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Publication numberUS1816974 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1931
Filing dateJul 26, 1928
Priority dateJul 26, 1928
Publication numberUS 1816974 A, US 1816974A, US-A-1816974, US1816974 A, US1816974A
InventorsMichael J Kavanagh
Original AssigneeFrederick A Moore, Ole Strand
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Street lighting waste receptacle
US 1816974 A
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Aug. 4, 1931. M. J. KAVANAGH STREET LIGHTING WASTE RECEPTACLE Filed July 26, 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet l M. (life/Vang)? g- 4, 1931- M. J. KAVANAGH 1,816,974



v This invention relates to a waste receptacle suitable for advertising and also for illuminating the street and has for its principal object the provision of a practical and sanitary device of the character described which.

will be convenient for the purpose of receiving waste, ornamental, utilitarian in that it will illuminate the street in the vicinity of the corner, and economical to the city in that because of the high advertising value of the signs carried by the receptacle the city may receive a substantial rental fee of the advertising space.

There have been numerous waste receptacles placed upon the market at various times and some of them have been fairly satisfactory but none of them have combined all of the features necessary to complete the installation, for example, altho some of the boxes have carried printed insignia giving the names of the streets, this has been visible only by daylight and while some of the receptacles have been illuminated no attempt has ever been made to utilize this illumination to brighten the pavement and the sidewalk at the street corner where frequently a very heavy shadow is cast by the are light.

In the present invention I provide a receptacle which may be constructed quite economically, repaired with ease, and which will carry street insignia visible both day and night, and in addition will utilize the street lighting bulbs to emphasize the advertising matter.

In the drawings Figure 1 is an end view of a receptacle embodying the invention and I Figure 2 is a side view.

Figure 3 is a central vertical section.

Figure 4 is a horizontal section on line 44 of Figure 3. f Figure 5 is a detail showing a modified oot.

Figure 6 is a side elevation of the lamp supporting means.

The frame of the body of the receptacle is made of four angle irons 10 each preferably formed with a foot either outwardly extending as at 11 and perforated as at 12 to receive 50 a fastening, or inturned as at 13 to form a 1928. Serial No. 295,559.

somewhat more finished device. The inturned lug or foot 13 is also perforated if desired as in general the receptacle will be fastened to the pavement altho this is not essential.

The four angle irons 10 are connected together at'the top by a strip 15 and at the bottom by a similar strip 16, each rectangular and preferably welded to the vertical angle irons 10 to form a rigid frame. A light bottom 17 is positioned a short distance above the bottoms of the angle irons and supports a number of lamp sockets 18 here shown as four in number, each located as close as con venient to one of the four angle irons.

The frame thus described re-movably receives four panels 19 which are preferably of glass either clear or translucent and bear ing an advertisement 20, readily visible by day or by night as the panels are preferably stippled on the inside, much as a mirror is silvered. The removable waste hopper 22. which may be frusto-conical, rests on the bottom 17 and has a reflecting outer surface to increase the effective illumination. I may hinge one of the panels, as at 23, for the insertion and removal of the can or hopper 22 which as shown is a'fiuid-tight container having handles 24:. Whether the waste container is removed from the side or top, there is provided a guide 25 supported from the top marginal bar 15, so as'to direct the papers or other waste material into the hopper 22 The cover consisting of two end plates 30 preferably of cast iron or steel, carrying a semi-cylindrical advertising panel 31 which may be in two sections for cheapness of re placement, may be fast to the frame or may be hinged as at 32 to the top frame piece 15. The two end plates 30 are connected I together by a metal strip 35 to which is secured the hinge 32, and by a similar metal strip 36 which carries the optional fastening means 37, and also by a somewhat larger plate 39 to which is secured the street corner sign preferably composed of two rectangular glass panels l0 held in place by end pieces 41 and a metal roof 4-2, the latter being preferably reflecting on its inner surface.

Each of the end plates 30 is provided with an elliptical opening 45 closed by a plate 46, of similar shape, hinged to the end plate 30 as at 47 and being held closed by gravity. This type of closure is extremely convenient as it is only necessary to press upon the plate 46 in order to place trash in the hopper, thus giving a one hand operation which is a great improvement of the usual method having the cover open outwardly, requiring two hands to deposit trash, waste, or refuse within the receptacle. Advertising matter such as 48 is carried by each of the curved glass panels of the cover and is similar generally to the advertisements 20 and is lighted by a bulb 50 carried by a bracket 51. A bulb 53 carried by an extension of the same bracket illuminates the street corner sign atthe top of the receptacle;

What I claim is: V

1. In a street lighting waste receptacle, an outer casing having four substantially verticaland transparent panels one of which is hinged, a floor in said receptacle,'a frustro-conical container havinga reflecting'sur- 1 face and removably supported upon the floor within the receptacle, and lighting means at the four corners adjacent the small end of the container, so that the light will hereflected from the container thru the vertical panels.

'2. In a a rectangular casing, having advertisement carrying walls, a cover consisting of a plu-- rality of semi-circular end plates and a semio cylindrical glass plate having a'legend there-- on between the end plates, and means within the cover for illuminating the glass plate.

3. In a device of the character described, a rectangular casing having advertisement carrying walls, a hopper within the wa-lls, a cover for the casing, said cover consisting of a pair of semi-circular metal end plates having swinging closures to receive waste 7 paper and the like, a semi cylindrical' glass plate between the two end pieces, a legend on the semi-cylindrical glass plate, and means for illuminating the legend, the semi-ey lindrical plate and the walls, from within the device;

4. In a street lighting waste receptacle, a frame including four spaced uprights, translucent panels held by the frame, waste receiving means within the frame, a floor for said frame, electric lamps mounted on the floor near each of the uprights serving to illuminate the panels and to light the street, and a cover hinged to said frame having a translucent semi-cylindrical central plate and having two semi-circular end plates, one of said end plates having a swinging closure to receive waste, and means for illuminating the interior ofthe cover.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


device of the character described, 7

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