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Publication numberUS1820782 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 25, 1931
Filing dateFeb 18, 1930
Priority dateFeb 18, 1930
Publication numberUS 1820782 A, US 1820782A, US-A-1820782, US1820782 A, US1820782A
InventorsClimenson William W
Original AssigneeClimenson William W
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Crayon or pencil holder
US 1820782 A
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I Aug. 25, 1931. w. w. CLIMENSON canon 0R PENCIL HOLDER Filed Feb. 18. 1930 wi LIAMewfcnnvrnnson, or orma gn ookirnnnsyrvnmn cRAYoN oR PnNcrnHoI nE-nQj l Applieati on filed "February 18;1930, steam. ame.

- This invention relatesto crayon or pencil holders, and aims toprovide novel means for supporting a crayon orpencilin a tubulafiholder, in such away thatthe' crayon 5 r Pencil y be dily moved fromits in active position to c an extended po t or V1ce Versa. r i

e An'fimportant object of the" invention is to provide a deviceof thischaracter' which will [0 beexceptionally cheap to manufacture, due

consideration being anddurability of the device.

15 may be/usedjas' an, advertising medium, the

- thumbpiec e forming apartof the device beas to permit.--advertising,

- ing 'ofsuch asiZe .rnatter tobe placed thereong v p I Withthe foregoing and other objects in 0 view, which will appear asthe descriptionproceeds, the inventionfresides 'in thelconibination andarrangementfof parts and inthe details of construction hereinafter described" I I v theresu'lt that-the bladei8 cuts into the -penj- I groovethroughout tlie length, flVhen the sleeve h sg been I moved to 'a' position adj acent I to the eraser and" claimed, 7 it "being understood that 5 changes'in the precise embodiment of the invention, herein disclosed," may' be-made Withinthescope of hat-is claimed, with out departing fromc the spirit of the invens -tion, V j g i 3- "Referring to the drawings: p igure 1 "S {an elevational "View of Ca j "device *cons'tructed' in accordance v with the invention,jillustrating apencil used inthe llOldI.T t Y r 3+3 of Figure ,1.

sleeve used in movingip the" pencilwithin the tubular'holder; 1

Figure15 is an elevational viewhillustrat ing the pencil and sleeve connected thereto.

- Figure 6 'is anelevatio'nal view of a tubular holder designed ;forfholding a crayon;

' such a way that the ad for the 3 strength cil,5. forming a {the sleeve: f slid along. the holden 5. g I c c g a I; I Inworder' that the' Figure 52 is} a sectional view taken, on;

Figure 4 is a vsectional view" through the Referring to; the are" ings detail,

reference character 5 designates atubu'lar I holder or bodyfportion, which as shown, is provided with a longitudinal slot extended throughoutthe lengththereof. 5 is ofi a diameter to receive the pencilin' pencil will closelyfit Within theholder', a showing beingfindicated' by" the re erence character 6. Slidably mounted on thehfold er 5, is a sleeve 7, which is split and pro p c Jvided' with inwardly extended ears 8 "and A'st ill f-urther object of the invention is to provide a device ofthis character which ,9 respectively, the ear 9 being bent around one-edge of the holder, adjacent to theslot, to holdthe sleeve in position on the: holder.

It' is of course understood that' the 88 I the pencil in the resent a Theear 8 is sharpenedto provide af'blade, I

and extendsinwardly ,whe refitfmaycut into i r the l pencil, to secure the; sleeve to I the pencil in such aIWav that When the sleevejis moved, t

the pencil willbe movedawitliin" the holder.

-When the pencil'isjpositioned within the.

holder, the sleeve- {is positioned over t'h'e holder: 'and is" moved along the holde with of the; pencili end ii of the: i pencil, the i 'sleevge is 1 rotated in position? and prevent the sleeve from niovingl independently ii of the pencil, w'lien so that when the eraser pencil, which is indicated by the not force the pencil -;er indicatedby the reference character 12," the same being slot 13 extending provided-with a longitudinal from the open end of the holder, 'tothe closed end thereof. The refthat is mounted onthe holder, and slides Sleeve may b inovedY K t l aein eh ,0 jp tQvided n ir portion-orholder. 'This' Figure 3? is a] sectional LVl'eW taken on line.

8 -c not'ch' al so presents shoulders at its ends toengage the edges of the ear or blade 8, of the reference character 11, is used, the pressure Terence" character 14 designates the sleeve w longitudinally thereof, the sleeve having an inwardly extended blade to bite into the crayon, which is indicated by the reference character" 16, to secure the sleeve to the crayon in such a Way that movement of-the sleeve will act to move the crayon longitudinally of the holder. r In this form of the invention, an enlarge.-

- 'ment 17 is formed on the sleeve, the enlargement being slightly depressed to receive the thumb of the operator so that the r sleeve may be operated readily. -This enlargement of thumb piece 17 also provides a surface on whioh certain adverm tising matter may be printed, it being contemplated to construetthe device insuch a! way thatthecost of manufacture will be so low as to warrantthedevicesbeing'given away-asanadvertisingmedium; r I 20 The member 17 also provides a rest for I the holdento prevent theholder from roll; 7 .iIlg-when positioned on an uneven surface. ,l-claim: .7, '1. In a device of the olassdescribed, a 2 tubular holder having slot' formed throughout the length thereof, a sleeve slidably mounted on the holder, said sleevebeing split,gears extending inwardly from the split portions of the'sleeve, one of said ears 7 being bent. into engagement with the body 7 portion tosecure the sleeve to the body portion, the opposite ear being sharpened, and' 7 providing a blade to cut into a pencil posi-- tioned within the holder, and said holder having meanscooperating with one of the 7 earstoxrestrict movement of the sleeve lon- 'gitudinally; of the holder. .12.,Ina device of the class described, a holder having a' slot formed I throughout the length thereof,.a sleeve slidably mounted on the holder andfhav'ing ears extending into. v a I the slot,3one of said ears adapted to engage a I a pencil supported within the holdertof se- "cure-the pencil to the sleeve, saidzholder 7 Q havinga notch formed near'one. end there} 7 0f, andone ofrsaid ears adapted. to .move into the-, notch to restrict movement of the sleeve longitudinallyqofthe holder.

I myown, I- havehereto afiixed my signature In testimony that I claimthe, foregoing as I V wILLIAMwo-LI ENsoN, f i

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