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Publication numberUS1819433 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1931
Filing dateNov 12, 1929
Priority dateNov 12, 1929
Publication numberUS 1819433 A, US 1819433A, US-A-1819433, US1819433 A, US1819433A
InventorsMiller Leonard L
Original AssigneeMiller Leonard L
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US 1819433 A
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L L'. MILLER Mag. 18, 1931.


Filed Navy 12, 1929 Patented Aug. 18, 1931 UNITED STATES LEONARD L. MILLER, OF LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY COMB Application filed November 12, 1 929. Serial No. 406,663.

My invention relates to improvements in combs and particularly to such as are adapted for use in straightening kinky or curly hair.

Briefly stated, the invention has for one of its primary objects the provision of a comb, as characterized, which is so shaped and provided with teeth on opposite sides that it may be used as a left-hand comb or a righthand comb without the necessity of adjustment or change of the handle, as is necessary in combs of this class now in use.

Another object of the invention resides in the provision of a comb having duplicate sets of teeth along opposite edges separated by a heat retaining solid ortion.

A further object o the invention resides in the provision of a comb for the purpose specified,the teeth of which are bowed or curved whereby to enable them to more readily enter between and separate adjacent hairs, and whereby the hot head or solid portion of the comb may be kept away from the scalp to avoid burning the same.

The invention has for a still further object the provision of a comb of this character, which is very simple in construction, inexpensive of manufacture and highly efficient in practical use,the invention also incorporating certain novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of the various parts and modes and methods of use,- all of which will be readily apparent from the detailed description to follow,reference being had to the accompanying drawings in which,

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a comb embodying my invention, and

Figure 2 is a cross section on the line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Referring specifically to the drawings wherein the same reference characters have been used to designate the same parts in all views, numeral 1 denotes a handle having a threaded shank 2 which is adapted to be engaged in the tapped boss 3 which is formed at one end of the intermediate head or body 4 from the opposite longitudinal edges of which project the curved or arcuate sets of teeth 6.

It is to be noted that by reason of the con- .struction shown and described it is possible to use the comb as a ,righthand comb or a left-hand comb without change of the pandle and without removing the hand thererom. Figure 2 shows very clearly that the head and the series of teeth present an arcual appearance 1n cross section or end profile.

This, as will be evident, enables the teeth to enter between adjacent hairs and also by reason of the curved form of the teeth, the

exceedingly hot intermediate body portion 4 may be kept away from the scalp so as not to injure the same: The teeth 6 converge in the direction of their outer ends at which point they are quite thin so as to readily enter the space between the hairs to separate the same and remove the kinks. However, these teeth increase in cross-sectional width in the direction of the head so as to effectively iron out the curl or kinkin the hairs as the comb" is drawn through the same.

'The body or head portion 4, as shown in the drawings, has a longitudinal rib running throughout its entire length at the inner surface and which is intermediate the outer edges of the two sets of teeth 6. This rib or projection 4* may be availed of for the purpose of ironing the hair, as it were, for plastering the same down in a straight condition,it being understood however that this rib portion 4* will not be permitted to come in contact with the hair until the body 4 of the comb has cooled sufficiently to prevent burning of the scalp or injury to the hair.

From the foregoing description taken in I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters 7 Patent is:

1. A comb of the class described having a a head having top and bottom surface por tions, a set of teeth extending angularly from each edge of said head with their ends terminating below the plane of the bottom surface of the head portion, and a medial fulcrum rib projecting outwardly of said bottom surface for tangential engagement with the hair while one of said sets of teeth is being used for combing.

2. A comb of the class described comprising a relatively thick heat retaining head portion, :and-a series-of teeth projecting from each edge of said head portionand curved in the arc of a circle whereby the teeth of one edge may be pushed through the hair with the heated head portion tangential to the hair and removed from the scalp for straightening the hair.

3. A comb of the class described'comprising an elongated head having top and bottom surface portions'and a tapped boss at one end, a ha-ndle 'hay'ing a threaded-shank adapted to be screwed into said boss,:dupli- "cat-e series of arcua'lly curvedtee'th extending from opposite longitudinal edges 7 of the said head portion, the varc of said teeth being such as to present the outer ends thereof in *a plane below-the planeof the-bottom surface of said head portion and 'a longitudinal rib projecting from the bottom surface of said head portion and extending throughout the length thereof, substantially as and for the 'purposespecified.

in testimony whereof I a'flix my signature. 3o LEONA-RD L. MILLER.

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U.S. Classification132/139, 132/124, 132/160
International ClassificationA45D2/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45D2/002
European ClassificationA45D2/00S1