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Publication numberUS181834 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 5, 1876
Filing dateAug 1, 1870
Publication numberUS 181834 A, US 181834A, US-A-181834, US181834 A, US181834A
InventorsFeedikand E. Goeheing
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Improvement in cabinets for exhibiting braids
US 181834 A
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F. E. GOEHRI NG. CABINETS FOR EXHIBITING BRAID. No.181,834. Patented Sept. 5,1876.

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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 181,834, dated September 5, 1876 application filed August 1,- 1876.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, FERDINAND E. Gonn- RING, of St. Louis, Missouri, have invented an Improved Cabinet for Exhibiting Braids, &c., ofwhich the following is a specification This invention relates to cases or cabinets, more specially for the exhibition and protection ot'braids, whether silk, worsted, or cotton.

It will be obvious that, in other respects, the cabinet will be useful todealers in drygood, notions, 81c.

The nature of my invention consists in the peculiar construction and combination of the parts within the cabinet proper, to achieve the desired results and advantages, all of which will now be more fully described.

0f the drawing, Figure 1 is a perspective view of my invention, showing the drawer containing my improved features partly out of casing, and further showing the application and use of the whole device. Fig. 2 is a part top plan of the drawer and its operating features, showing construction thereof.

It is well known to dealers in dry-goods, notions, 850., that articles, such as braids, silk ribbons, &c., frequently become soiled from handling, become faded in colors, lose in vali/e and quality. as an article, and otherwise incur extra time, labor, and expense, all for the want of some proper means to suitably protect and exhibit said article.

My invention obviates the said disanvantages, and affords a suitable method to properly exhibit the different colors of the article to advantage, facilitates the search for the same, facilitates the sale, and otherwise offers protection to the article from dust,

- dirt, &c.

(SeeFig. 1.) These compartments are of such dimensions as to allow the braids to be placed in a vertical position, thus protecting them from dirtand dust.

O is a vertical follower or brace, having a.

the spring from flying up and out of its seat,

the partition-walls I) are cut down to the top line of the springs, and the whole cov-- ered with a partition floor, d. A space, d, is thus formed, which can serve for purpose of storing away spools, skeins, threads, needles, &c.

The vertical manner of displaying the article (see Fig. 1) enables the greater surface thereof to be plainly seen. The folds or ends are protected by this vertical arrangement. whereas, in case the article was placed in a horizontal position, said end or folds, when soiled, destroy the value of the whole piece of the braid. Also, by this vertical arrangement in my case, the front piece can alone be endangered, all the pieces at the back being preserved sound; but were the pieces positioned horizontally, as in some cabinets, all pieces would be liable to become affected.

Each color or shade of the article being in a separate division, necessarily facilitates the matching of samples, avoids loss of time, and facilitates the sale.

With dispatch, the article can be removed, for, when the drawer is opened, the projecting ends of the article can be taken hold of, and pulled out of the seat, the follower immediately pushing the article next in the rear automatically, and thus, at all times, the bunches are kept in systematic order, and proper dis- What I claim is- 1. A cabinet and its drawer, the latter having the separate compartments, and each of these having, further, a follower automatically actuated by a spring, and by means whereof the braids can be arranged in the l I .h

position shown and described, and retained V In testimony of said inventionI have herein said position, as and for the purposes set unto set my hand.


2. The follower 0, its stem 0, spring 0 in FERDINAND GOEHRING' combination with compartment 1), drawer B, Witnesses: and cabinet A, all constructed to operate in \VILLIAM N. HERTHEL, the manner and for the purpose set forth. CHAS. F. MEISNEB.

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