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Publication numberUS1819776 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1931
Filing dateNov 5, 1928
Priority dateNov 5, 1928
Publication numberUS 1819776 A, US 1819776A, US-A-1819776, US1819776 A, US1819776A
InventorsHeck Jacob C
Original AssigneeDa Lite Screen Company Inc
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Cinematograph screen
US 1819776 A
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Aug. 18, 1931. ,1 c, HECK 1 1,819,776


His Azzbrrey.


Figure 2 is a vertical section of the screen,

a loudspeaker device being shown in elevation therewith.

With more particular reference to the drawings, 11 designates a supporting rectangular frame for the screen 14, the frame having eyelets 12 by means of which the frame is sustained from the cables 13. The screen 14 has the perforations 15, which latter, comprising an important feature of my invention, will be hereinafter described.

The frame 11 is also provided with a plurality of hooks 19 which are mounted in the frame 11, the hooks cooperating with grommets 2O suitably incorporated into the reinforced edge 21 of the screen, thereby providing a means for lacing the cord 22 be tween the frame and the screen, in this manner maintaining the latter in stretched condition. As shown in Figure 2, a loud speaker device 16 which may be of any desired type, is mounted on a stand 17, equipped with rollers 18, and placed adjacent the screen to be coordinated and synchronized therewith when pictures are projected on the latter.

As an important feature of my invention, the screen is provided with a series of perforations, which are preferably quite small in diameter, as indicated in Figure 1. It is highly essential in this art to preserve an eflicient light reflecting surface for the purpose of clear definition in the projection of motion pictures. For this reason, I have determined by experiment that if the perforations exceed, to an appreciable degree, the

Serial No. 317,210.

magnitude of those herein indicated, the greater ease with which sounds are then transmitted through the fabric, is at the expense of clearness of definition of the projected pictures. In consequence, a balance must be arrived at which will yield results pf the character demanded by a critical pub- The fabric I employ for my screen is preferably of a thin but dense structure. This 1s animportant feature since in the fabrics now in use 1n motion picture houses, those chosen with a view to permitting the tones of the loud-speaker to pass therethrough, are made of a highly porous and fuzzy material which, to a considerable degree, absorbs instead of reflecting light rays projected thereon; consequently,'render1ng the definition poor, and darkening the entire picture.

By my invention I not only obtain a light reflecting surface and definition comparable to the best projecting surface now used, but also a medium through which the loudspeaking apparatus at present employed may pro ect its tones with clearness and force. It is to be observed here that the old style screen, if used, however excellent for the purpose of picture rojection, will have a sound deadening e ect which will nullify and absorb the tones emanating from the loudspeaker to a point where enjoyment of the synchronized vocal and instrumental part of the program is lessened to an appreciable degree.

It Wlll be understood by those skilled in the art to which my invention appertains that the device is susceptible to modification and change, hence, the invention is not to be limited to the precise details as set forth only insofar as these are circumscribed within the scope of the appended claim.

What I claim as new and desire to se cure by Letters Patent is:

A moving-picture screen adapted for coordinated sound transmission, composed solel of a single-thickness finely-woven textileabric screen having a front light-reflecting surface to receive the projected picture and provided with perforations therethrough in number and size sufficient to permit passage of sound-waves therethrough of appropriate volume without blurring, while at the same time preserving the light-reflecting properties of such surface sufliciently to constitute an eificient screen for the presentation of the pictures, the walls of said perforations being at substantially rightanilles to the body of the screen.

testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification. I


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U.S. Classification359/445, 160/378
International ClassificationG03B21/56
Cooperative ClassificationG03B21/565
European ClassificationG03B21/56C