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Publication numberUS1818843 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 11, 1931
Filing dateFeb 1, 1930
Priority dateFeb 1, 1930
Publication numberUS 1818843 A, US 1818843A, US-A-1818843, US1818843 A, US1818843A
InventorsMelvin Dill
Original AssigneeHarry A Haley
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US 1818843 A
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M. .DlLL

LEVEL Aug. 11, 1931 Filed Feb. l. 1930 j?, lv 3311724 1.9

ATTORNEY '40: level embodying the invention,

Patented Aug. 11, 1931 lMELVIN D11-L, oF LYNN,


PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS Application led February 1, 1930. Serial No. 425,279.v

rlhis invention relates to an improvement in levels and has as its primary object to provide a novel construction of level in which the bubble tubes may be illuminated so that the level may be more conveniently employed in cellars and other places where it might be impracticable to observe with any degree of accuracy the position of the air bubble in the tube or tubes.

Another object of the invention is to provide a level embodying an arrangement of tubes, one set being adapted to be employed when the level is disposed against a horizontal surface and other sets of tubes being employed when the level is disposed against a vertical surface, and means being provided for illuminating the first mentioned set of tubes and one of the two other sets of tubes.

Another object of the invention is to pro- A vide in a level of the class above referred to, such an arrangement of parts that all of the component parts of the level and the illuminating means for the tubes will be located within the bounds of the stock of the level so that none of the parts or elements will interfere with the proper use of the level.

This invention also consists in certain other features of construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts, to be hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, and specifically pointed out in the appended claim.

In describing my invention in detail, ref- -erence will be had to the accompanying drawings wherein like characters denote like or corresponding parts throughout the several views, and in which 1'- Figure l is a view in side elevation of the the same being vertically disposed.

Figure 2 is a vertical transverse sectional view through the level. Y

Figure 3 is an end view of the level. Figure 4 is a horizontal sectional view, in detail, on the line 4--4 of Figure 2, looking in the direction indicated by the arrows.

The stock of the level is indicated by the numeral l and it may, if desired, be formed of counterpart longitudinal pieces 2 recessed to accommodate a filler 3, and these parts may all be removable at the time of manufacture of the-level and united to one another by any suitable meansand certain of the contacts, the conductor wires, and their parts may be arranged within or upon or between the parts of the stock thus obviating theformation of grooves in the outer surface of the stock to accommodate conductor wires n or other parts, andit will be evident that insteadof wood, the stock may be in the nature of a onepiece structure and may be madeof metal, a composition, or any other moldable materialfound suitable forthe purpose.

The stock 1 is formed at points atopposite 65 sides Vof a point midway between its end, with recesses 4 which extend longitudinally thereof and which open through the two side faces of the stock, and a lcircular opening 5 is formed transversely in the stock midway between the relatively adjacent ends of the slots 4,.,and `a similar opening 6 is vformed in the stock: near the outer end of each slot 4. Arranged concentrically within the opening 5 and each-of the openings 6 at the opposite sides of each opening aretransparent glassv panes 7 which are circular in form and these panesare embedded at their margins in a filling Sof putty, as also Vare the endsjof the bubble tubes 9 of the level, and the surface of theputty filler 8 which is presented about the wallpof each opening, is pure white in color so as to be capable ofreflecting light ra s. c Y y t one side ofthe opening 5 and the cor- ,85 responding side y of one of theopenings 6, c means is provided lfor.illuminating.the bubble tubespin said openings, these tubes being arranged in parallelism in each opening, and this means comprises a substantially conical bushing l0 which is seated in the-respective opening ,1 1 formed at the said lsidesvof the opening, asmall circular pane l2 of' clear glass being arranged at,y the outer end of each bushing 10 so asy to transmit light rays .95 issuing from a light bulb 13, the socket for which .is ,preferably embeddedL in a putty filling 14 in the inner end of the opening. A plate 15 is arranged within that end of each of the slots 4 at which the inner `ends k10o i substantially semicircular portion 2() secured p at one end by a screw 21 within each of the slots 4 at the side wall thereof, and

screws 22 at the other slide of said slot, the intermediate portion of the bend engages one of the contacts of the respective bulb socket through the medium 'of a small 'con'- tact point 23 provided upon said bend.

The other end of the strip 19 `is sprung inwardly from the wall of the slot to which it is secured and normally spaced from the contact 1'8, this end being indicated by the numeral 24 and constituting a linger piece which may be pressed inwardly `so as to engage the Contact 18 and =close vthe lcircuit through the bulb socket. The conductor Wires are led from the contacts and from the contact 15 to binding posts 25 upon the plate '26 arranged within the inner end of a bore 27 formed in one end vof the stock and a small dry cell 28 is arranged within this bore and has its terminals held in engagement with the binding posts 25 through the medium of 'a compression spring 29 which bears at one end 'against 'one end of the cell and at its other end against a closure plate 30 which is slidably fitted at its side margins in grooves formed in a cover yor Ycap plate 31, which is mounted upon' the end of the stock, it being understood that this closure plate B0 may be slid to open position by engaging the tip Iof ones linger in the recess `32 formed in the 4outer side thereof and sliding 'the same out of engagement with the cap A'31.

It will now be evident that by pressing the spring contact lingers '24 the circuit may be closed through the light bulbs selectively, so as to Villuminate any 'of the tubes.

Fl'anged brass strips '3B are provided along the 'corners of the stock lso as to 'cover and protect the wood of the stock 'at these points.

A level comprising a stock including vcompanion sections having an opening and a slot and in communi-cation with each other by a 'lamp chamber, means securing the sections of the stock together, bubble tubes in the opening, a lamp socket in the chamber, an electric lamp in the socket to furnish light to the tubes, a Contact member having a semi'circular-sha ed portion secured to opposite Walls of t e slot adjacent one end `of the latte-r and bearing against the socket and having the remaining portion oli'set to provide a movable Contact member spaced from one of the side walls of the slot, an electrical source in the stock, conductors between the sections of the stock and connected to the source and one conductor secured to the socket, and a stationary contact secured to the other conductor and the stock to be engaged by the movable contact member for completing the circuit to the lamp.

In testimony whereof I aliix my signature.


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