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Publication numberUS1819460 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1931
Filing dateJun 26, 1928
Priority dateJun 26, 1928
Publication numberUS 1819460 A, US 1819460A, US-A-1819460, US1819460 A, US1819460A
InventorsAlexander Frank
Original AssigneeAlexander Frank
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Switch box support
US 1819460 A
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Filed June 26, 1928 Patented Aug. 1s,Vv 1931 PATENT OFFICE ALEXANDER FRANK, 0F NEW YORK, N. Y.

SWITCH :BOX SUPPORT Application led .Tune 26,

This invention relates to improvements in switch box supports and more particularly to improvements in supports for metal switch boxes, which are secured to vertical or horizontal cross pieces in building structures.

A particular object of my invention is the provision of a novel switch box support which can be stamped from a single piece of metal and which will serve as a support for the entire switch box in a unitary structure.

Further objects of my invention will be apparent from the specification and drawings in which Fig. 1 is an elevational View showing my improved device in place upon a wall, looking on the inside of the outlet or switch box.

Fig. 2 is a plan view showing the method of attaching the device to a wall.

Fig. 3 is an end view showing the manner in which the device is attached to the side of the box.

Fig: 4 is an end view the same as Fig. 3, but showing the device separately, detached from the switch box.

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the complete device detached from the switch box.

A represents a switch box of conventional pattern.

B my improved switch box support which is the subject matter of this invention. This novel type of switch box support is preferably stamped from a single piece of metal having the face plate C and the side arms D at right angles thereto, these side arms D having upstruck flanges E integral therewith and at right angles both to the arms D and to the face plate C. The face plate'C has key-hole slots F therein fitting over the screws G, which are threaded into the body of the switch box A. The flanges E have perforations H therein for securing the switch box support to the wall by means of screws or nails and also have tabs K therein at right angles to the ange E which serve as additional supporting members when said tabs are driven into a wall.

t is apparent that by the provision of additional openings on the four sides of the 1928. Serial N0. 288,376.

switch box A, the unit B can be attached to anyone of said four sides and inasmuch as said unit affords support for the box in two places, no additional supporting means are necessary.

Having fully described my invention, what I claim is l. A support for a switch box comprising a U shaped unit stamped from a single piece of metal having a face plate with key openou ings thereon engaging one side of the switch box, a pair of arms at right angles to said face plate and parallel to each other, said arms having their widest portion adjacent said .face plate and flanges formed on said c5 arms integral therewith and at right angles thereto, said flan es having openings and tabs therein by w ich said unit can be se, cured to a building structure.

2. A support for a switch box comprising a U shaped unit stamped from a single sheet of metal having a face plate with attachment openings therein engaging one side of a switch box, a pair of arms at right angles to said face plate and parallel to each other, and lianges at right angles to said arms and integral therewith, said flanges having alternately openings and tabs therein by which said unit can be directly secured to a building structure. Se

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification248/216.4, 248/217.3
International ClassificationH02G3/12
Cooperative ClassificationH02G3/125
European ClassificationH02G3/12F2