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Publication numberUS1817913 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 11, 1931
Filing dateFeb 28, 1929
Priority dateFeb 28, 1929
Publication numberUS 1817913 A, US 1817913A, US-A-1817913, US1817913 A, US1817913A
InventorsBellemere Stanley L
Original AssigneeBellemere Stanley L
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Box structure
US 1817913 A
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Aug. 11, 1931. s. 1.. BELLEMERE BOX STRUCTURE Filed Feb. 28, 1929 1 II-LLLLLI" 1 INVENT $wfilfieiwgre Patented Aug. 11, 1931 ATE @FEQE s'lANLEY L. BELLEMER-E, OF REA LDING, PENNSYLVANIA Box s'rnucrnnn Application filed February 28, 1829. Serial No. 343,403

This invention relates to a box structure, preferably of the cardboard type and has for its primary object the provision of a structure that will more effectively hold and display merchandise.

An object of the invention is a design of box involving in its manufacture simple production operations, which together with the simplicity of outline of component parts en- 1 ables the box to be manufactured. at a mini mum cost without in any way sacrificing the utility thereof.

Another object of the invention resides in the novel construction of the retainer, which enables a quick yieldable interlocking engagement between the retainer and the box body and further allows the retainer to more satisfactorily engage over the merchandise for holding the latter in proper position for so effective display.

A feature of the invention resides in the construction of the retainer in the form of a strip having flexible characteristics and of a V predetermined length with relation to the 5 width of the box, so that the same will assume a bow formation when in place to press against the interior surface of the box and have limited contact with the merchandise in the box.

Besides the above my invention is distinguished in the novel manner of forming the ends of the retaining strip, so that they may be quickly arranged in place after merchandise has been placed within the box and autoinatically holding this interconnecting relation with the box through the flexibility of the strip.

Besides the above my invention is better understood from the detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, wherein Figure 1 is a top plan view of a box structure, illustrating parts broken away,

Figure 2 is a cross sectional view,

Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view, with parts broken away,

Figure 4 is a perspective view of one end of one of the retaining strips.

Again referring to the drawings illustrating cine or the constructions of my in vention, it will be noted that the box structure consists only of four parts, a box body 1, a lid 2 and a pair of retainers 3 for holding merchandise within the box body when on display and to prevent displacement in shipment. It will also be noted that these parts are of blank formation, thereby enabling the economical manufacture thereof. The box body 1 is formed to provide a bottom 4 and side walls 5 provided with pairs of slots 6.

The lid 2 is formed to provide a top 7 and side walls 8 that overlap or parallel the side walls 5 so as to establish a connection between the lid and the box body and further to cover the slots 6. Various forms of retainers may be designed for connection to the box body for holding merchandise therein, but I have found there is a decided advantage to be accomplished from constructing the retainers from flexible material having a novel interlocking engagement with the box body, so as to assume a position to more effectively engage the merchandise arranged within the box body.

For the purpose of accomplishing this desirable result, and to materially reduce pro duction costs, I have illustrated each retainer in the form of a flexible strip 9 constructed from cardboard and of a length slightly greater than the width of the box proper so that inter-engagement between the ends of the strip and the box body will create outward pressures against the side walls of the box and further will flex the strip for bringing about a more effective engagement between the strip and the merchandise and further create yieldable pressures in a direction to prevent accidental disengagement of the strip from the box body. The ends of the strip may be secured to the box body in various ways but for the purpose of illustration, I have shown tongues 10 formed on the ends of the strips of a length equal to the width of the walls of the slot and engageable therewith. For preventing accidental displacement of the ends of the strip and further to assure a uniform bowing or flexing of the strip for accomplishing a limited contact between the strip and the merchandise within the boxthe tongues are of a less width than the width of the strip to define shoulders arang'ed in abutting relation with the sides of the box to opposite sides of the slots.

Particular attention is called to the fact that owing to the natural flOXllJlG qualities of the strip, the relative length thereof with relation to the width of the box and the size and formation of the tongues, the strip may he quickly snapped into place, relying on the flexibility or resiliency oi the strip to prevent accidental dislocation of the tongues from the slots. In the display of and merchandising of silk hosiery, or other materials of delicate texture it is very important that the amount of contact bet-ween the surface of the hosiery and the retainin means he limited so s to avoid unnc sary friction or strains upon the delicate material of the stocking. Due to the bowed formation of the sti 'p it will be appreciated that only the curved extremities of the strip engage with the merchandi e for creating a clamping: ettcct at these points for holding the merchandise a rain displacement, the cent 'al and maiorportion of the merchandise being in spaced relation with the retaining strip. It will also be appreciated that the bowed formation of the strip will give a more pleasing ei'lect to the entire package when the merchandise is on display after the lid has been removed.

Due to the design of the retainin51 strip and the size thereof with relation to the box body, three v.n ajor advan ages are accomplished, first, an effective interlocking en- ;Yasrement with the body of the box due to the tend ncy of the ;trip to regain its normal flat :torr ation: secondly, a. permanent pressure against the inner surface of the box to re n co the same acmnst inwardly acting is: thirdly, a limiteo contact with the iandise due to the bowed formation of the :trip.

I concluding, I rish to call particular at tension to the simplicity of design of the component parts which enables the same to be readily cut from blank stock and quickly formed into iinal shapes for inter-engagement with each other for n'oducing' a complete box structure ha ring many advantages. It is of course to be understood that the retainers may be given various other configurations than shown, and may have YZIIiOUS other types of inter-locking or detachable connections with the box body and besides the retainer may he used with other constructions of boxes other than illustrated, therefore, I do not desire to bellPJltQCl in protection in any manner whatsoever, except as set forth in the toll owing;- claims.

hat I claim is:

1. Ahox structure comprising a box body having aligned slots in the parallel side walls thereof,merchandise retainers in-the form of strips of greater length than the width of said box body each having tongues at the ends thereof of a width less than the width of the strip to define a pai of shoulders adapted to have abutting relation with the inner surtace ot the box body when the tongues are inserted in the said slots to Hex said strip.

52. A box structure comprising in combinationa box body of a rectangular configuration having aligned slots arranged in its side walls, a covering on said body covering said slots and strips engageable with the slots each strip having; a tongue at each end of a less width than the width of the strip to define a pair of shoulders adapted to abut with the inner surface of the side walls of the box bod and said tongue of a lcnp'thcqual to the width of the slot so asto prevent any inter tercuce with the placement of said cover.

In witn whereof I hare hereunto set my hand.


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