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Publication numberUS1816776 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1931
Filing dateOct 22, 1929
Priority dateOct 22, 1929
Publication numberUS 1816776 A, US 1816776A, US-A-1816776, US1816776 A, US1816776A
InventorsHaslun Norman E, Haslun William I, Joseph Haslun
Original AssigneeHaslun Norman E, Haslun William I, Joseph Haslun
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US 1816776 A
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y ,1931. lHASLUN ETAL 1,816,116


Filed Oct. 22, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet l i -2. 1, T5 I IJ I sed WITNESSES I BY L M4 ATTORNEYS,

July 23, 1931.

HASLUN ET AL SIGN - Filed 001:. 22, 1929 is fldve/tis'ed pasyzazzp 9y v WITNESS S Coats Sr- Ste Sheets-Sheet 2 ATTORNEYS Patented July 28, 1931 UNITED STATES PATENT oFFIC JOSEPH HASLUN AND NORMAN E. HASLUN, OF NEW YORK, AND WILLIAM I. HASLUN,

or YONKERS, NEW YORK SIGN Application filed October 22, 1929.

This invention relates to advertising signs, and has particular reference to certain im provements in that class of hand lettered counter signs which are usually employed in 5 department stores and which are mounted in a stand frame.

i Heretofore signs of this character which are employed to advertise special sales have consisted'of hand lettered cards made of an 10 expensive grade of cardboard and after a single days use, they. have been discarded. Ob-

viously, this entails considerable expense and hence the present invention comprehends an improved sign whichis constructed in such a manner as to-reduce the expense by effecting a saving in the material and reducing waste of said materialto a minimum while saving a portion of the expense of lettering the signs and facilitatingthe changing of price-s and this without sacrificing the appearance of the sign but rather enhancing the same and adding to its attractiveness. I

The invention broadly comprehends a sign which includes a double reversible mat or r mask of high grade material bearing certain advertising matter or indicia and between the leaves of which is arranged an insert or filler ,card of a cheaper grade of material which bears advertising matter or indicia of a nature which precludes its re-use and which insert or filler may be discarded without material loss.

The invention furthermore comprehends as a new article ofmanufact-ure, a mat or mask member for use with a filler card in a stand frame, which mat or mask member I 3 7 v to'permit of its detachment if desired.

Serial N0. 401,505.

As further feature, the invention resides in the provision of a mat or mask member preferably constructed from a single sheet of stock or material which is bent medially upon itself and which at the point of medial bonding is partially slitted within its confines so as to facilitate the reverse bending of the leaves.

As a still further feature, the invention embodies a filler card for use in connection with a double reversible mat having a pair of hingedly connected windowed leaves, which filler card has its leading edge shaped in such a manner as to reduce to a minimum the catching or engagement of said edge with the edges of the windowed openings, whereby to facilitate the insertion of the filler cards between the leaves of the mat or mask member.

Other objects of the invention reside in the comparative simplicity of construction of the sign, the economy with which the same may be constructed and used and the general efficiency derived therefrom.

Vith the above recited and other objects in view, reference ishad to the following description and accompanying drawings, in which there is exhibited one example or em bodiment of the invention. while the claims define the actual scope of the same.

In the drawings:

Figure l is a face view of the improved sign arranged in a stand frame, parts being broken away and sh own in section to disclose the underlying structure. t

Figure 2 is an enlarged transverse sectional view taken approximately on the line 22 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a view of the mat or mask member in fully opened condition. I

Figure 4- is a perspective view of the mat or mask member in partially folded condition.

' Figure 5 is a face view of the tiller card with the extension detached.

Referring to the drawings by characters of reference, A designates generally a stand frame which is preferably of metal and which is of the ordinary construction, including the channeled side rails B and the slotted upper and lower frame rails C and D, with the depending pedestal E having a weighted base F at its lower end, with its upper end G secured tothe lower rail D within theslotted portion thereof, to constitute a seat or rest upon which the sign is supported within the frame. c

The present invention refers particularly to the sign which in the present instance includes a mat ormask member designated generally by the reference character H and an insert or filler card designated generally by. the reference character I. The mat or mas: member H in accordance withvthe present invention is preferably constructed of a high grade of cardboard or other similar stock and is stamped out of a single sheet of said material to provide a pair of leaves 10 and 11 which are of the same size-and of an appropriate size to it within the frame of the stand frame A, as clearly illustrated in Figures 1. and 2 of the drawings." The leaves 10 and 11 are formed by folding the blank on a transverseline intermediate its length and in order to render the member H reversibly foldable, the leaves at their juncture are slotted as at 12, said slotterrninating within the confines of the blank with score lines 13' extending from the edges to the terminal of the slot.

4 The leaves 10 and 11 are windowed or provided with one or more window openings 1&1 which preferably register with each other when the leaves are disposed in para-lledrelation; The opposite surfaces of the leaves 10 and 11 respectively carry advertising matter or indicia 15 and 16, the matter 15' on one 7 face being of a difierent nature from vthe matter 16 on the opposite face, so that the V mask or mat maybe reversibly arranged in the stand frame; 7

- The filler card or insert I in accordance with the present invention is preferably of a cheaper grade .of stock or material and of a size similar to the leaves 10 andill so thatit may be arranged thereb etween with the portions of the opposite surfaces which are exposed or displayed through thewindow open- 7 inlgs 14L bearing advertising matter or indicia 17 In practice, the filler card or insert may be provided with an upwardlyprojectingcxtension or capper 18 designed to protrude above the upper edges of the leaves 10 and 11 of the mat or mask member H and the upper edge of the stand frame, as illustrated in Figure 1 of the drawings. The extension or capper 18 will bear onits opposite surfaces advertising matter or indicia 19, and,in practice, the extension .or capper will be joined to the main body of, the filler vor insert by a frangible connection, such as a weakened or perforated line 20, so that the same may be torn off and discarded after one use,.thus

permitting a second use after the filler or insert has been detached. In order'to avoid catching orengagement of the lower leading edge 21 of the filler or insert in the lower 7 length of the edge slightly in excess of the siZe of the window openings. Obviously, the concave recess or cutout in the leading edge 21 will avoid the engagement or catching of the same in the'lower edges ofthe window openings 1 and wil-l facilitate the insertion of the filler card or insert between the leaves 10 and 11 of the mat or mask member when the same is in place in the stand frame. f

If desired, the leaves 10 and 11 of the mat or mask member H may be made separately instead of hingedly connected.

What is claimed is: 1. A sign includingin combination a-stand frame, amat or mask member including a pair of hinged-1y connected windowed leaves 1 each bearing advertising matter on the opposite surfaces thereof and adapted tofbe reversibly arranged in parallel relation within the stand frame to selectively display the advertising matter on the opposite surface of said window leavesand a filler card bearing advertising matter on its opposite sides insertable between said leaves to render said advertising matter v'isible'through the leaf window, said filler. card being constructed of a cheaper grade of material than the mat or mask frame and an extensionon said filler card: bearing advertising matter on its opposite sides and designed to protrude above theupper edges of said member in the frame. 2. A sign including in combination a stand frame, a mat 0r mask member including a pair of hingedly connected windowed leaves each bearing advertising matter on the 0pposite surfaces thereof and adapted to be reversibly arranged in parallel relation withi-nthe stand frame to selectively display the advertising matter on the opposite surface of said window leavesand. a filler card bearing advertising matterjon'its opposite si'desinsertabl between said leaves to render saidadvertising matter visible through the 1 leaf window, said filler card being constructed of a cheaper grade of material than the mat or mask frame and an extension on said filler cardbearingadvertising matter on its opposite-sides and designed'to protrude above the up-per edges of said, memberin the frame,

each bearing advertising matter on the opposite surfaces thereof adapted to be optionally arranged in parallelrelationwithin the stand frame'to display'the advertising matter on the surfaces thereof and for receiving therebetween said filler card whereby to display the advertising matter through the leaved Windows, the said filler card having its lower edge formed With a convex recess of greater length than the lower edges of the leaf Window openings.


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