fig. 2, meters 34"- ticularly if a colored gasoline is being vended.

What I claim and ters Patent is These lenses desire to protect by Let- 7 1. A vending machine comprising a casing, a head for the caslng, a transparent chamber on the head, a plurality of conduits in the l head providing an inlet and an exit for liquid in the chamber, said head having openings therein, lenses in said openings, and sources of light Within the head arranged to illuminate the chamber through the lenses.

2. A vending machine comprising a casing, a head for the casing, atransparent chamber surmounting the head, a plurality of adjacent upwardly extending conduits in the head providing an inlet andan exitfor liquid in the chamber, and means for indicatingflow of liquid in the chamber comprising a Wheel carrying vanes and mounted with its axis transverse to and between the openings of the two conduits whereby incomingliquid acts on the Wheel at one side of its axis and outgoing liquid acts on the Wheel atthe other side of its axis thereby turning it duringflow.

In testimony of Which invention, I have hereunto set my hand, at Philadelphia, Pa., on this 14th day of Sept, 1928'.


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U.S. Classification222/40, 222/113
International ClassificationG01P13/00
Cooperative ClassificationG01P13/004
European ClassificationG01P13/00B6