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Publication numberUS1820286 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 25, 1931
Filing dateJul 8, 1929
Priority dateJul 8, 1929
Publication numberUS 1820286 A, US 1820286A, US-A-1820286, US1820286 A, US1820286A
InventorsWalter C Daumling, Jr Frederick M Miner
Original AssigneeWalter C Daumling, Jr Frederick M Miner
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US 1820286 A
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Patented Aug. v25,. 1931 j UNITE` stares FREDERICK M. Minna, JR., Aun WALTER c. paulatina, or Mawson. wisconsin.

j BoILER V `l pipes joined to flue tubefheaders that are detachably connected to the inlet and outlet sec-- tions ofthe flue tube'to permitready inspec,

tion and repair, the boiler being made inr sections to vpermit `access to said removable flue y tube sectionythe arrangement,Vprovidingta very simple, reliable andeiiicient boiler co`nstruction. y

The invention further consists in the several features hereinafter described and more particularly defined by the claim at the `conclusionhereof. j

In the drawings Fig.y l isa side elevation View of a boiler embodying the-invention; y

the line 2-2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a detail sectional view through the removable flue tube section.

Referring to the drawings, thenumerals 4 and 5 designate the sectionsfforming the main casing of the boiler, said Ysections having flanges 6 detachably secured together by bolts 7 witha packing ring y8 disposed there between. These casing sections are of cylin-A drical section vexcept that a laterally-disposed, selni-cylindrical extension 9 is v.provided on the casing section 5.

A cold water inlet pipe 10 enters the lower end of the section 5 and a hot water or steam pipe 11 leads from the topof the section 4 and the casing is preferably supported above the Hoor 12 by legs 13,y p

The flue tube structure is disposed in the section 5 and comprises fixed inlet and outlet flue tube sections 14 and 15 and a removable flue tube section 16.

tom 18 of thevr sameand, as shown, an ordi 26with a'pipe 27. leading to the'chimney.

Fig; 2 is a detail sectional view-taken on headers 31 and 32and a lplurality'ofcoiled nary gas burner is associated with the eX*- posed .lowerend 19 of said Vsections to delivern burning gases thereto; This burner includes the gas supply pipe 20 leadinglinto af'Ven-l turi mixing., tube 21Jhaving the burner tip.'

22 at its 4upper'end iandprimary a-ir open'- '55"' tioning air that entersthroughthe sideopenings l24 formed in the supporting'spider 25 .0051,v 'l vof vthe burner. Itfwill, ofcourse, be understi-ood that insteadV of 'using' gas as a fuel, oil Y,

Vmay yberv used,'supplie'd by 'any suitableoi] burner associated withthe end y19. f The tubelsection 1 5 is shown as a straight pipe section that vextends through thecasing vsection 5 adjacent the lower end portion thereof and is connected-by a union coupling j .Thevhorizontalleg28 of the tubesection "14 Y Y has anannul'ar flange29 at itsv end and the K inner end of the tube section 15`is provided vwith an annular fia-nge 30.L

yThe removable tube section 16` includes pipes 33 connecting these headers together and secured thereto in a fluid-tight manner.

The header 31 has an annular ange 34de-V` tachably secured by bolts 35 and packing 36 tothe flange 29 and the header 32 has an an nular flanger37 detachably secured by bolts 38 and packing 39 to thekk flange 30 so that with the top section 4 removed it is an easy matter to remove the vtube section 16 from the boiler if repair or cleaning is necessary.

Thetube sections 14y and 15 and headers 31 and 32 may be of suitable iron or steel piping, butthe pipes 33 are preferably of metal Y having a high rate of heat-conductivity, such j as copper or copper alloy. v f A drain pipe 40 for thecondensate extends from thetube section 15 toa suitable place of disposal and has a trap 41 formed therein. AWith this construction the hot burning gases enter the tube section 14 and pass upwardlyY through the same and then laterallyv intothe header 31 and pipes 33 to the header 32 and tube section15-and it has been found j that by the time these gaseshave passed throughy or partially through the pipes 33 all 19C". l

the heat has been given up to the flue tubes and the Water surrounding the same so that the gases inthe tube section 15 are at the telnperature of the entering Water, With the re- 5 sult that the Water or sulphuric acid in the gas is condensed and loWs out through the pipe 4() so that da-inage to the chimney and fumes from the gas are prevented. It has also been found that as practically all the heat of the gases is given up to the Water the heater is very eiicient.

Ve desire it to be understood that this invention is not to be limited to any particular form or arrangement of parts except insofar as such limitations are included in the clailn.

What We claim as our invention is:

In a boiler, the combination of a vertically disposed cylindrical casing, having a removable top portion, a fiue tube structure coinyprising anA inlet tube section extending up- Wardly and then horizontally, an exhaust tube section disposed below the horizontally extending portion of said inlet tube section, an intermediate tube section including headers detachably Connected to said tube sections and coiled pipes connecting said headers, said last named tube section being readily removable through the upper end of said casing on the removal of said top portion, a trap for 30 condensation products communicating with said exhaust tube section at a loW point in the latter,r said tube structure being of a length to insure complete Combustion of the burning gases before reaching that portion Vot the exhaust section adjacent said trap, an inlet for the supply Water entering said casing below and adjacent said exhaust tube section to insure the cooling of the burnt gases so that the Water or sulphuric acid in the 40 `burnt gases is condensed and flows out through said trap so that damage to the pping beyond said trap is prevented, and a burner for delivering burning` gases to the inlet end of said inlet tube section. 4f In testimony whereof, We aix our signatures.


60l it

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