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Publication numberUS1820420 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 25, 1931
Filing dateMar 13, 1929
Priority dateMar 13, 1929
Publication numberUS 1820420 A, US 1820420A, US-A-1820420, US1820420 A, US1820420A
InventorsCalven Aerick
Original AssigneeCalven Aerick
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Universal nursing stand
US 1820420 A
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Au zs, 1931. C, A 1,820,420


Cazen frzc/r; 7

m' zrromwzy Patented Aug. 25, 1931 UNITED STATES.

I GALVEN Annex, 01* Los' AnGEL-ns, oAL roiin IA' UNIVERSAL NURSING STAND A A Application filed March 13, 1929. Serial No. 346,763.

This invention relates to means for holding a nursing bottle and has for an object to provide a simple, practicable and inexpensive stand which may be readily fixedly or remov- 5 ably attached to one or another of various types of supports such, for instance, as the back rail of a high chair, the rail of acrib, or

' of a cradle, or the basket of a baby carriage. A further object is to provide a universal bottle clamping swing andto provide means for automatically carrying the swing off to one side and away from the face and head of the baby and yet allow a quite young infant to easily grasp and bring the milk bottle over 715 to a comfortable position at its mouth.

The general object of the invention is to relieve the moiher, thev nurse or other attendant of the burden of closely watching the baby to see that it does not cast the bottle, if

free, away with destructive results and also a purpose is to have the bottlehandily mounted so that the baby may have milk asits appe- I tite, notion or whim may demand to the end that the peace of all may be conserved and at the same time leave the attendant free to attend to other duties and not be solely mindful of'the infant.

Additionally an object is'to provide for the compact packaging of the device and for its being kept 1n a clean and wholesome cond1-' (ion by reason of the simplicity of its structure and fewness of its parts.

Numerous other objects, advantages and features will be made manifest in the following description of the herewith illustrative embodiment; it being understood that modi-, fications, variations and adaptations may be resorted to within the spirit, scope and principle of the invention as it is moredirectly 4 hereinafter claimed.

The figure is a perspective of thelstand as mounted. The bottle swing includes a set of side bars 2 of suitable material, as enameled or nickel plated wire. One end of each bar is connected to an elastic girdle 3 preferably made of a helical spring. This is somewhat'smaller in diameter than a second or body band 4 also made of helical spring and being suitably attached to the bars 2 at points near their loota baby-chair :6.

tom ends; these being hooked inward to grapple around the bottom of an inserted bottle B. v

The forward ends of the swing bars bend inward to fit around the neck of the bottle. It will be seen that the spring girdles 3-4 will I I readily adapt themselves to bottles of different sizes and cross-sectional forms, as may I be preferred in the household or the nursery. I

I One of the bars is attached to a suitable chain 6 which may be hooked at suitable height on a hook 7 carried by the overhead arm of a crane whose standard is preferably; made of sections 9-9"*'connected by a 'slip joint tube 10 fixed on the section 9.

The standard is turnably supported on a bracket 11 which is shown as having a plate 12 to be fastened by screws, as to the back of The bracket has a shelf f with spaced stop lugs 13 to engage a contact part on'the standardand which-is here shown as a short 'foot lil- To give the crane an automatic outward action from the babys face when the'bottle is released a cam leaf '15 is punched up from the shelf and the foot l l slides to and fro on this cam; the lugs on the end of the leaf limiting the movement.-

lf desired the bracket may havea hanging wall 16 with an inner springjaw 17 which will firmly frictionally grip a part on which l the bracket may be slipped into place. This eliminates screws.

lNhat-is claimed is: I

1. A nursing bottle stand having a supporting bracket, a cranestandard mounted on the bracket to swing horizontally,:means to limit movement of the crane, a'bottle swing I porting bracket, a cranestandard turnably mounted on the bracket, a bottle swingsuspended by the crane, and a cam leaf to impel the crane in one'direction and having lugs to 5 limit movement of the crane in either direc- I tion.

3. A nursing bottle swing including a pair of side bar-swhose upper ends are connected by a loooformed of a, helical spring adapted to close around the shoulder of a bottle, the opposite ends of the bars being inturned toward each other, and a helix-spring band connectin the inturned ends of the bars; 5 Whereb in application of the swing to a hottle the inturned ends are spread to freely pass down over the neck and body of the bottle and then will snap into embracing position with the hooks under the bottom of the bottle.


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U.S. Classification248/103, 248/145, 248/289.31
International ClassificationA61J9/06
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