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Publication numberUS1822190 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 8, 1931
Filing dateMay 16, 1929
Priority dateDec 13, 1928
Publication numberUS 1822190 A, US 1822190A, US-A-1822190, US1822190 A, US1822190A
InventorsZiele Herbert
Original AssigneeZiele Herbert
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Hot water bag
US 1822190 A
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Sept. 8, 1931. H. ZIELE 1,822,190

HOT WATER BAG Filed May 16, 1929 Patented Sept. 3, 1931 1 22 193 UNITED STATES PATENT QFFIE ILERBERT ZIELE, O1 NAPIER, NEW ZEAIQAND HOT warn-R BAG 'Application filed May 16 .1929, Serial No. 363,656,. and New Zealand December 13, 1928.

This invention relates to hot water bags water bag,v past the funnel shaped recess wherein rubber or rubberized fabric cont pocket 2.

prises the principal material employed in There is a suitable stopper or cap't having their construction. an externally screw threaded lower portion With rubber water bags of the present 4A adapted to enter and engage theinternal" type, it is found when filling same with hot screw thread 3A in the upper end of the water that air and steam tend to he suddenly metal filler or sleeve 3, to close and seal the expelled from the interior of the bag through upper end of the latter and consequently the filler vent, with the result that hot water the interior of the hot water bag 1. A secis blown back and frequently sprayed on to tion of the screw thread 4A may he cut away an the hand of the person holding the bag. as at dB to assist the escape of air or steam There has been provided in hot water bag: from the interior of the bag 1 or if desired of this type, an air vent or tube designed to a hole (not shown) may be cut in said screw provide a separate passage to facilitate the thread 4A for the aforesaid purpose. Se-

outward escape of steam and air from the Cured to the screwed cap 4 and projecting 5 interior of the bag, but it is found in pracdownwardly beneath the externally screwed tice that the water poured into the funnel portion thereof, is a tube 5 made preferably which surrounds the filler vent frequently of rubber and of any desireddiameter passrises to a level above the upper end of such 111g completely through the interior of the i air vent or pipe, with the result that its utilm t 8166 OI fi r 3 i @1153 interior o 7 ity is destroyed, and the same nuisance is exthe hot water bag, 1. perienced. V The lower end 5A of th s tube- 1s out- The object of the present invention is, Wardly flared at 5B to provide a bell mouth therefore, to provide an improved type of having adiameter preferably greater than filler cap for hot water bags of the above the Interior diameter of the filler sleeve. type whereby escape'of air and steam from I s preferred that the lower end 5A of the the interior of the bag is facilitated so as to tube 5 be eXtellded wnwarchy below the prevent hot water being blown back out p x of he flared or hell mouthed end 5B of the bag, while a further object of the to prevent any danger of water or a bubinvention is to provide an improved type of hle being forced up andthroughthe filler so funnel surrounding the filler, which is capa opening. Owing to the difference in diame- 1 1 f lyi fl h with th t f th b ter between the bell month 513 on this tube In the drawings accompanying the s eci 5 and the interior of the filler sleeve 3 the fication tube 5 attached to the screwed cap ecannot Fi 1 i a ti l l ti f th be completely withdrawn through the filler s5 invention, sleeve when said cap s unscrewed, but the Figure 2 is a plan of the invention on line tube 5 1s made Of SLIifiCISHt length to enable in Figure 1. said cap 4 to be llfted a d stanpe above the Accordingto the invention the rubber hot g i a ,unscl iwii enable water bag 1 is made of any desired shape, 0 e Passe (Own ball S eeve mm 96- and in the top edge thereof there is moulded the bag L Suitable means are associated with the or inserted a recessed or funnel shaped pockfillepsleeve and the tube passino. et 2, having secured 1n its lower and narrow through in Order that when the fi mp pertion a metal Sleeve through the P has been unscrewed and raised to clear the 9.3 rior of which access is provlded to the inte- Upper d f th fill Sleeve h means rior of the water bag 1. This metal Sleeve will be brought into engagement to retain 3 is internally screw threaded at its upper the tube and consequently the cap to which end 3A while its lower end 3B-projects a it is attached in their raised position.

short distance into the interior of the hot One type of means for the aforesaid pur- 3 pose as shown in the accompanying drawings consists in providing two diametrically opposed spiral slots 6 in the periphery of the metal sleeve tiller 3 at the lower end 3B thereof. Permanently attached to the tube 5 preferably in the position as illustrated in the drawings are two projecting lugs 7 for the purpose of engaging with the aforesaid spiral slots 6, the whole construction forming what is generally known as a bayonet socket attachment.

\Vhen the screwed cap l. is unscrewed from the filler sleeve 3. and raised to clear the upper end thereof, the lugs 7 on the tube 5 are adapted to engage with the spiral slots 6 on the filler sleeve 3 and retain the said cap 1 in a raised position above the opening of said filler sleeve and therefore une cap l cannot be completely detached from the hot water bag 1, and mislaid while hot water is being poured into the bag by means of the funnel shaped recess 2 in the top end of the latter and the filler sleeve 3 opening from said recess 2 into the interior of the bag 1 passing down the annular space in the filler sleeve 3 around the tube 5 projecting downwardly therethrough from the filler cap l, such water passing from the lower end of the sleeve and being directed outwardly into the interior of the bag by the bell mouth or flared construction 513 on the lower end on of said tube 5.

Air or steam collecting in the interior of the bag 1 is provided a free and ample passage for escape through the tube 5 which passes through the filler sleeve 3 and opens at its upper end into the interior of the screwed filler cap l from which it escapes through the under surface of its externally screwed portion 4A.

In the accompanying drawing, the full line arrows show the path of water into the bag while the dotted line arrows show the path of escape for the steam or air from the interior of said bag.

The various parts of the filler sleeve cap and tube attached to the latter can be constructed entirely of metal or the screwed portions of the sleeve and cap can be constructed of metal and the remainder of such parts of rubber or the like suitable composition.

If desired the funnel surrounding the filler sleeve and cap can be moulded with upper edge integral and flush with the top of the rubber bag, or said funnel can be attached to the top of the bag around its upper edge by means of a bellows like extensible rubber sleeve to enable said funnel to be withdrawn while filling the bag, and to be entered within the general contour of said bag after filling is completed and the filler cap has been screwed in place.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. A hot water bag which comprises a bag having a funnel shaped pocket inserted within the upper edge thereof so as to be disposed within the confines of the bag, a cylindrical metal sleeve secured within the lower portion of said pocket so as to establish direct communication with the interior of the bag, a stopper adapted to engage within the said sleeve to firmly close the bag and a rigid open ended tube attached to and dependent from the stopper and means adapted to lock said stopper in the filling position so that the upper end is disposed above the upper edge of the pocket while not projecting thereabove in closed position.

2. In a hot water bag as described in claim 1, wherein the stopper is provided with an externally screw-threaded portion arranged to engage with an internally threaded portion of the metal sleeve.

3. In a hot Water bag as described in claim 1, wherein said locking means consists of lugs provided on the lower end of the rigid tube and adapted to be movable into slots formed in the metal sleeve.

1. In a hot water bag as described in claim 1 wherein the upper end of the rigid tube is constructed to open into a space formed in tne interior of the stopper and in comnnmication with the exterior of the stopper through a passage arranged to be sealed by the metal sleeve when the stopper is in the closed position.

5. In a hot water bag as described in claim 1 wherein the lower end of the rigid tube extends into the interior of the bag and is provided with a bell mouth extension.

6. In a hot water bag as described in claim 1 wherein the lower end of the tube is provided with a bell mouth of a larger diameter than the internal diameter of the metal sleeve.

In testimony whereof I afliX my signature.


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