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Publication numberUS1820582 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 25, 1931
Filing dateApr 11, 1929
Priority dateApr 11, 1929
Publication numberUS 1820582 A, US 1820582A, US-A-1820582, US1820582 A, US1820582A
InventorsDaniel H Strayer
Original AssigneeDaniel H Strayer
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Waterproof receptacle
US 1820582 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

D. H. sTRAYER 1,820,582

WATERPROOF RECEBTACLB v Original Filed May 2l, 1928 Aug. 25, 1931.

satented ug. 2:5,` 1931 DANIEL n; s'IRnYiR,V or VENICE, CALIFORNIA` 'Y WATERPROOF Refiled for abandoned application Serial No. 279,272, v1929. [Serial My invention relates to a Waterproof receptacle or carrying case, andthe inventiony herein set forth is an improvement up'ona somewhat similar Waterproof 'receptacle forming the subject matter of my U. S. Letters Patent No. 1,671,385 issued to me May 29,1928.

The principal objects of my presentinvention are to generally improve upon'and simo plify the construction of thelvvaterproof receptacle disclosed in my aforesaid patent, and 'to provide improved means foreifectually clamping and closing the mouth of the receptaole, which clamping and closing means vis carried upon the container, therebyeliminating the possibility of the clampngmeans becoming lost or mislaid Whenv the receptacle A further object of my invention is to provide a Waterproof receptacle or Carrying case that isgespecially designed for b'athersus'e,v although the container "in larger sizes may be advantageously employedby hunters; fishermen7 soldiers, campers or persons engaged in out-door sports or functions.

With the foregoing yand other objects rin view, my invention consists in certain novel features of construction and arrangement of parts that Will be hereinafter'more fully described and claimed and illustrated inthe accompanying drawings,v in which Fig. r1 isa perspectiveview of ayvaterproof receptacle constructed in accordance With my invention and looking at the front side thereof.

Fig. 2 is a perspective vievi7 'of tacle and looking against the rea-r of. .f 3 is a top planvievv ofthe receptacle and showing the mouth-clamping means in closed position. i

Fig. 4: is an elevational view of theupper end of the container with the clamping means in position thereon.

Fig. 5 is a horizontal section 'taken on the line 5-5 of Fig. Il.

Fig. 6 is a vertical sectiontaken on the line 6 6 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 7 is atop plan View partly inhorizontal section of the mouth portion of the the recepside there- RECEPTAGLE filed May 271, 1928. This application filed April 11, No. 354,429.

receptacle and showing amodiied arrangement of the clamping means that is utilized for closing said mouth. i 7

Referring by numerals to the accompanying drawings'vvhi'ch illustrate a practical embodiment 'of my invention, 10 Adesignates a.

' substantially rectangular bag or container that forms thefbody of the receptacle, said body being preferably formed of rubber composition, and the upper end of said body terminates in a tapered neck portion 11, and extending upwardly from said neck portion is a pair of short vertically disposed Walls 12 that normally lie parallel with each other, as illustrated in Figs. 3 and 5.

` The opening between the Walls 12 serve as the mouth of the receptacle and as the Walls are formed of rubber or elastic material theyA may be readily spread apart and stretched to a certain degree to permit the insertion or removal of the contents of the receptacle.

' Arranged on the outer faces of the walls 12 .are short verticallydisposed loops or keepers 13, the same being formed integral with said Walls and extending' through said loops and lying fiat against the 'outer faces of the Walls-12 are clampingmembers 14, preferably atmetal bars, the ends of 'which project slightly beyond the ends of said Walls 12.' These. clamping members 14; are pivotally connected to each other at one end by means of a link or loop 16 that is pivotally connected' to one of said bars and which' may bev svvung into position over the end of the other bar, as illustrated infFigs. Sand 5, thereby exerting clamping pressure'upon the Walls leops 18,y saidbars maybe providedon their 12 to tightly close the joint or opening bey clamping membersY outer faces with notches vor recesses 17 that receive theloops 13. (See'Fig. 5.)

y Where the receptacleis ly soft, fleXibie materiahthe body portionl() thereof may bereinforced Yor stifi'ened by means of a substantially rectangular member 18,k preferably formed of thinlight-Weight metal, such as aluminum, or from thin sheet material such -as Celluloid or fiber;v and the form d of relativeopen upper end of said reinforcing member terminating just below the neck portion 11.

Formed integral with the upper end of one of the side walls of the body is a iap or covering member 19 which is adapted to overlie the upper end of the container when the same is made ready for use, and said flap member is formed integral with one end of an elastic strap 20 that is adapted to pass aroundv the'body l10, and thus the Hap will be stretched tightly over the top of the receptacle so as to fully cover the mouth thereof and the clamping members that close said mouth.

Formed integral with the upper portion of the Wall of body 10 to which the flap 19 and strap 20 are connected is a horizontally disposed strap 21 that is adapted to receive a portion of the clothing of the user of the re' ceptacle, for instance the shoulder strap of a bathing suit, a belt, or a suspender strap.

In the use of my improved receptacle the "clamping members 14- are released so as to permit the walls 12 to be spread apart, as illustrated by dotted lines in Fig. 3, thereby permitting articles such as cigarettes,

il* ..matches, money, keys or jewelry to be placed -`within the container after which the clamp-v ing members 111 are brought together and secured in clamping position by the loop 16. The closed mouth of the receptacle 1s now `forced downwardly into the upper portion of 'the body 10 of the receptacle so that the walls 12 and clamping members 14 occupy positions Within the upper portion of the body 10, as illustrated in Fig. 6, and the flap 19 and -`strap 20 are now manipulated so as to pass around the body of said receptacle with the flap thereof overlying the closed mouth and the clamping members Thus the flap 19 provides a smooth finish for i 1 `the upper end of the receptacle and affords additional protection for the closed mouth thereof and etfectually prevents moisture and dust from entering that portion of the body that is occupied by the mouth clamping The clamping members 14 firmly grip and clamp the interposed walls 12, thereby eiectually preventing the ingress of moisture and dust and affording complete protection for Nthe contents of the container.

The receptacle may be conveniently carried in the pocket or traveling bag, or 1t ma be directly applied to some part of the clothing of the wearer by passing a strap or the like through or beneath strap 21.

applied thereto. i

In Fig. 7, I have shown the clamping bars that are carried by the mouth of the receptacle as being provided at both ends with readily detachable means that will permit said clamping members to be spread apart or two members are broughtto clamp the mouth j of the receptacle. v

Thus it will be seen that I have provided a waterproof, receptacle that is relatively simple in construction,l inexpensive of manufac'ture, andvery eliective in performing its intendcdfunctions.

It will be understood that minor changes in the size, form and construction of the various parts of my iinprovedwat'erproof receptacle may be made and substituted for those herein shown and described without departing from the spiritv of the invention, the scopel of which is set forth in the appended claims.

I Claim as myvi'nvention:

1. A receptacle 'formed' of flexible waterproof material provided 'at its upper end with 'an opening, loops formedon the outer faces of the walls of vsaid receptacle adjacent to said opening, vrigid clamping members' ex'- tending through vand carried by Vsaidvloops, the outer faces of which clamping members are notched for the receptionof said loops, said clamping members being pivotally connected to'l each other at' one end, and readily releasable means for detachably connecting theother ends of'sa'id clamping members.

' 2.' A container of the class'described, comprising a receptacle formed of moistureproof material, which receptacle Vis provided at its upper end ywithan opening, loops'formed on the Walls of said receptacle adjacent to said opening, clamping members through said loops, the outer faces of which clamping members are'not'ched to receive said loops, a link connecting said ,clamping members at one 'end and a linkpivotallyconnected to the opposite end of'one of said clamping members and adapted to engage in a notchin the end of the other clampingmember.u

In testimony whereofl'afix my signature.



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