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Publication numberUS1818684 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 11, 1931
Filing dateSep 20, 1930
Priority dateSep 20, 1930
Publication numberUS 1818684 A, US 1818684A, US-A-1818684, US1818684 A, US1818684A
InventorsIrving Blechman
Original AssigneeIrving Blechman
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Vaporizing device
US 1818684 A
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Au'g. 11, 1931. BLECHMAN 1,818,584


vAPoRrzING DEVICE Application led September 20, 1930. Serial No. 483,330.

The present invention relates to devices `for discharging volatile liquids to a surface exposed to the atmosphere which vaporizes the liquids and charges the air with fumes.

An object of the invention. is to provide a device of this nature with a vaporizing medium having inherent power of conducting and regulating the liow of the liquid to the atmosphere.

Another object in view is the provision of a device of this kind with a vaporizing medium which produces a positive flow of the liquid until the vaporizing medium is saturated and which operates as a seal to prevent further discharge when the medium is in saturated condition. As one ofthe principle uses of the present invention is to provide a device which may be hung in a closet to im-A pregnate the air therein with insecticide fumes to kill or destroy moths or other insects in garments hung in the closet, it is important that the flow of the liquid in the device shall not be greater than the amount that is evaporated, as any leakage or over# ovving of the liquid might stain the gar-v ments.

The present invention therefore seeks to provide a device in which the flow of the liquid is'automatic and which is dependent upon the rate of evaporation.

Still another object in view is the provision of such a device with improved means for holding the container for the liquid.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists of certain novel features of construction and arrangement of parts which will be more fully described and claimed hereinafter.

The invention is shown in the accompanying drawings in which:

. Fig. 1 is a view in elevation of a device embodying the invention;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view on linev 2/2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a cross-sectional view on line 3/3 of Fig. 1.

In the embodiment of the invention illustrated inthe accompanying drawings, a bottle or container 1 for the liquid is supported in an inverted condition in a cup 2, to which is rigidly secured a plate 3 having a key hole slot 4 for engagement with a screwA or nail for1 1supporting or hanging the device on the wa f The cup 2 has a shallow wall 5, the edge or rim 6 of which is inturned slightly to prevent seepage ofthe liquid over the edge of the cup. An upstanding circular wall 7 provided with openings or perforations 8 to expose the vaporizing medium Within to the atmosphere is secured continuously about its base to the bottom of the cup within the wall 5. The circular Wall 7 is provided with a cover 9 having a iianged central opening 1() in which the bottle or container is positioned and held in inverted condition on the bottom of the cup. The flange 11 depending from the opening 10 is slotted at 12 to provide re silient arcuate sectors 13 which converge toward their lower end to engage and firmly hold the bottle in position. The cover 9 is provided with an outer rim 14; arrangedy to forcibly fit about the top of the circular wall 7 to hold the cover in place yet permitting itV to be removed if found desirable.

Within the chamber formed by the cu 2, the circular Wall 7 and the cover 9, the ottom and side walls thereof are provided with a layer of absorbent material 15, such as felt or other similar material, having the capillary property of absorbing and conducting the liquid from the bottom of the chamber upwardly throughout the material, whereby it is exposed to the atmos here through the openings 8. The absorbent material 15 serves th purpose offtaking up the liquid as it seeps from the opening 16 in the top of the inverted bottle until the said material is saturated. When this takes place the absorbent material and the layer of-liquid inlth'e material in the bottom'of the cup operates as a.' seal to prevent air entering the bottle, thus stopping further flowing of the liquid until the liquid in the absorbent material about the inside of the circular wall 7 is vaporized. It is to be understood, therefore, that when the absorbent material 15 has become saturated with the liquid, the flow of the liquid will thereafter depend upon the evaporation taking place through the yopenings 8; as the `evaporation proceeds the absorbent material l5 takes up more of the liquid, thereby rendering the: operation continuous.

The bottle or container 1 may be filled with any desired volatile material as for instance, a deodorizmg and, if a is desirable a deodorize a room, or an insecticide duid ifthe device is to be hung in a closet to create fumes to ln'll moths or other insects.

- The bottle and 'the liquid therein may be an ordinary `confimercial product which betore inserting in the holder is provided with the stopper 17 having the small opening "'16, through which the li uid may Asee and be absorbed by the absor nt materia The stopper 17 is provided with a dat top surface i8 which is embedded in the absorbent material in the bottom of the cup when the bottle is in inverted position therein. rlhus, only so much of the liquid as can be absorbed by the absorbent material will seep through t e opening 16.

rlFhe bottom of the cup 2 adjacent the wall 5 may also be provided with a layer of absorbent material which will receive the liquid from the absorbent material within the chamber through the openings 8 in the circular wall l'.

The device may be constructed of any preerred metal which will not be attached by the liquid and in order to support the same ri 'diy on the wall lthe back 3 may have its si e edges rounded as shown in Fig. 3, thereby strengthening the back.

From the foregoing it is apparent that the present invention provides a new and improved vaporizing udevice which insures a positive iow of the liquid and which dow 1s dependent upon the ability of the atmoophere to evaporate the material. While the device is shown in the preferred form it is obvious that changes and modifications may be made in the structure disclosed without departing from the spirit ot the invention, as for instance, the sectors 13 extend upwardly instead of depending as shown in the draw'- ings, and the` absorbent material 15 may be any spongy material having caplllary properties. Y

Having described my invention l now claim:

1. A vaporizing device comprising a base, a circular wall having o enin s therein, said wall being secured to t e sai base, a cover tting upon the top of said Wall, said cover having an opening therein and converging sectors depending from said o ning arranged to receive and resiliently old a bottle, absorbent material on the bottom of the base and a layer of absorbent material about the interior of the circular Wall and exposed through the openin s in the said wall, an inverted bottle posit1oned in said cover and held in upright condition on the absorbent material on the base and an opening in the terasse upper end of said bottle permitting the liquid therein to seep through tothe absorbent material.

2. A vaporizing devicecomprising a sup port, an enclosed wall having openings there- 1n secured to said support, a cover having a depending flan e arran ed to forcibly t about the top o said wa said cover having an-opening and converging arcuate sectors formed about the said opening, absorbent material on the bottom of the support and about the interiorof the circular Wall and an inverted bottle having an opening in its top positioned in the opening in the cover and held in engagement with the absorbent material on the bottom of the base byV the said converging sectors. e Y

3. A vaporizin device comprising a support, said supportghaving'an outside upstanding wall, an enclosed wallcontinuously secured at its base to the said support wit the outside wall, said enclosed wall having perforations therethrough and below the said perorations, the said enclosed wall being liquid tight, a cover fitting upon the top of the enclosed wall, an opening in said cover having depending sectors, a bottlepositioned in said opening and being held in position on the said support by said sectors, an opeg in said bottle adapted to permit the contents oi the bottle to escape and absorbent material in the said enclosed wall adapted to take up thesaid liquid.

d. A vaporizing device comprising a'support having an upstanding wall, an inner wall secured at its base to the said support and enclosed within the wall of said support, said inner wall having perorations therethrough, a cover tting upon the top oi the inner wall, an opening in said cover havin resilient sectors, a bottle positionedy in sai opening and held in position on the said support by said sectors, an opening in said bottle adapted to pert the contents of the bottle to escape and absorbent material in the said inner wall adapted to take up the said contents. y

5. A vaporizing device comprising a support, said support having an upstanding wall, V

an enclosed wall secured at lts base to the said support Within the said u standing wall, said enclosed wall having perlorations therethrough, a bottle held in inverted position on the said support, an opening in the bottle adapted to ermit the contents of the bottle to escape, a sorbent material in the said en.- closed Wall adapted to take up the said contents, and means arranged on the top of said enclosed wall resiliently holding the said bottle in position on the support. Y l

6. A vaporizing device comprising a cupshaped base, an apertured wall secured at its lower end to the said base and s aced from they edge thereof, inturned resilient flange portions at the upper end of said wall arice ranged and adapted to receive and resiliently support a bottle, absorbent material in said cup-shaped base embracing the exterior of said wall, additional absorbent material continuously disposed interiorly of said Wall upon the base and wall, an inverted' bottle for the liquid to be Vaporized positioned Within said Wall and held by the inturned resilient flange portions in contact With the absorbent material upon'the base, and an opening in the bottle adjacent the absorbent material permitting the liquid therein to seep through the absorbent material.


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