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Publication numberUS1817357 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1931
Filing dateApr 25, 1928
Priority dateApr 25, 1928
Publication numberUS 1817357 A, US 1817357A, US-A-1817357, US1817357 A, US1817357A
InventorsJames B Fisher
Original AssigneeJames B Fisher
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US 1817357 A
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AUS- 4, 1931- J. B. FISHER HUMIDIFIER F'nedApril 25, 192s Patented Aug. 4,. 1931 PATENT OFFICE JAMES B. FISHER, OF WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN HUMIDIFIER Application filed April 25,

This invention relates to humidifiers. n Objects of this invention are to provlde a novel type of humidifier which although capable of other uses, is particularly adapted for use in connection with a furnace to replace the ordinary water pan. v

It has been found that the surface tension of the water in ordinary water pans for furnaces, materially hinders the free evapora- 1 tion of the water. In addition to this, it 1s a well known fact that the evaporation from the usual water pan is very slow, particularly at low furnace temperatures and in fact even when the furnace is working at full capacity, they are almost invariably of insufficient capacity to furnish the requisite amount of moisture for the heated air.

This invention is designed to overcome the defects noted above, and objects of this invention are to provide a humidifier for Vhot air furnaces which is so constructed that the surface tension of the water does notl hinder the evaporation, as the water isv led up by capillary action along the faces of a plurality of plates immersed therein, such plates being of metal, asbestos, \or other material, and 1n which a greatly increased area of evaporatmg surface is provided.

Further objects are toprovide a humidifier which is so made that it will purify the air by collecting and retaining a large portion of the floating dust therein, the humidifier being readily cleaned as required from season to season. y v 85 Further objects are to provide a novel form of humidifier for hot air furnaces which is carried by the furnace casing and is not supported from the firebox or combustion chamber, so that evenl if it should become cracked or warped, flooding would not result in cracking the fire-box as has frequently heretofore occurred.

Further objects are to provide a novel form v of humidifier particularly adapted for hot air furnaces, which is so constructed that although the increased surface is provided -to hasten evaporation even at low temperatures,

that nevertheless means are provided for automatically maintaining the water level 1928. Serial No. 272,653.

without the use of valves or other devices having moving parts.

An embodiment of the invention is shown in the accompanying drawings in which.:

Figure 1 is a front view of the device re- 55 moved from the furnace;

Figure 2 is a sectional view on the line 2--2 of Figure 1 Figure 3 is a sectional view on the line 3-3 of Figure 1. I

Figure 4 is a detailed enlarged sectional View of a portion of the humidifier pan and cooperating element arranged therein.

Referring to the drawings, it will be seen that the device has been illustrated as positioned upon the housing or shell 1 of the furnace, the fire-pot or combustion chamber being indicated by the reference character 2. This portion of the casing is cut away, as indicated by the reference character 3 and the 7o attaching plate 4; of the device is secured thereto in any suitable manner, as by means of bolts or screws passing through the apertures 5 (see Figure 1). The pan for the humidifier' consists of a cast iron trough-like 'I5 member 6 which is provided with pairs of spaced lugs 7 which rest upon the edge of the furnace shell or housing l, as shown in Figure 2. Preferably, a brace 8 is removably secured to the outer lower side of the pan.

This pan is provided with elongated openings 9 through which hot air may pass and these openings are surrounded by upturned flanges 10. A marginal fiange 1l completely surrounds the edges of the pan. The a5 flanges 10 and 11 form a series of communieating troughs between which air may pass, and in which water is adapted to be carried. These troughs each are provided with a metallic plate 12 and these plates are held in 90 spaced relation by means of the reversely folded strip 13 (see Figures 2 and 3). The strip 13 is so formed as to provide a plurality `of channels which fit within the troughs in the water pan, and the intervening upper portion between these channel-like portions form defiectors for defiecting the air outwardly as it passes upwardly from the slots 9. It is to be distinctly understood that these plates may be formed of other material, for

instance, asbestos may be used, if desired, or

any material capable of withstanding moisture and heat. Y

The evaporation of the water is greatly increased due to the fact that it creeps up the sides of the plates through capilla? action of the strip 13, and a very great area or evaporating purposes is exposed. This eva oration is material even when the furnace 1s not working briskly, that is to say, when the airl is at relatively low temperatures for the hot air furnace. Even under these conditions,

` the evaporation is suilicient to maintain a healthy condition within the home or other place where the furnace is used.

A reservoir 14 is employed for maintalning the water level and for furnishing a rela` tively great volume of water for use by the humidifier. This reservoir consists of a tank closed except for asmall opening'15 in its bottom. This opening is surrounded by a Adownwardly extending annular flange 16` ure 3 and thus forms an' adequate support for the bottom of the reservoir.

It will be seen that a novel type of humidifier has been provided which although eminently suited to hot air furnaces, may nevertheless be used in other capacities.

It is to be noted further that the humidifier is carried by the furnace shell and in the event of flooding, dislodgment or cracking,

s no damage will occur to the lire-pot or combustion chamber, drop to the bottom countering such fire-pot. y

Further, it is .to be noted that a greatly inas the Water will merely creased evaporating surface is provided and that the humidifier will maintain the water supply level within the pan for a great length of time, thus accommodating this increased capacity.

eva rati ld-ther 1t is to be noted that thehumidifier is of extremely simple, ractical, and sturd construction and may easilyproduce and applied.'

Further, it is obvious that the humidifier may be positioned within the incoming pipes leading to the furnace instead of the position shown, if it is desired.

Although the invention has been describedA in consi erable detail, such descri tion is intended as illustrative rather than 'miting as the invention may be variously embodie and as the scope of such-invention 'is to be determined as I claim: 1 1. A humidifier comprisin an evaporating pan having a plurality o openings, upturned flanges surrounding said o nmgs, a marginalA flange surrounding the e gesl of the pan, said flanges forming a plurality of communicating troughs forv receiving water, al

reversely folded absorbent strip providing a plurality of channels fitting within the troughs, with their intervening upper portions disposed between the channels to form air deiectors, a plurality of upstanding plates fitting within the folded channel portions of the strip and a reservoir closed except for its lowest portion and 'provided with an opening leading into said pan for supplying the troughs with water.

2. humidifier comprising an evaporating pan having a plurality of openings, upturned flanges surrounding said openings, a marginal flange surrounding the edges of theV pan, a plurality of communicating troughs formed by said ilanges for receiving water, a reversely folded absorbent strip providing a plurality of channels fitting within the troughs, with their intervening u per portions disposed between the channe to form air deflectors, and a pluralit of upstanding plates fitting within the fol ed channel portions of thestrip.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand at Waukesha, in the county of Waukesha and State of Wis consin.


of the furnace without en-

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