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Publication numberUS1821354 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 1, 1931
Filing dateJan 14, 1929
Priority dateJan 14, 1929
Publication numberUS 1821354 A, US 1821354A, US-A-1821354, US1821354 A, US1821354A
InventorsMeyer William H
Original AssigneeMeyer William H
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Card mount for strings
US 1821354 A
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Sept. 1, 1931'. w. H. MEYER I 1,321,354

CARD MOUNT FOR STRINGS Filed Jan. 14, 1929 how Patented Sept. 1, 1931 UNITED STATES WILLIAM H. MEYER, or BROOKLYN, NEW YORK can]; MOUNT FOR- STRINGS Application filed. January 14, 1929. Serial No. 332,340.-

The present invention relates to improvements in card mounts for strings and has for an object to provide an improved card construction for holding fishing tackle leaders, strings and the like in which a background is provided for the leader without requiring the slitting of the card and in which the leader is supported uniformly about the card.

Another object of the invention is to produce a card mount of a simple construction, original and ornamental design, in which the leader may be quickly and conveniently attached and mounted and in which the coiled and neat condition of the leader will be preserved until removed from the card.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention will be more fully described hereinafter, and will be more particularly pointed out in the claims appended hereto. I

In the drawings, wherein like symbols refer to like or corresponding parts throughout the several views, V

Figure l is a top plan view of a card mount showing the leader in place.

Figure 2 is a bottom plan View of the same. Figure 3 is a top planview of the card blank.

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the card blank with the tabs in raised position, and

Figure 5 is a section taken on the line 5-5 in Figure 1.

Referring more particularly to the drawings 6 designates a card body made of appropriate paper or other suitable material preferably of disc form, although this is not essential. The card may be inscribed with the circle or border 7 within which printed and pictorial matter may be placed to indicate the name, trade-mark, designation of goods, etc.

The margin portions of the disc 6 are provided with projecting tabs 8. These tabs may be provided in suitable number, four such tabs being shown in the drawings. The tabs project outwardly beyond the circumferential edge or perimeter of the disc 6 and carry at their outer free ends the enlarged heads 9, which may bulge to both sides of the shanks of the tabs 8,. The inner portions ofthe tab shanks extend into the disc 6, pairs of parallel slits '10 and 11 being cut into the material of the disc for a suitable distance,preferably for a slight distance inwardly of the border circle 7 The slits 10 and 1.1 are parallel'to radii of the disc 6, but may coincide in some instances with such radii. The leader is shown at 12 in Figures 1 and 5. This leader is coiled in the manner shown in Figure 1, and laid upon the obverse side of the disc mount the diameter of the coil being approximately that of the inscribed circle 7, which thus acts as a guide in the placing of the leader.

or string. The tabs 8 are swung to the position, shown in Figure 4, or to any position inwardly of this position prior to placing the coiled leader or string upon the obverse face of the card mount Gin order that the shanks of the tabs 8 may be subsequently wound about the leader strands. This action is permitted by the shanks hinging at their inner ends about their points of connection with the card and by reason Of the slots formed by slitting the edges of the disc. These slots enable the shanks of the tabs to be swung about the leader strands strands downwardly against the obverse face of the card mount 6. hen pulled taut, the free ends of the tabs will act to hold the leader firmly against the card mount and the leader will form a circular border portion for the advertising and other matter inscribed within the disc. The rear faces of the tabs or the heads only thereof may be provided with adhesive in Order to enable the tabs to be secured to the reverse 7 face of the card mount 6.

It will be appreciated from the foregoing that a substantially continuous background is afforded by the improved device to the leader and that this is accomplished without having to provide the spaced slits forming p straps through which the leader must be threaded. The leader is in no Wise suspended in the air Without background and the tabs also give suitable background at the slotted portions.

- It will be understood that the improved card mount will be suitable not only for fishing tackle, but also for strings for musical instruments, etc. r V

I have illustrated. and described a pre- 10 ferred and satisfactdry embodiment of my invention, but it is obvious that changes may be made therein Within the spirit and scope thereof as defined in the appended claims.

15 What is claimed is:

1. A card mount for strings comprising a disc card having at its marginal edge a plurality of radially extending tabs having shanks and laterally enlarged gummed heads on their free ends adapted to be secured M to the rear faces of the disc, said disc having an inscribed circle thereon and pairs of slits made at opposite sides of the shanks of the tabs and extending from the outer edge of the disc inwardly of said inscribed circle.

2. A card mount for strings comprising a disc card, and a plurality of radially ex- M tending tabs at its marginal edge having n shanks and laterally enlarged heads on their free ends adapted to be secured to the rear faces of the disc, said disc having pairs of slits made at opposite sides or" the shanks of the tabs and extending inwardly from the outer edge of the disc.

In testimony that I claim the foregoing as my invention, I have signed my name hereto.


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