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Publication numberUS1820555 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 25, 1931
Filing dateJan 5, 1929
Priority dateJan 5, 1929
Publication numberUS 1820555 A, US 1820555A, US-A-1820555, US1820555 A, US1820555A
InventorsBuschman Sol L
Original AssigneeMetal Package Corp
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Waste receptacle
US 1820555 A
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g- 25, 1931- I s, L. BuscHMA 1,820,555

WASTE RECEPTACLE Filed Jan. 5. 1929 4 Sheets-She '1 11 ASQZLfiZZ O /Z/ W """B Y MWMZZ,

ATTORNEYS Aug. 25, 1931. s. BUSCHMAN WASTE RECEPTAGLE Filed Jan. 5. 1929 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR A'rroRNEYs I Aug. 25, 1931. s. 1.. BUSCHMAN 1,320,555

' WASTE RECEPTACLE Filed Jan. 5, 1929 4 Sheets-Sheet a INVENTOR 8. ATTORNEYS Patented Aug. 25, 19 31 p'soL L. BUscHMAn; on NEW roan, 1T.YY.,.

PATENT 1 'o FncE' nssienonynv mnsivn ASSIGNMENTS, TO

METAL PACKAGE GGRZBORATION, on NEW YORK, iv. Y., A conronnrron or DELA- WARE . WASTE ancnr'mcrn Application filed January 1929 Serial No. 330,532.

This invention. relates to garbage or other: waste receptacles employing an outer container and an inner waste-receiving recep-- tacle together with a cover hinged to the outer container.

The principal object of the inventionis the production of a device of the above character which shall be simple in construction and which shall be provided with means for raising the cover and means for raising the inner receptacle, one of said means acting on the other one of said means to cause it to functlon. Other and further objects and advantages of the invention will appear from the sub-- joined description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings in which:

Fig. 1 is'a section taken through'a device -made in accordance with my invention.

Fig. 2 is a bottom plan view of the device. 1

Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 1 (partly broken away) and showing the cover and inner receptacle in raised position.

. Fig. 4 is a part of the container.

Fig. 5 is a section-taken through a modifi cation showing the cover in closed position.

FigJGis' a bottom planview ofthe modi- .fication. g

Fig. 7 is a view similar to Fig. 5ibut show ing the cover and receptacle in raised position.--

Figs. 8, 9 and 1 0 are'views similar toFigs.

5, 6, and 7 "respectively but showing-a further modification. 1

Figs. 11, 12, and 13 are also views similar to Figs. 5, 6, -and 7 respectively but showing still a further modifications Referring'in detail'to the drawings: I

1 indicates the body of the container which is provided with curled upper and lower edges 2 and 3 respectively to present a smooth appearance. 4 indicates the cover which is hingedto the body as at 5 in any desirable manner. Said cover is provided with a rearwardly extending strap 6 having an e21 tension 7. Fastened to the inner side of the body inany desirable manner are the angle pieces 8. These support an inner waste or garbage-receiving receptacle 9 providedwith front elevation of the lower 7 v through an opening in the extension 7 oiithe the usual bail lOfor. convenience of remov-v ing the receptacle from the container when.

so desired. r V

A mechanism has been-provided for rais ing the cover and the inner receptacle 9 so that access may be readily had to its bail 10,

this mechanism beingconstructed asto first partially raisethe coverand then the inner receptacle so that there will be no contact between the'two parts thus eliminating noise and possible injury to theparts or either of them. I

The above mechanism comprises an actuator consisting of a'horlzontally dISPOSQd rock shaftlljournalled near its ends in bearing. open ngs in the wall of, the container. The forward end of said rock shaft is bent and terminatesin a foottreadle 12 while the rear end terminates in a crank arm 13 having a rearwardly extendingextension 14. Said extensionpasses throughan opening in a link 15 and it is preventedit'rom disconnecr tion therewith by means of a' pin 16. The

upper end of said link is hooked and extends strap g A receptacle actuator comprising a bar 17 is pivotally mounted in suitable bearings 18,

fastened to the inner wall of the body of the container. The rear end of said barextends through p-aslot in the'container and termi nates in a right-angled extension 19 which normally lies beneath but spaced apart from the crank 13.

'Whenthe cover 4 is closed the parts in the positionshown in Fig. 1 and the. inner re-' ceptacle 9 is seated on the angle pieces 8 and with the receptacle actuating bar 17 spacedacertain distance "from the' bottom of the receptacle 9. When the treadle 7 is pushed downwardly the rock shaft 11 is rotated and the'cover 4 is partially raised due to the connection between the cover and the rockshaft by thelink 15. Afterthe cover has been upwardly lnto engagement with the bottom of the receptacle 9 so as to force the receptacle upwardly from disengagement with the angle pieces 8 and make it readily accessible for removal. When the cover is fully raised the parts are in the position shown in Fig. 3. After the treadle 12 is released the reverse movements take place until the receptacle and the various parts of the actuating mechanism again assume the position shown in Fig. 1. 1

In the modification illustrated in Figsh to 7 inclusive the cover 4 is provided with a downwardly extending strap and the hooked end 21 of the link 22 extends through an opening in said strap. In'this case the link lies within the container 1 as illustrated.

Theplink is. provided at its lower end with .a:

forwardly extending receptacle actuator 23 which is normally spaced apart from the receptacle which seats on theangle pieces 8 as in the preferred form of the invention.

A rock shaft 24 of theconfiguration shown in Fi 6 is journalled in bearingopenings. in the 'Wall of the container as in the previous wcase. Its forward end is providedwith a treadle 25 and a portion of said rock shaft lies beneath the receptacle actuator 23. hen the treadle .is. actuated the rock. shaft .24 presses the link 22 upwardly to push the cover mupwardlyon its hinge 5. After the cover has beenraised a certain distance the actuator.23'.is.-forced into engagement with the bottom .of the receptacle to raise the receptacle out of engagement with the angle pieces 3 8 until the parts assume the position shown inFig...7 .1 Whenthe treadle is released, as ]S obvious, the reverse movements take place and the receptacle and the actuating mechanism again assume the position shownin 5- V The modification shown in Figs. 8 to 10 inclusive is very similar to that of Figs. 5 to 7 inclusive the main difference being that the link 26 'is' positioned outside of the conta ner 4' and the hooked end thereof is hooked over a pin 27 carried by the cover 4. The cover is provided with aniextension 28 which is pivoted to a bracket 29' fastened to the outer side of the container. The end of the-link 26 extends inwardly into the container through a slot 30 in the rear wallthereof and it is pro-- videdwitha receptacle actuator 31 as in the case of the modificationshown in Figs. 5 to 7'inclusive. The rockshaft- 24 is of the same configuration as in the modification just referred to and a portionthereof extends beneath the receptacle actuator 31, said actuator being normally spaced apart from the receptacle asin the previous case. The cover 5, and receptacle are raised by a pushing movement as is obvious whenthe treadle 25 is actuatediand itwis thought the operation of the mechanimrequires H0:fUl.tl1(-)l detailed description.

Mr Ila-the modification. shown in Fig-s11 .to

13 inclusive the cover 4L is pivotally fastened to the bracket 29 and the link 26 is connected to said. cover in the same manner as in the supporting bar 35 the ends of which are supported in the container body. 36 indicates a crank the ends of which are journalled in suitable openings in the wall of the container said crank being provided with extensions 37 which normally are spaced from the receptacle 9. The forward end of the actuator bar 32 is provided with a treadle 38 which, when pressed down, raises the cover due to the connections just described and then engages the crank 36 to rotate the same and swing the extensions 37 upwardly-into engagement with the receptacle 9 to force the same upwardly fromdisengagement with the an le pieces 8.

What I claim as my invention is:

1.111 a device of the character described, a container, a hinged cover thereon, a receptacle supported within said container, a shaft supported-by'the wall of said container for raisingsaid cover and havinga foot actuated treadle extending from said container and a bar 'withinsaid container normally separated from said shaft and adapted to beactuatedby said shaft to raise said receptacle.

2. In a device of thecharacter described,

3. In a device of the character described;

a container, a hinged cover thereon, a'receptacle supported Within said container, afoot actuated shaft"supported by said container for raising said cover, connecting means be tween said cover and said shaft and means nivotally mounted. insaid container for raising said receptacle and adapted to be actu ated by said shaft: after said shaft has been moved a predetermined distance iniits travel.

4. In a device of the character described, a container, a hinged cover thereon, a recep tacle within said container, means withinsaid container for supporting said receptacle, a foot actuated shaft supported in. the wall of said container, a link connecting said shaft and said cover whereby said cover will be.

raised. when said shaft is actuated, a bar pivotally mounted -1I1=S2L1Cl container for raising nrst partially said receptacle and adapted to be actuated by said shaft after said cover has been partially raised.

5. In a device of the character described, a container, a hinged cover thereon, a receptacle supported within said container, a shaft journalled in the wall of said container and terminating at its rear end in a crank and at its forward end in a foot actuated treadle, a

link connecting said cover and said crank,

a bar pivoted Within said container for raising said cover and extending through the wall thereof and adapted to be actuated by said crank.

6. In a device of the character described,

a container, a hingedcover thereon, a receptacle supported within said container, means for raising said cover comprising a link and a pivoted shaft having a treadle and means i for raising said receptacle within saidvcontainer comprising a mov'ablebardisconnected from said shaft and treadle and adapted to be actuated upon movement of said shaft and treadle. J

Signed at New York, in the county of 1 New York, and State of New York, this 3rd day of J anuary, A. D. 1929.


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U.S. Classification220/263
International ClassificationB65F1/04, B65F1/08, B65F1/16
Cooperative ClassificationB65F1/163, B65F1/08
European ClassificationB65F1/08, B65F1/16D1