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Publication numberUS1816861 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1931
Filing dateOct 16, 1928
Priority dateOct 16, 1928
Publication numberUS 1816861 A, US 1816861A, US-A-1816861, US1816861 A, US1816861A
InventorsMancuso Peter N
Original AssigneeMancuso Peter N
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Mop wringing apparatus
US 1816861 A
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f Patented Aug. 4, 1931 I v PETER N. MANGUSO, F HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA I nor wnmeme APBARATUS Application filed October 16, 1928. Serial No. 312,924.

' This invention relates to improvements in mop wringing apparatus and more particularly to a simple, eflicient and inexpensive device of this character.

'One of the objects of this invention is to provide a mop wringer with manually controlled 'means for actuating a movable sq'ueezing'jaw for the purpose of expressing v the dirty'water from'the mop material.

provide atub or bucket with "two compartments one designed for clean water and the other designed for dirty water, so that the mop wringer may be secured over the dirty water compartment. 7, 1 V

;A further object of this inventionis to provide a frame or housing in which there is a fixed and a movable jaw, constituting themain' working parts of the mop wringer,

the device being so designed as to facilitate the introduction of the mop material prior to expressing the dirty water therefrom.

A'still further object of this invention is to provide the fixed and movable jaws of this invention in the form of two perforated plates to allow for the water expressed out of the'device to escape into the proper coinpartment of the tub or bucket. I

" Another object of this invention is to provide cams for urging the movable jaw forwardly inthe direction of the fixed jaw for closing the movable jawagainstthe mop material and thereby effecting the removal of the dirty water.

i the movable jaw to open position after the 'Another object of this invention is to 'A still further object oflthis invention is open position for the purpose of'restoring same shall have been urged to closed posi' tion against the tension of said spring.

With the above and other objects in view my invention consists in the combination, arrangement and details of construction disclosed in the drawings and specification, and then more particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings, wherein similar refer-' ence characters designate similar parts throughout the several views,

Figure l is an end elevation of this in-' vention,

Figure 2 is a top plan view thereof,

Figure 3 is a vertical elevation of the movable jaw itself, i

Figure 4 is a fragmental' top plan view, differing from Figure 2 in that the movable jaw is in Fig; 2 shown in closed'position,

Figure 5 is a side elevation of my invention, and

Figure 6 is a vertical sectional fragmental elevation showing the movable jaw in open position.

Referring to the drawings, which are merely illustrative of my invention 10 designates a tub having an intermediate vertical partition 14 arranged therein and extending downwardly to join the tub bottom 13. The partition let divides the tub into two compartments, one designated A and the other designated B, the compart ment A being reserved for dirty water whilethe compartment B is reserved for clean water.

The parts of the mop wringerjwill now be described. 15 designates 'a hook formed upon the upper curled edge of a perforated fixed plate 16 which is spaced parallel to the wall 17 forming a cross wall of a chan nel shaped housing or frame for the mop wring'er, this wall 17 being operatively secured upon the'partition wall in any desirable manner so as to practically form an extension of this partition wall.

Between the imperforate wall 17 and the parallel spaced perforate plate 16 is a thru passage '18 thru which the dirty water eX- easy path, back into the tub,

7 lQWer e ds Qf the. w ll. 17 are designed to have spacer members for spacing the perforated plate alongside of the fixed plate 17. 'Ehesi'de-walls. 91- rig-htangularly disposed flanges 22, 22a are The upper and formed upon the cross wall 17 to 'guide the movable jaw.

in the form of a perforatedplate 19 hav ins t e pes s 0, forthe scape henethm. f it y'w en a dr h-isme eble ja 1 per- The moyable jaw. I is ad f ratedpla-teisleuer-like pivoted at its; low- Q end edia at t he LQWBI iz rt t e; perforated; fixed plate; 1.6 upon a, s af 23 exte g transversely of the mop wringer' hQi iig so, as to. join together the sidefiang es 22, 22a; A coiled; spring 36- is-Vopcre tively, 49111 1? around this; shaft 21, so

a one endg is secured rigidly uponthe shaft 23 and the other end securetloperatiyelyto themonable jaw, 19- This spring will normally hold the movable jmyvlfin a diagonal open position with respect to, the fire Walt 16 Q l ewfi e m p. mate a tobe introduced into the boning; formedbyhew t he ide flanges Qr ta-n t m oyablez jaw 1 9 when, the movablejawt isheld in ar as-as d s t e uppe s l of this frame will be wider thanthe lower nertiunti-t s het ewe p t f h ec pt id .'.--fianges 22,. 22a is, co ec ed tiits on peat: en s; oi v h Qw vj Idenk-likeemntn ;l$.-. 3- f 1i ilever andlee 3l ex n ng. so as to. flank said side flanges, there'heing f a esQslIrQdisQeWihg as a, handle 3 ccime t gb i and es Urion th shaft 21;!

V designat s -a,, r dl r rung e ed.

clethus formed is reached, the narrowest widthpfthefdevice' islfound;

19 to open and particularly to close, suit= able inechanismis; provided. A cnossshaft 2.1;. e se sc nted; at i s pp site end the;

secured there ipon are plurality 1 of pushers 25 having upper bifurcated porsens" 'whi'ch are disposed pins 29"upon which are trunnioned or journaled rollers 28' censtnained to bear at. all times upon and against the movable jaw 1 9. The ceiled springJEl'fihasrthe;- effect not only tov hold the movable jaw. 19 in normally open posi-n ionrbut to hold 1the;-. han

" r the} W asse-Qt thl tes: t e, nie bl dies; in upright entire device. It will be seen that the side flanges or. side walls may be perforated if desired as at 24, so that all sides of the receptacle into'which the mop material fits to have its dirtywater expressed therefrom may also be formed'with ports. 33 designates brush supports secured upon the front face of the wall 17.

In operation the person takes hold of the handle of the mop and inserts themop material directly into the receptacle so'that the mop materialgoes: downas farthereinto; as 'is. convenient The operaton then takes hold'of the handle'3 l draws downwardly the levers 31 and in doing so causes the pusher terminals 38 of the lever handles to turn the shaft 21 in a clockwise direction in Figure 6'; this will cause the pushers 25 to sjmnltaneously, push the movable perforated jaw 19 forwardly in the directionof the fixed a i fi 6 and, w ll effec the squee mg: of the 110p material effectively; As this: mevahle: jaw closes; tightly and d r; pressure against the perforated plate 16,- the,

spr ng; 36 istensioned,sotwhen the 1evers3 a are restoredto upright, position when, pres:-

su're is, removed from the: levers and; the:

movable jaw is; restored; to normal position the mop, may then be extricated from the. receptacle, with the result that the dirty waterexpressed out of themop will, enter thru the ports 24:, 1 800,, and 20:an.d;;find; exit into the, compartment A of the U110. The; mop may then be steeped into the compartment B of reserved. for dirty water.

the tub containing cleanlwaterr and isiready for reuse upon the floong. By: rotating the; cock 36,a-,th.e dirty water may be Withdrawn thru he; spigo 5 and: out the dirty compartmen I '1 do not: n end o li i myse ftot e exac details f; cons ruction herein. isclosedbut claim all iations; fal ing With n the pu view f? h ppe ded laims;

What I; desire to claim; and secure by Letters. Patentisp- 7 t V 1. In a device as described; the; combination of a fixed perforatedwall, a movableperf -orated wall: pivoted contiguous to, the

lowermost; end of; the fixed'wall, aspiring normally holding the movable wall; in open;-

position, parallel side walls flanking the edges of; the movable; wall,; a shaft journaled;

in the side walls, a pluralityof pushers secured upon: said shaft, 7 rollers j ourna-led in the; pushers hearing at all timesupon the 'mofvable wall, cranks on said shaft; poijnt-.

ir c i n co nt r t the Ru hers; operating. levers connecteda t0 the cranks, "and a cross rod operating levers.v y I i V 2. In: a device as described, in: combina. tion, a pail, a; perforated; partition, therein, a; shaft, journaled; parallel to said; partition,

so-ast b1mc oge heri he} side wallsof-the a; wringer p te: oyably mQunted; .iacing connected to said 1 said partition, pusher-s fixed on said shaft carrying rollers bearing upon the Wringer plate for actuating the closing of the latter against the partition, means for auto- I 5 matically restoring the wringer plate to spaced position after the wringing operation, cranks on said shaft extending in a direction substantially opposite to the pushers diametrically, operating levers connected to said cranks so by depressing said levers the shaft is rotated, and means causing both connecting operating levers to operate in unison.

In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification.


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