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Publication numberUS1818164 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 11, 1931
Filing dateDec 14, 1929
Priority dateSep 2, 1929
Publication numberUS 1818164 A, US 1818164A, US-A-1818164, US1818164 A, US1818164A
InventorsEmil Scheck Johann Oskar
Original AssigneeEmil Scheck Johann Oskar
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Display ticket for marking and pricing of goods
US 1818164 A
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Aug. Il, 1931. J. o. E. scHEcK 1,813,164


Patented Aug. 11, 1931 NEED STATES JOHANN osnaa Enit sonnen, ori-'sintiera svifriamatenn DISPLAY TCKET FOR MARKNG AND PRICNG 0F GOODS Application filed December 14, 1%29, Serial No.

Display tickets are known tor marking and pricing goods and the like, in which sliding interchangeable plates are arranged in a holder, which can be used lying down or suspended. The holders are, according to one construction, composed of a double Walled part with windows, behind which the markings are tted on a oldable paper strip.

In another form ot construction the holder has bent over portions at the top and at the bottom, in which the price tickets rest.

In these display tickets the marking plates do not always remain in the desired position, and the insertion and removal are inconvenient. Moreover the plates easily become damaged due to the tact that one is induced to use force.

This invention relates to a display ticket for marking and pricing goods and the like,

which overcomes these objections. his is attained by curving backward the plates bearing the marking at the top and at the bottom to provide recesses to receive the edges of a backing member. At least one bow shaped resilient support then engages in the bent over portions.

An embodiment of the invention is illustrated by Way oi example in the accompanying drawings in which:

Fig. 1 shows the display ticket in front elevation,

Fig. 2 is a rear elevation.

Fig. 3 is a side elevation.

Fig. l a vertical section.

1 designates metal plates having figures and signs 2 on the front side, the upper and lower edges of said plates being curved backward. These metal plates 1 are pushed over a backing plate el., made ot suitable yielding material suoli as cellon or celluloid. At the two lat-eral ends end pieces 5 are arranged on the backing l, which are printed in a conspicuous color and have tongues 6 designed to engage between the metal plates 1 and the backing 4, so that a tension is produced holding together the different elements.

7 is a spring support, the arms 8 of which bear against the inner sides of rearwardly directed extensions 3 of the curved ends 3 l114,180, and in Switzerland September 2, 1929.

of the metal plates. The arms 8 of the spring support 7 have the tendency to spread out and tlieretore bear tightly against the extensions 3. Each arm 8 of the spring support 7 has a. notch 9 designed to hold the shank 10 of a plate 11, said shank having a transversely enlarged lower end 12 (Fig. 2). @n the plate 11 a quantity designation is preferably marked.

rllie spring support 7 has further difierent holes 13 designed to hold fixation pins (not shown).

The display ticket may be mounted on a stationary support, or it may be lined by means oi fixation pieces on a suspended support.

@n the iront surface of tne metal plates 1 i'igures and signs or characters are market To interchange the metal plates l the arms S of the spring supports 7 are pres together and the end pieces removed, whereupon the metal plates 1 can be removed from the backing el.

The display ticket is oi pleasing appearance and specially designed as price tiek- 'A et. Several such tickets may be put together to form for instance a menu card.

l claim 1. A display ticket liol marking and pricing goods, comprising in combination slidable and interchangeable script plates each having a bent-over portion at the Atop and at the bottom, a backing slipped in said bentover portions of said script plates, and at least one spring support engaging between said bent-over portions.

2. A display ticket as specined in claim 1, comprising in combination with the resilient backing and the script plates, an end piece pushed in at each end oi said backing adapted to hold said plates.

A display ticket as specified in claim 1 comprising in combination with the script plates, the spring support and the backing, a removable plate for quantity designation, a narrow shank of said plate inserted into said spring support benind said script plates so that said plate projects from the upper edge of said script plates.

e. A display ticket as specified in claim sed Y Ylin whchsaid spring support has bent end parts with openings in superposed parts for receiving fastening pins, a removable plate for quantity designation having a narrow shank inserted in said spring support extending behind said script plates and projeeting beyond the upper edges of said script plates.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


U.S. Classification40/5
International ClassificationG09F3/20, G09F3/08
Cooperative ClassificationG09F3/202
European ClassificationG09F3/20C