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Publication numberUS1821692 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 1, 1931
Filing dateOct 2, 1930
Priority dateOct 2, 1930
Publication numberUS 1821692 A, US 1821692A, US-A-1821692, US1821692 A, US1821692A
InventorsCopeland George A
Original AssigneeCopeland George A
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Packing case
US 1821692 A
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Sept. l, 1931. G lA. coPELAND CKING cAsE Filed Oct. 2. 1930 Tok .eZaJzcZ [NI/EN 6&0?" e w 2SA ORNEY Patented Sept. 1, 1931 UNITED STATES GEORGE A. COPELAND, OF RCHESTER, NEW YORK PACKING CASE Application filed October 2r, I1930. Serial No. 485,859. v

My present invention relates to receptacles and more particularly to packing cases adapted for the shipment of more or less fragile goods, and it has for'its object to 5 provide a case of this nature that can be constructed at low cost; Which can be easily assembled; and Which Will so support the article being shipped that it Will not come into harsh contact With any solid surface but Will be hung in the container in such a Way that it Will be cushioned in alldirections.

To these and other ends, the invention resides in certain improvements and combinations `of parts, all as Will be hereinafter more fully described, the novel features being pointed out in the claims at the end of ,the specification.

In the drawings:

Fig. l is a plan vieW of the interior of the container showing the cushioning devices and the contained article, the surround ing containerV or box being shown in hori- Zontal section in a plane just below the'top Wall thereof;

Fig. 2 is a side View of the said interior parts, the outer container being shown in section in a plane coincident With the inner surface of a side Wall thereof;

Fig. 3 is'a perspective view of one of the cushioning devices, and j Fig. i is a plan view of the blank from which the cushioning device of Fig. 3 'is formed. Y

Similar reference numerals throughout the several views indicate the same parts. Y

The precise construction of the container or box is not important to the features of the invention and is shown herein as consisting merely of an ordinary heavy paper carton l having side Walls formed in one piece With the ends joined at one corner by an adhesive tape 2. The top and bottom of the container is formed by overlying inner and outer flaps 3 and 4 extending from the side Walls and pasted or otherwise secured in place to seal Athe container.

The enclosed article, that is packed for shipping in accordance with my invention, is indicated at A and may consist of the bare article itself ory an inner box containing it.

It is held in the center of the outer containf ver l and spaced all around from contact yWith the Walls thereof by the cushioning devices, indicated generally at C, Which are ofthe form shown'in Fig. 3 and are bentV up from the blank shown in Fig. 4 and scored along the lines indicated in that figure. Referring more particularly to Figs.

l and 3, the bending of the blank produces j "o0" the/following formation :The ends 6 and 7 are brought together at an angle of ninety degrees to t the corner of the container 1';k

the central portion is bent iin a similar right angle with its sides parallel to the previously mentioned angle along` the central scored line 5` to receive a corner of the contained article A irnthe manner sho-Wn in Fig. l; the portions intermediate this central portion 5' and the said end portions 6 and 7 are folded on the lines 5a and 5b to form reentrant angular portions 8 and 9 that lie between the Walls of the angular portion 5 and the angularly disposed end portions 6 and 7 in the corner of the container.

The result is that the contained article A has a floating support cushioned against the strain of its Weight in all directions. If this strain is cornerwise or at the resultant angle of forty-five degrees toward the corner of the box, it is jointly supported byboth cushions 8 and 9. If such strain 'or Weight is exerted toward either adjoining Wall of the box, it is cushioned directly by the resiliency of the angle portion 8, for instance, While at the same time its movement in that direction is resisted by a longitudinal strain upon the Walls of the angle portion 9 as Well as the parallelwalls of the angle portion 5 andthe end portion 6. In other Words, when one of the folded portions 8 or 9 is under lateral cushioning compression, the other folded portion acts as a hanger to resist movement of the enclosed article substantially endWise of the planes of its folds.

VAs shown, each corner cushioning device is the same and the above description in the to collapse any cushioning element entirely.

I claim as my invention: 1. In a shipping box or the like, the co1nbination with a rectangular outer container, 5 of a shock absorbing device litted into the corner thereof and composed of resilient sheet material having a central reentrant angular portion adapted to forni a seat for a corner of the enclosed article, and a folded 10 angular portion constituting a cushion disposed between each Wall of said central an gular portion and the opposite parallel Wall of the container, such cushion comprising a reentrant fold in the material connected 515 by a fold to the said Wall of the central portion `and by a fold to a portion of the sheet disposed against such opposite parallel Wall of the container.

2. In a shipping box or the like, the conii bination with a rectangular outer container, of a cushioning device fitted into the corner thereofand composed of an integral piece of resilient sheet material having a central reentrant angular portion adapted to forni 25 a seat for a corner of the enclosed article, and a reentrant folded angular portion disposed between each Wall of said central angular portion and the opposite parallel Wall of the container, the ends of the sheet 3Q being brought together in abutting relationship in the said corner oi' the container.


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U.S. Classification206/586
International ClassificationB65D5/50
Cooperative ClassificationB65D5/5033
European ClassificationB65D5/50D2