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Publication numberUS1816684 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1931
Filing dateJun 26, 1929
Priority dateJun 26, 1929
Publication numberUS 1816684 A, US 1816684A, US-A-1816684, US1816684 A, US1816684A
InventorsLiechty Bricham J
Original AssigneeLiechty Bricham J
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Poultry drinking fountain
US 1816684 A
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Jul-y 2s, 1931. BJ, UECHTY 1,816,684

- POULTRY DRINKING FOUNTAIN Filed June 26, 1929 ATTORNEY Patented July 28, 1%31 UNITED STATES 'P ATEFNT A lFFiieiCiE BRIGHARI J. LIECHTY, OETj'SPR/INGVILIJE, UTAJI-Iy roULTn-Y vDniivn'aiile' "FOUNTAIN Application filed June 26,

.9.10 the passage of Water throughout its entire area.

An additional object of the invention embodies means for automatically releasing the j water from the reservoir when the latter is -15 disposed in dispensing position.

"Vith the above and other objects in view, the invention further consists of the following novel features and details of construction, to be hereinafter more fully described,

..20 illustrated in the accompanying drawings pointed out in the appended claim.

In the drawings Figure l is a longitudinal sectional view taken through my invention.

Figure 2 is a top plan view thereof.

Figure 3 is a vertical sectional view taken on line 3 3 of Figure 1.

Figure l is a fragmentary elevation of a cap member to support the discharge neck of the reservoir.

Figure 5 is an elevation of a valve member for the reservoir to automatically release the contents of the reservoir when the latter is inverted tooccupy a dispensing position as illustrated in Figure l of the drawings.

Figure 6 is a bottom plan view of the valve member. y

Referring to the drawings in detail wherein like characters of reference denote correA` spending parts, the reference character 10 indicates ,a cup having a convex bottom l1. The cup is designed to accommodate the neck l2 of a receptacle 13 preferably in the nature of a glass bottle. Spring fingers, such as in- 7 dicated at 14, are carried within the cup and 1upon the side wall therefor and sprung against the neck` A12 of the receptacle in the manner suggested in Figure i of the drawinf'fs,

lha valve member, aa aianilfzinad in the la dischargeopening 19 in .thecu posed; in an inverted positionand tofprovide '1 a spacer when arranged infoperative `position through contact of the, 'arms' 18 therefor with the .comer bottoni iifto release ,mcontents i929. ...serraiivo. 373,864;

.foregoing comprisesV a stem l5;,..havi-ng.:a

valvehead lsof friistconical shap.e if1pon that end extended within..the,.body xpo.rtion iof the receptacle proper. The .tapered side Qwallsof the valve headaredesignedfto ien-@55 gage the inner wall .of .thenecln 112.,

normally `sea-l .the .latter when the receptacle .in its .entiretyris 'inverted to prevent` spilling of .the ,contents thereof. i i

A disk, memberv 17, .carried -upon `the .oppo-'o site end fofthestem 15,:is provided .Wi-thra multiplicity Vof arms 1S projected in .diametrically ,ppposed f relation tangential-ly-l .tlieleof `and which: extend .forfgreater distances 2,tha-n `the .bore measurementV of the yreceptacle .fneelic toi ,prevent the valve-structure from l falliwg through fthe neck `ofthe receptacleA When the latteris `set yupright for,` filling. `In-actual lise, .thef receptacle 18 isffilledfin the :usual manner and inverted yto bring.the.iiec-lr.tli.ere 10 for within the cupV 10. The diskl'gand. arms .18thereforupon-contacting engagement "with theadjacent surfaceof the convexabottom F11 ofthecup will elevate the stem wand-release .the valve head y1.6 from engagement with thee" neck whereby ythe contents J-of .ther 4reservoir willbe releasedl as `:between the armsi :118; and

1A `.drinking trouglnl ,indicated -egne-neral-lyas at. 2 0, and-of elongated4 V-,shape -formationyis :5x0

, .carried .by the cupl'l-O, landincommiVunication with a discharge opening 19 ftherefor:V .From

4the Vfore going description and accompanying L.drawings7 it :is-.understood .that tl-ie of f drinkingfountain contemplatedis of theself- 1555 feeding type and vthelevelgof the liquid witliin the troughQO isfined or predetermined by 'the location and height ofthe convex bottoni and the 'necklZ of the receptacleaiid such level will be preserved as long as Water re-'f L ina-insinthevreceptacle y j 'The valve vrr'ienfibrlir'servesfthetwofoldpur- :poseof acting las a ystopper or closure for'the ldischarge neck ofthe receptacledwliile dis- .the reeeptacie as Same .is nninithe The cup 10 has legs 21 arranged upon the outer side therefor to elevate the latter and the adjacent portion of the trough an appreciable distance from the ground in addition to providing the necessary support for the receptacle. The trough on the other hand is likewise provided With a form of support and due to the fact that the trough may be so constructed as to extend for appreciable distances over uneven surfaces, I provide a foot member 22 upon the outermost end of the trough and Which has adjustable connection With an ear 23 thereon. By properly manipulating the adjustable leg 22, the contents of the trough may be maintained at a constant level throughout its length and Which will materially aid in the dispensing of the Water from the reservoir.

A divider or baffle, such as indicated at 24, and of cross section V-shape, is centrally disposed of the longitudinal axis of the trough immediately above the adjacent meeting portions or apex of the oppositely inclined side Walls of the trough. Such disposition is effected through the use and employment of standards 25 having connection With said apex at spaced intervals and Which have their uppermost portions projected through openings formed 'Within the baffle or divider. Nut members 26, threadedly adjustable upon the standards 25, are engageable with the bottoms of the portions removed or cut-out portions A2"( formed Within the loWermost edges of the baffle or divider at an appreciable height above the surface and level of the liquid Within the trough.

From the Figure l illustration, it is noted that the bale or divider 24 does not extend beneath the shoulder portion of the receptacle but an auxiliary bathe, such as indicated at 28, carried by the adjacent portion of the cupV l0, is extended in juxtaposition to the aforementioned extremity of the divider to prevent the live stock fromY enteringA the trough and contaminating the contentsthere-V of. The latter instance is especially true in the raising of baby chicks. l The invention is susceptible vof various changes in its form, proportions and minorV details of construction, and the right is herein reserved to make such changes as properly fall Within the scope of the appended claim.

Having thus described the invention, What is claimed is j A drinking fountain comprising an elongated trough havingconnection at one end with a cup, a receptacle designed to seat the neck therefor Within the bottom of the cup, a valve mechanismV included Within the neck of the receptacle and engageable With the bottom of the cup to release the contents of the ,receptacle Whenthe latter has" the discharge neck therefor Wholly disposed Within the cup,

and dividers carried by each the trough and cup to prevent live stock from entering the trough and contaminating the contents thereof.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.



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